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    • There is a video on it from last year, said it would be on sale 1st quarter so just a bit late.     
    • Welcome! Take a deep breath and relax. You will learn a lot from experience, so start learning. <grin> I'm assuming (and we both know what that means) that you are at least somewhat familiar with your rig, meaning that you can drive it, park it in the campsite, and can operate things. If not, that's your first task. Budgets ought to be filed as works of fiction. You have some idea of how much money is coming in, and fixed expenses such as insurance, loans, etc. Eating out is much more expensive than fixing your own meals. Luxury RV parks are more expensive than State parks. The biggest bit of advice I can give you is to SLOW DOWN. Just because the speed limit is 75 mph doesn't mean that you can, or even should, drive that fast. Many people suggest that you limit driving to 2-300 miles per day and that you plan on staying 2-3 days. There will be times when you really need to move cross-country quickly, but most of the time you can slow down and take it easy. We generally make reservations, but not always. Holidays fill up quickly, so you ought to be figuring out where you want to be for Memorial Day weekend and make reservations soon. During off-season times you may well be able to show up at a park and get in. Be aware that some parks close for the winter, or only have limited services available. You WILL start out with far too much stuff. As you travel you will figure out that you don't need certain things. You can then get rid of them (give them to the kids, store them with the kids, sell them, give them away, throw them away). You will find that things you hadn't thought of are needed. That's what Wal-Mart and Lowe's are for.
    • I have never heard of any reports of this from any of the co-op parks and I think that it would come up on the forums if it were the case. I suggest that the best way to get that information would be to contact the department of motor vehicles office in each of the areas of interest and ask them. In most states, it is different if you are permanently employed(very short period) and much longer if not employed, usually 6 months or so. 
    • I built an offroad Jeep that isn't street legal anymore and started looking for a way to haul it to the trails and may be camp. I scored  a retired 95 Volvo bobtail oil tanker for low money. It's got a service bed and mini crane which is pretty cool. There is room for a sleeper between the cab and bed so I am thinking some type ramp/camp vehicle that allows me to carry the jeep with spares,tools etc. with living space.  The jeep is 6'6" and the modified service bed is 6' so in theory I could put the jeep on top of the tool boxes.  Here are some pics of jeep and truck.   Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr   Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr   Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr        
    • Welcome Pat . Read , read and read some more . When you have a question , just ask .  As for that cliff thing , enjoy the flight . It's a great way to live .
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