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    • DocJ is correct. However if you consider that Cell companies do not follow their own rules nor the rules of the FCC. They advertise unlimited internet using a meaning of the word unlimited that is not in any dictionary. This is not by accident. They know full well that it is a form of a lie. But if it means more business they do not care. In this case being discussed no one is stealing the internet service. Users are just expanding the service from one device to another and paying for this service monthly Certainly no worse than what cell companies do every day. It is not illegal. I would suggest that ATT does  not care or they would quickly close the loophole. many thousands of users have done something similar with the Mobley
    • Thanks.  Good info.  When I started off I just took the Receiver out of the house and moved into the RV, doing just what you describe.  Somewhere along the way, and without any input from me, they changed my account to an Outdoors account.  Honestly, I have no idea of when they did that - just one day I saw that they showed me as having an Outdoors account.  All I'm going by now is what I was told on the phone from the rep - that I might have problems updating my locals if they change me back to a residential account.  I didn't used to have a problem, but I thought maybe something had changed.
    • I do NOT have a Dish Outdoor account.  Never have.  And never had a problem with them changing my service address.   There have been times the customer service person tells me I can change the locals myself.  Then I tell them the setup I have and they stop telling me I can change it myself.
    • Thanks - I use a similar script.  It was my understanding that the reason I can use the "I'm an RVer" and them not question it is because they see that I have a Dish Outdoors account.  If the change me to a permanent address will that go away?
    • IMO, the easiest solution is to go to a local Dish installer, tell them what you want, and get it installed.  That is what I did 3 years ago and couldn't be happier.  I have a Hopper 3 with 1 wireless Joey, a 1000.2 with a DPH and currently have a WA triple LNB installed.  I am receiving EA sats 61 and 72.  I enjoy NOT having to change LNBs.   My billing address is still the S&B I moved out of 8 months ago.  For whatever reason, Dish wouldn't accept my new Crestview address.  No matter, the bill gets paid by my cc every month, and the cc is at my Crestview address. As for changing locals, here is my script, copied from Mark Bruss' script.  I use the Dish "Chat" feature.  I am an RVer.  I have just moved to a new location.  Please update the Service Address (only) to (the street address and site number for whatever RV park you are in), and have the local channels changed to that location. Please leave the Billing Address as it is.
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