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RV Types


  1. Class A

    For those with Class A motorhomes.

  2. Class B

    For all who RV in a Class B.

  3. Class C

    For those of you that travel in a Class C.

  4. Fifth-Wheel

    This forum is for Fifth-Wheel RVers.

  5. Travel Trailer

    Forum for those who explore in a Travel Trailer.

  6. MDT

    Medium Duty Trucks (Class 4-6).

  7. HDT

    Heavy Duty Trucks (Class 7/8).

  8. Bus Conversions

    Build your own RV!

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    • My Kindle unlimited lets me have 10 books at a time. They are full books and I can keep them as long as I want to do so. But, if I want a new book once I have reached my 10 I have to return one first. Nick Russell offers his books as part of this program so he was asked if he gets paid when we read a book for free. He said he gets paid per pages viewed and it's a good deal for him. So I read his books for free now knowing I'm not shortchanging the author. Linda Sand
    • In NY, registration (license) plates must be clearly visible and, "shall NOT be covered by glass, plastic or ANY OTHER material". Technically, you can't even put a coat of wax on the plate (there are further requirements as to placement). These days, there are clear, spray on products that supposedly prevent a treated plate from being clearly photographed. I would expect TN and most other states to have similar laws on the books. If I were you, I'd locate the plate OUTSIDE of the box and, have a working light illuminating said plate when driving at night (I know; when hooked up, the trailer blocks the view of the plate. Laws often ignore logic and common sense). Find out exactly what TN laws cover number plates and, have a printed copy in the folder I'm sure you have.  The few extra dollars you spend could help you avoid trouble down the road. 
    • I just relooked at your pictures and your handle that is on the hitch head is longer than ours as it stickers out the side beyond the hitch head, ours must be one of the shorter versions. Maybe Henry or Young's have some of the short ones still available and you can swap it out and then use a extension handle like ours. Dave
    • Lee  (IYQ) was an amazing person.  His knowledge of the night sky was vast.  Also if there was any subject he could not discuss intelligently, I am not aware of it.  Besides he ended up with the ice cream machine from Steve and that was quite a feat.  Miss you Lee.   Jerry and Janice
    • The square hole on the short handle is what is hitting the side rail on the trailer saver hitch. I have to bend it up a bit or shorten it about an inch and then it would not hit the side rail. Truck is at the shop getting a wheel seal and airbags right now. When I pick it up I’ll take a pic. That handle would totally work if it would just clear the rail another inch when loaded. 
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