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    • I agree Tracfone's data allowances are pretty meager, although it's easy to add more at $10/GB. We use texting more than voice for much of our communications, and those allowances are more generous. We also have our Mobley SIM in a Netgear Explore hotspot for low cost unlimited AT&T data, and a Visible phone tethered to a Pepwave router for low cost unlimited Verizon data. Our primary streaming hardware is our FireTVsticks rather than our phones though. When we do stream with our phones, it's usually through a WiFi connection to the unlimited services. Our monthly unlimited data usage is usually 150-200 GB.
    • It only has a 20 amp breaker?  Is it electric or hydraulic?  Can you put an “amp meter“ on the wire coming from the breaker and get an amp reading while operating the slide?
    • Don't think we don't notice it, and loath it. They are building over 1000 apartments and 700 new houses in our small town which once had a population of 1500.
    • People who complain about cell phone pricing and data limits often fail to take advantage of the bargains that come and go.  I happened to miss the AT&T Mobley plan, but I do have an unlimited prepaid Verizon hotspot plan and an unlimited AT&T hotspot provided by OTR Mobile. My Verizon hotspot is no longer offered, but the new "Visible by Verizon" has many of the same features and is also unlimited. All the plans I've noted are priced at <$60/mo.   Sure, competition from LEO satellite service will force prices down but so will the ever-expanding terrestrial network.  Next month T-Mobile will begin broadcasting on the 600MHz band and is offering a form of "low frequency 5G".  It appears that one of the new markets they are targeting is fixed location rural service which will put it in direct competition with the many WISPs who operate in those areas.  They are bandying around a price of ~$50/mo for residential service, and I, for one, am eager to see when they will provide it where our winter site it located. I recall that in 1993 when we lived in ABQ and one of my sons had to drive to NMSU in Las Cruces, I got him a "bag phone" and a $20/mo plan that, as I recall, had something like 10-15 minutes of analog service per month included in the price. Enough to provide him an emergency contact capability and not much more.  As they say..."we've come a long way, baby!"
    • With all due respect, you don't need to be working from your RV to want and need a lot more data than the 2-3GB that comes with Tracfone plans.  From what I can see on the Tracfone website it appears to primarily be focused on people who use their phones for voice conversation, rather than data.  Many of us rarely use the phone to talk, but use extensive amounts of data for streaming video and other purposes.  We've recently discontinued our DirecTV service and are now steaming all our video.  I'm sure we're currently using 200-400GB/mo spread across a couple of unlimited hotspots.   I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with using Tracfone (or similar service providers) if that meets your needs.  I'm simply pointing out that such service can't be equated to that which is provided by most of the plans offered by the major cellular providers.
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