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    • If neither tank will drain my first question is, are you assuming that the tanks aren't draining because the gauge shows them to be full or partially full? RV tank gauges are of the cheapest type available in most brands and those rarely work for very long. The level is sensed by several metal buttons extending through the tank wall and sense a small electric current between the different sensors to indicate level. Once the tanks have been used a few times there is a residue left on the tank walls that will conduct electricity, especially when wet. That causes the tank levels to be wrong and often to show completely full.  It could be that you do have some sort of blockage so if your tanks are actually full to where the sink doesn't drain and things back up into the shower, and if you can see into the black tank with a flashlight and it is full, then you have a different issue. While tank drain problems do happen, I can't remember the last time I heard of a problem that blocked both tanks. Let us know which problem you have and we can likely help.
    • Yes  was told that by my buddy’s hauling freight. Ya I have been down with my pick up and trailer with my dogs. Yes might be alittle different now on food too!! I don’t bring much at all just my dog food which is in the original package. I have TELUS sat it doesn’t work down there lol I just hit the cheap bin for movies lol. But I might have to look into a sat for the trailer!! I’m heading down to Quartzsite area. First time for me so be very interesting!  I’m looking forward to it!  When and where are heading  Rodger?? 
    • The tire companies have guidelines for cracking.
    • Agreed . If you can see cracks on the outside , what do the insides look like ?  Seems to me , unless you like living on the edge , those should be replaced .   As for rpsinc's Toyo tires , You don't think 10 years is good enough proof that they are a quality tire ?  Price ? Pay now or pay later . At least the NOW part you have some control over , as opposed to the LATER part , which might not be so 'convenient' .