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    • I don't know how old you are but my Dave started drawing down our IRAs before we needed it to reduce the amount in them. Because at age 70 1/2 you have to take minimum distributions so Dave wanted those distributions to be small since they would be taxable. It sounds odd to draw taxable income while not touching other savings but those minimum distributions can bite you if you don't plan ahead. Linda Sand
    • I traveled as a nurse in 2017 to Texas and would do it again.  I did a lot of research and Highway Hypodermic was full of endless information for me.   
    • Oregon works for me.  Originally from Oregon and own a home there so no issues with residency requirements.  Oregon has an income tax that can be around 9% but they don't touch my Navy retirement because it was all "earned" prior to 1991. Plus my VA agent orange related disability (what little there is) is not taxed by the state or federal.  Establishing residency in Oregon may be a problem - I think you must own property and pay local property taxes.  No sales tax (yet). Oregon does have a lifetime free vehicle registration or ONE vehicle for disabled veterans.  I use it for my MH and it saves me significantly.  Other vehicles are about $80 for two years. In addition, they have a property tax exemption of about $40k for disable veterans (over 30% is memory serves correctly) and the State Park system offers 10 free nights a month to disabled veterans (regardless of residency).  County park I am currently has ten night per year free if you have the Oregon disable veteran pass. I probably would not have stayed here if it weren't for the tax situation.  The only income I pay taxes on is what I draw from my IRA and I try to keep that low!   Lenp
    • Its not just Volvo, it seems to be SCR’s in general for the US.  At least Volvo had the balls to say something vs all the engine manufacters.  SCR unit on my Cummin engine failed in under 50K miles and Cummins said they where aware of the problem but had no recall, they just recently released a recall.  We are having problems with tractor engine with smog and more.  Its only going to get worse before it gets better.  Reminds me of the days when cats for cars first came out, man what a pile of problems for a long time !!
    • A Vault is a permanent Port-a-Potty.....