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    • I did open a ticket for help, and then waited for the dust to settle on Monday AM's emergency help (We've got our Nighthawk broadcasting strong, vs being tethered to the GOac. Have already gone in and changed the coaches devices that need Data for Streaming. So no emergency on our problem.).  Kristian helped me walk thru what I'd already done, and did suggest the Power Off/On time delayed attempt to Reset - but no luck. So I've sent the GOac to Idaho for help. Elected to not send the Elite AC for them to pair with it, due to the PITA of removing it from the roof to send in. When the GOac comes back, I'll get help from them to see if it needs any updates. Worse case, I can always remove it to send it back in if needed.  We find that we use Park WiFi very seldom now a days. So main thing was to get the GOac back up and running, so we can CAT5 to our in the coach power data usage devices:)! I will be sure I get it working again, because it's and expensive set up, and really does make a difference at times when no Cellular Data is available, and we can get a 'sniff' of WiFi - probably 16-18 months since we needed to do this, while traveling thru British Columbia... Best to all, and again to Joel - my best to you! Hope your travels go well, and that your 'Little CAT' is purring well:)! Smitty  
    • I will get you a picture of the handle that we use with our ET hitch head and you might be able to use something like it. It allows me to use a 1/2" breaker bar if I need additional leverage.
    • for the future.... don't rule out a bigger RV.  We used forest service roads and BLM roads all the time to find our boondocking spot.... with a 40' motorhome.
    • An outside shade keeps the glass cool.  It really makes a difference.
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