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    • We chose to stay away from entry level models and the pre recession and advanced emission control years, while at the same time, staying within our budget. Must haves were.... 1 1/2 baths Opposing living area slides Side radiator Cat engine not later than 06 was preferable
    • I have another 5 years before I retire.  Thought it would be nice to get a little travel trailer and test out the waters before I dive deep into a motor home and full time.
    • I've seen tow dollies that can carry one or two motorcycles, an ATV or a golf cart on a platform ahead of the dolly pan that supports the trailing car. At what point does a tow dolly legally become a trailer, making the car a second trailer double-towed behind it? Is it carrying cargo on the dolly (a motorcycle, etc)?  Or is it if you enclose that cargo in a box? How about if you raise the box to standup height so you can walk in alongside when you're loading and unloading the motorcycle?  Or if you lengthen the box to 10 or 12 ft. for a little more room, keeping the car dolly platform at the rear? This is a serious question as most of the motorcycle carrying dollies I've seen use a ball hitch like a standard dolly to connect to the motorhome, while many states that allow double towing require a fifth wheel hitch as the primary connection.  I'm interested in doing something like this but I'd like to stay on the right side of the law. Where is the dividing line between a tow dolly and a trailer?
    • "La Posa LTVA - Tyson Wash Contact Station" That's located in the BLM area just south of Quartzsite on the west side of HWY 95 . So, coming from I-10 it would be a right hand turn. Coming from Yuma it would be a left hand turn. Any size rig can go there and turn around, if desired, to come right back out with no problem. Linda Sand
    • As is my usual method I looked first at the floor plan. I much prefer the Lance for two reasons. 1. the seats face the TV which is important to Dave and me. 2. There are counter tops on each side of the sink which greatly improves the ability to wash dishes. However, the ORV can have counter on each side of the sink if you leave the cover on the right hand sink. The ORV has much greater capacities but that makes me wonder if it has less sturdy construction. Hopefully you can find that out as you tour them tomorrow. Linda Sand