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    • I once took a Air France flight from LA to Paris. Many of the French had dogs with them on the plane ✈️ under their seat. They did not kennel them. When I got to Paris most of the restaurants allowed dogs to sit under the table.  Now let’s not even talk about Mexico. 
    • Texas is pretty simple for small businesses.  Go to the courthouse and register an assumed name in the clerks' office.  Just fill out their form.  Most courthouses have a notary available.  Take the assumed name certificate to the state comptroller's office and get a sales tax license.   There's a gazillion federal, state and local entities that have their hand out, but the basics are pretty simple in Texas.  Welcome to the Great State.
    • We had the same problem with our Samsung ice maker in our new 5th  wheel (clumping) with the additional problem of overproduction of ice. We were giving it away as we could find no way to slow down production . .  UNTIL we went on vacation and turned off the icemaker for a month. Now we can't get it back to producing more than a minimal amount of ice. Any ideas for our problem? 2018 Crossroads Cameo 40 Alex
    • X'lnt info.....(success story) from -  CARLOS! IMO - you did well  - appears you *DID* get what you paid for.......even if it "wouldn't even" cover the sales tax for RT's  choice! 😉  
    • Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are here to help and will do our very best. I visited the internet site of NADA to get a price for your RV and much to my surprise they list the average retail price as $10,300. With a coach that size, I think that it must have a tag axle but I would sure get it weighed to match that against the GVWR for the chassis. Unless you have a great deal of RV knowledge I also suggest that you get help from someone who does. I believe that you should get a mechanic to check it out as well as an RV tech. With an RV of that age, you will probably have to replace some of the appliances before too long. I would also want to have all fluids changed and get all rubber parts replaced. You should check the tires for the date code to see how old they are as tires should be replaced somewhere around 7 years of age. 
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