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    • Just did the requested Starlink service address update using our upstate NY address...
    • You may even want to make a modification to the wall, which is what I did. I don't have any pictures, but I got a 1"X6" oak board to match the wall and cut that to fit from floor to ceiling, then finished it and attached it to the wall where I wanted the TV, thus giving me a known, solid mounting location that looks as though it belongs there. I still take the TV down when traveling and it rides face down on our bed.
    • For an experience that you will be appreciated and not likely to be overworked, let me suggest that you go to the places that are public agencies and not a business. Many of us with Escapees have found that one of the agencies that most appreciate the RV volunteers and who treat us the best is the US Fish & Wildlife Service and they have their own volunteer page. Another thought is to look into the state parks and their campground host positions. We found Oregon, Idaho, and South Dakota state parks to have been memorable with very high levels of volunteer appreciation and numerous other states not that far behind. Any state that you may wish to visit will have a state park website to start looking for positions. Texas is another state that uses a large number of volunteers and treats us well. In addition, the National Park Service has volunteer positions but some of them are long hours. A good resource if you just wish to do some window shopping is Volunteer.gov to just get ideas of places that you may find enjoyable.  One other thing that we found to be very helpful is to develop a good resume and make it very clear what skills you have, the sort of work that you enjoy doing, and especially clear what you are not willing to do. A clear understanding between you and the volunteer coordinator is key to a good experience. 
    • Thanks Kirk. I called and they just said there are 2"x2" 's behind wall and to find those. I will see what I can find with a stud finder.    
    • Welcome to the Escapee forums! There is always a chance, but in this case it isn't a very good chance. I have a couple of questions. Are all of the display panel indications normal as when operating correctly? Since you can see the flame when on propane as well as feeling the heat of the boiler, if the panel lights are normal that would seem to indicate that it is trying to cool. The only other thing that I can think of which has a very remote chance of creating your symptoms would be if the thermistor were to fail to a resistance value that is neither open or shorted, which would be very unusual. If you download a copy of the service manual from Bryant RV Service and look at page 7 there are instructions on how to check it. If the thermistor were to fail either open or shorted the refrigerator would go into constant cool and everything would freeze, rather than to stop cooling. 
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