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    • I used to double tow my Jeep and never had any issues doing so.  I like my short wheelbase truck and wouldn’t trade it for a longer wheelbase.  There would be nothing wrong with double towing the smart as long as you set it and the trailer up properly.  In my opinion there are some definite advantages of a short wheeelbase HDT, but I will admit I am somewhat biased toward a short wheelbase. Obviously there are some states that don’t allow double towing and there can be length issues depending on your set up.  Since smarts are no longer sold in the US, they are not necessarily the best way to go anymore and there aren’t really any other cars that can be hauled crosswise the same as a smart.  Double towing some other vehicle may be what people have to switch to in the future unless a smart replacement hits the market (or you want to go with an electric smart- assuming they continue to be sold).  Eventually, used smarts willl become as scares as hen’s teeth as there weren’t a lot of them manufactured in the first place.   The only other answer is to go even longer with the HDT and haul a vehicle lengthwise.  This obviously is possible and being done, but it does exacerbate the truck length issues you are already lamenting by hauling a smart crosswise.
    • I have a desktop with two 27" UHD displays, a tiny laptop, and iPad, and phone.  My life is about maximizing personal time through productivity gains.  So I'm always looking at what will save time and money.  Larger screens make work far faster, but you can't always have them with you. We just sold our Chromebook touchscreen though.  Neither of us really used it much.  Great machine, good OS, but just...didn't need it.  There's very little reason to use a touchscreen when you have a much faster typing devices right there.  We also sold our Surface2, for the same reason.  Win10 and touch work great, but we found that keyboards and mice are much faster and more intuitive. I work on and support every OS, and they each have their place.
    • We have lots of pet friendly stores here like Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Goodwill, and many others. Maggie is not a service dog just my furkid. She is gentle and not aggressive in seeking attention. She calmly heels without command as she knows I'll be stopping and looking often so she sits patiently or looks at what's on the shelves. I never try to bring her anywhere groceries are sold, as they are not allowed. We have a big dog park across the river for off leash play with other dogs, and swimming in the pond. Here we have trails and parks that are dog friendly too.
    • If you go by car then 81 to 88 to 87 then 4 across VT will work. If I was touring I would do it with the truck and trailer. Rutland has a couple of tight turns.
    • Chad and Jen      We aren't full timing but since we fully retired 3 years ago from a defense contractor and from the Navy in 1995 after 30 Years we are on the road a lot but not as much as we would like. We are down in Chesapeake Va so if you get down this way give us a call. We will be at the ECR so hope you can make it there in April. Till we meet be safe.    Pat     The Old Sailor