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    • I live in Mi. and pull my racecar with a Peterbilt 359 with antique plates. Use to have Gulfway Insurance and now state farm. No CDL also. The only one  I know of was Jegg's with their huge bug yellow rig with their name on side getting a big ticket for not having a CDL driver. Hello your commercial advertizing a business.
    • Check Cruse America and El Monte RV Rentals. I see both of them on the road a lot. Not sure what make and models they rent but it would be worth checking both of the out. 
    • First you have to look at the carriers. I have been full time for almost 6 years now and travel around a lot. I have Verizon and most of the time can get a signal. Friends who have AT&T get a signal almost all the time too. I think Verizon is a little better but not enough to argue about. Kind of like Ford or Chevy. T Mobil, Sprint and the others are great within a city but when you get out in the country, National Parks etc they often are no good and have a very week on no signal at all. I would stick with Verizon or AT&T.  As far as equipment, a jet pack still runs on a cellular signal so all the above applies. You have to have a good strong signal for it to provide a hotspot. You can get a cell booster, average cost about $500, but you still need a signal to boost. A jet pack just send a signal to your cell phone, laptop, or computer. I just use the data on my iPad, with out a jet pack or booster but sometimes have a poor week slow signal. I am presently looking into a jet pack and booster on Verizon to improve my data. Forget about 5g. It will be awhile before it is available nationwide and when it is available it will only be in the city. Outside the city limits you will still be on 4g. 
    • My son used to work for Cox and now works for Comcast. He said that in 5 to 10 years Cable and Satilite television Service will no longer exist. All service will be streamed via the Internet. Not just AT&T but Dish and all cable companies too,  it’s the future. He said that we may be able to have satilite Internet by then but is not sure what will happen to RV Service because we move around all the time and there are not enough RV customers for the industry to care about us. My brother lives in a remote area of ID and has Hugh’s Net internet and no cable. His sat dish on the roof is very small and must be spot on to receive a signal. The trees bloomed and the leaves blocked the signal and the tech had to come back out and re-set the dish on the roof. It’s that sensitive. We in RVs move a lot. Hope they figure it out before they turn off all our roof dishes. 
    • Planning a several week trip this spring & summer. Mainly from Oh to NM then AZ, Las Vegas, then Ca coast  to Or, Wa, then across US 2 back toward Ohio. Tentatively staying on the 2 lanes. DW has Verizon and I have ATT(prepaid). We are rather technologically challenged and are wondering what we need. We would like to have internet. We don't watch movies or stream music. It will mainly be surfing web for news, CGs, fuel prices, weather, email, etc. Occasionally a youtube video. Was guessing 5gb(??) would fill our needs, but,??  Was looking at consumer cellular 5gb plan for $20 month(I would change my phone, DW would keep her verizion(she is on a plan with our daughter which has 8 phones already on it so we're going to leave that alone). I read about jet packs, hot spots, mobley, boosters, and get really confused. Any help here as to what to get?  Or is this a question along the line of "which is better, gas or diesel?".
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