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    • Hi everyone, We have made the commitment to get on the road for the next two years (at least) but we are, despite researching carefully, unsure of whether to go with a Class A or a fifth wheel + truck. The purchase prices of Class A motorhome vs 5th wheel + truck seem comparable so it comes down to what would work best, and this is what we don't know! Our situation: We're an older couple, kids left home. We've done a lot of road trips in vehicles ranging from SUV's with our camping gear to six months in a VW Combi travelling Europe. We're on the road whenever we can get away, in whatever the local rental place has available. Both of us work from home and rely on fast, reliable internet to do so. One of us is employed full-time so has to be able to set up an office space and work uninterrupted Monday thru Friday.  We don't want to buy new. That part we know for sure. The rest is what we are vacillating over... motorhome or 5th wheel in our circumstances? We will spend most weekdays parked somewhere. We don't want to be driving in the dark because we want to see everything and work days finish around 6pm Eastern. So, weekends are when we will be moving. We might stay in some places for a week, or a few months. If we have reasonable connectivity we might stay boondocking until we run out of tank space.  What is essential is the ability to stay comfortable during winter. During the holiday season we will be in Canada most years, in the east usually, which means in snow and ice. We will be heading in the opposite direction to most snowbirds because we want to be with family for the holidays.  We've read everything we can and have visited some dealers (there's not much to choose from locally). We've used a lot of different vehicles ourselves and know a Class B isn't for us. Class C may be too small for living full-time. We want to boondock as much as possible, and stay in a lot of the federal and state parks. I'm not antisocial but I'm never happier than when I can smell trees and sit under a sky of stars with no sounds except maybe some passing animals. I guess you could say we're not really RV resort park kinda people.  Is there anyone here living a similar kind of lifestyle that can give us some pointers please? We're really stuck on this motorhome vs fifth wheel decision and could use some tips and advice from you please. Oh! Budget, we're a bit flexible. If we can get what fits us for under $70,000 we'd be happy.  Thanks. 
    • Thanks  Will keep the Forum posted.  Pat     The Old Sailor
    • I don't have any help with the air horns, but you went pretty close by our place heading up into Eureka.  I'm assuming you went up the 101 corridor and right through the town I work in (Santa Rosa).  If I had known you were in the area, I would have shouted out sooner.
    • Glad you got home safely.  Hopefully you get a positive resolution from Mesa Ridge.