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    For those with Class A motorhomes.

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    For all who RV in a Class B.

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    For those of you that travel in a Class C.

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    This forum is for Fifth-Wheel RVers.

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    Forum for those who explore in a Travel Trailer.

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    Medium Duty Trucks (Class 4-6).

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    Heavy Duty Trucks (Class 7/8).

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    • i have a bladder for behind the hitch and in front of the tail gate. works great and folds up ( after drying it out) when not in use. dry co2 ( or any non flammable dry pressurized gas) works great just use at very very low psi. no need to treat the bladder as a balloon. drys it out real quick, as opposed to just letting it dry on the “line”
    • A "heads up" on Remco info - when looking up a vehicle to tow "as is" = 4 down. AWD = All Wheel Drive FWD = Front Wheel Drive... (*not* four wheel drive) My 2016 GMC Terrain (6 cyl or 4 cly)  "FWD" can be towed 4-down.  The AWD models can not. Haven't looked up the newer models.  The Chev Equinox should be the same - however, in 2016 the six cyl Equinox was *only* available with All Wheel Drive.   (I wanted a six cyl = why I went with the Terrain). As others  posted - check owner's manual & Remco.  Don't rely on a salesperson. .
    • Going on right now for a few more days is one VERY large RV (and RV stuff) show right down the highway to the West in Quartzsite, AZ. One can "pure" boondock on BLM land in some areas for free or one can boondock with water and dump station available for the cost of about $80  for a couple of weeks in the La Posa BLM Long Term Visitor areas just South of town on the highway that runs down to Yuma. Expect to see more RVers in boondocking configuration than probably anywhere else in the world.
    • Why don't you consider contacting them or somewhere else in that area about volunteering there for a host site with full hook ups. When I did it the work was very easy physically.  There is so much to see in that area an extended time is really needed.  It can make a little difference depending on who you get as co-hosts during the busy part of the season. It was so easy I worked everyday for 2 months when a co-host bowed out on short notice and still sight see'd my rear end off.  Some of the week days I might have only worked 1/2 hour to an hour. The ranger I worked for said just take off several days in mid week but it made our life easier by doing it every day. When I finally got 2 sets of cohost they were at odds with  each other for no good reason I could see but I got along with both couples. The busiest time for host  is usually Friday and Sat late day to early evening. Another thing is that it is good if you can stay at some reasonbly near campground for a couple  of nights and scout your travel route to the park unhooked if you are towing or with your toad if in a motor home. About one of the best times to go around the beltway is Sunday morning.  Good Luck  On the cheap really works for me.
    • Got be careful on that starting the car every 8 hours. I usually did it in the morning before I left the campground. I started the car and shut the door and it auto locked. No spare key. Luckily there was a Honda dealer about 10 miles away, so towed the running Honda, it was in neutral, to the dealer and got a new key to open the door. Pretty reasonable, showed them my insurance app on my phone with the VIN, and they gave a key for $9. There is a kit , actually a switch with wires that wires into the radio/nav memory fuse that allows you to to shut it off, and that way, towing with ignition switch on, will not kill your battery.
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