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    • Steve, The requirement for the registration as a commercial vehicle, is as you wrote.  However, the portion of the Regs regarding Private Carrier is not applicable to a non commercial person.  Private Carrier is referring to a commercial entity that carries their own property, such as Frito Lay, Walmart, etc. I will agree that California Code is far more  intrusive than any other state Code I have ever read.
    • The confusion with California law is that the exemptions for authority etc are clearly worded under 26001 GVWR.    All class 7-8 trucks have higher GVWR's.      Because California states that ALL trucks are commercial by license statutes and, then exempts class 6 and under, tells me they DON'T allow that exemption for class 7-8 trucks.      That is the issue I mentioned above, the only change the DMV and CADOT could do without legislative change is to include the bigger trucks in the commercial exemption for personal use.     There is at this time no provision to exclude them from the MCP program at the state level.      I am not sure how the DMV or state would rule on the matter, they seem to have no exceptions for heavy trucks to be used as private vehicles, going as far an mentioning carriers of personal property subject to MCP rules.   Steve   
    • If you look in the beginning of the Commercial Vehicle section, under legislative intent, they spell out that the California Code is to be consistent with the Federal Regulations. The Federal Regulations clearly do not apply to anyone that is not involved in commercial operations.
    • I would say that the link you posted only applies to commercial operations.