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RV Types


  1. Class A

    For those with Class A motorhomes.

  2. Class B

    For all who RV in a Class B.

  3. Class C

    For those of you that travel in a Class C.

  4. Fifth-Wheel

    This forum is for Fifth-Wheel RVers.

  5. Travel Trailer

    Forum for those who explore in a Travel Trailer.

  6. MDT

    Medium Duty Trucks (Class 4-6).

  7. HDT

    Heavy Duty Trucks (Class 7/8).

  8. Bus Conversions

    Build your own RV!

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    • Um. In my experience frozen things tend to crack.  Linda
    • How is it better to run the generator long enough to get to float instead of running the engine the few minutes it takes to level and put out slides? Most boondockers don't want to hear your generator. Linda
    • We occasionally stay at a Walmart, but usually at a campground  We do use Passport America ( $44 yr to join) as much as possible when traveling for their 50% discount parks.  We also like Corp of Engineer Parks which is 1/2 off with their pass.  If we are stopping for just the night, the campground doesn't have to be anything special.  just in a safe area.