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    • Thank you to everyone who contributed to this question, I really appreciate your comments.  Yes, everyone's situation is different.    We have three houses, live in one and rent the other two.  I even thought about renting out the RV when I wasn't using it, but, after carefully looking into it, I discovered that without commercial insurance this is a NOT a good idea.  A lot of people use an insurance rider with a third party rider or some other arrangement like asking for a certificate of insurance from the renters..... both of these have serious problems.    And commercial insurance is very expensive... You can temporarily suspend the rental agreement on the commercial insurance or ask the renters to pay a daily rate and share the cost...MBT Insurance explained all of this to me, BUT, in the end I decided to skip it.  There's two many variables for interior damage, something that even commercial insurance does not cover....or system damage.... you need a separate security deposit for this... they suggested $2,500.  Another unintended consequence of renting out the RV is the taxable income...and you have to deal with this as well..... BUT...this is really for another discussion... maybe I should put this question on a different thread?  Regarding full time vs. part time....... here's the way I look at this;  if it works for you, great!   For me, I love my house, have been here more than 36 years and don't have any weather issues.  Our home has increased so much, it's a hedge against inflation, low property taxes, and pretty low maintenance.  It has the capability of hanging around longer than us.   An RV, even a  brand new 40 foot model with all the amenities, washer and dryer,  modern kitchen...and diesel engine would be $350-$400,000...or so....and would probably be falling apart after 20 years and be worth next to nothing.... plus, anything with wheels will always have maintenance and repairs... eventually the engine and transmission will fail.   Look, I'm not saying that you never need repairs and maintenance on the house, but we don't have to worry about the thing breaking down stranded on the road .... I don't know about you...but trying to live in a 23 foot Class B is not a capital idea.... I would imagine that most of you living full time are in a 40 foot model... And... you can spin this anyway you like.... after 20 years... my RV or yours will NOT be worth anything ... the house on the other hand will be worth a lot more....When I purchased the RV.... I figured.... three out of four isn't bad....I have three appreciating assets and one depreciating one. Then ... where do you park something like that unless you plan on going to Quartzite for 6 months ...😁😁😁. Many cities are NOT RV friendly...and going from park to park whether it's an RV, National Park or State Park is like a being in a shark tank constantly moving.... Most National Parks, even some RV parks have limited space for a 40 foot RV..... they usually have a 32 foot limit.    And, many places won't let you park a vehicle that's older than 10 years... another problem... I can also understand why most people in a 40 foot Class A feels the need for a small tow vehicle... it's a permanent appendage you carry everywhere.... more to deal with.... sorry.... I just don't get it.... One of the main reasons I purchased the smaller Class B Sprinter is we can easily park this at our house and it gets 18 MPG... which means we don't have to worry about excessive fuel consumption..... over time... fuel is one of the largest expensive items you purchase.... an RV getting 6 or  7 MPG  vs. a rig that gets 18 MPG...  didn't want the MPG to hold me back from anywhere I wanted to go.....100,000 miles of driving in the Sprinter would cost $17,000.... while 100,000 miles at 6- 7 MPG would be around $50,000..... that's a huge significant difference.  We love to travel.... we went across the USA in a big perimeter circle meandering to wherever we wanted to go.......11,000 miles...We visited many great places... it was wonderful , lots of memories and pictures, .... but, it was fantastic to return home..  we were very happy to return... When we got home...we decided that we would never be able to do do this on a 24/7/365 day basis.... just not our style.  What do you do about all your friends that you leave behind?   Sure, we have friends in many different places.. not just here, but..... it's still a loss.   On the RV.... there's more DRAMA....than driving my car.   The car is older and has twice the miles... it's a gas engine though.... probably easier overall.     The Sprinter is very easy to drive, but, it's not as easy or as smooth as my car.... and certainly can't go everywhere... As an example...we once went to Sequoia National Park ...and took our car down an unmaintained road to see the Chicago Stump....you would never be able to get there with an RV...  Our Sprinter, even though it's a 2012 RV conversion  ( 2011 vehicle)  has had issues on more than one occasion...glow plugs once and exhaust back pressure sensor.... fortunately, we were close enough to a Mercedes Benz Sprinter dealership.... but.... they are not everywhere......and we're been very lucky to have been close enough for the AAA.... let me be clear, we have never needed a tow... however, I don't want to find out...it's very expensive to get towed... something like $2 per mile..   I'm very grateful to Mercedes Benz for replacing and updating my entire emissions system under warranty.... hopefully that will last for a long time. The weight of the RV is so much I really felt like we needed a diesel and it's remarkably quiet.... just slightly noiser than my car EXCEPT  climbing mountains when the car has to use higher RPMs ....and then the diesel engine is actually quieter.... it develops power at a much lower RPM ...   SO.... I hope you really enjoy your full time travels...  Again, I think it's great if that's what you want.    We're more likely going to sell the RV in a few years...it's a lot of fun, but, we just got back from a road trip with the car and staying in hotels.... just as much fun... We found that... using applications like Priceline ...we could save 50 percent off of the normal price ... wound up staying in decent places for only $25 to $30 more than staying in RV parks...  Now.. maybe a lot of you just boon dock and pay zero....we like staying where we have power.... most of those places are at least $40 per night.... sometimes more..... when you factor in the fuel, RV parks and maintenance of the vehicle.... you're not saving any money driving the RV ....it might be less expensive to take the car and stay in hotels?      Hotels are open all night...and you can drive longer and faster than any RV..... most RV parks you need to check in by 9 or 10 PM.... Again...it's all about "life style".....      
    • Check out etrailer.com. that where mine came from. Good prices.
    • If you know of any place, please direct to to a Disc upgrade not much more money and less trouble than electric. I have not found a set of Discs less than $1000. I found a new Dexter set, Drums, for $160. I would very much like to upgrade to Discs.  Thanks, friz
    • I saw pictures of a TT that the tow vehicle lost control of while passing a loaded semi.  The TT slid across the road in front of the semi on slick, snow covered roads.  The semi hit it broadside.  Everything that is used to build a TT was scattered all over the area.  It looked like the TT just exploded.
    • Good morning, JRP. Yes, there is a wee bit of snow this morning on the Sangres, but it's so beautiful that we can't imagine not being here today...and all the other days like this. Regards, Michael