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    • I have used Soda Auto Repair for several years. He has a large lot in the country that is very Big Rig friendly.
    • You mean the water dies not flow out of the spout and comes up where the spout pivots? That would indicate a couple of things. One would be the "O" ring(s) on the spout have failed,  and two, the aerator at the outlet of the spout is plugged. That would also explain why the water comes out of the hot and cold knobs. Try unscrewing the aerator and see how the faucet acts. You may need to clean it like the shower head.
    • Here's a source I trust: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/salt-blood-pressure/ Linda Sand
    • Yeah Rocky read those after you pointed me in that direction.  These tires were on my rig when we bought it.  Going to get realignment and then replace that tire with a Sailun and use as spare.  On my last trailer when I replaced G114s , went with Hankook and really liked that tire.  But will probably go with Continental or Michelins when I replace.    
    • Dennis, I own that pro 4. It is a great buy for what is included but you asked if I would buy it, and my answer, boiled down, was/is I am not buying another computer system with any processor prior to Intel Gen 8 processors. I'd go look at the Pro 4 if not too far. I'm shopping for a refurb from MS with a year warranty, Surface Pro 6 or 7 with an i7/256 or 512GB SSD/16GB RAM/pen and keyboard. Remember I had to return this refurb Surface Pro 4 four times to Microsoft before they sent me one that was without the screen shake issue or other known issues.   
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