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    • My position is that drunk drivers kill more people than guns.  A drunk driver in a collision is NOT an accident.  It is the result of bad choice / behavior on the part of the operator.   Millions of other people safely operate their vehicles and should not be penalized because of the bad acts of a very few drivers.  Our society holds the drunk driver responsible, which is as it should be.  On the other hand, after a mass shooting, the hue and cry goes out for more gun control, placing the blame on the gun, rather than the shooter. Safe Travels...
    • Thanks! Added to our tools.
    •  I was thinking you should stop and leave bad weather get ahead of you.    Well that happened anyway. Glade you back on the road again.    Safe a travels,.   Vern
    •  This is more info that may help someone. Searching for a fan clutch selinoid did not produce very good results.  But once I found the name Horton and put that in front of said subject, lots of info came up on the net.  My part is a Kysor 1056-08287-03. Now that is my part number. It may not be yours.    Now when I unplugged the wiring to the seliniod the fault went inactive on the dash readout. The problem is that when the seliniod is not passing air to the clutch then the clutch runs all the time. So fuel mileage was down and a little more noise in the cab.The seliniod quit on our way south last fall during a not so fun trip so I just now got to it .   Now if you would pay attention to temperature control , you could bypass the seliniod and just put air direct to the clutch that is until proper parts are installed.    Now since I do RV repair, my mind did think of installing a gas valve from a refrigerator for  for a temporary fix. But I did not know if the gas valve would affect the controlling system.  I will leave changing things on my jeep to questionable practices .    Safe Travels,.   Vern