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    • I've considered this circumstance often, especially when I see it, and bounce back and forth between differing viewpoints. I finally come to rest on the idea of consideration, and how it would effect ones choice of campsite. An inward focus will have one choice while an outward focus will have another.      Spot  
    • I agree that the value of something is determined on an individual basis. Based on what I've read here and in another running thread started by Roadtrek, I can see the value of Thousand Trails with both the Pass and the Membership, depending on its use. And since we decide for ourselves, I took the numbers presented by rm.w/aview in a previous post and applied them to myself to determine the value or benefit of using Thousand Trails. An average daily cost with a concise look at that post (with 120 days at RPI) is: year one=$16.26, year two=$11.88, year three=$9.68, year four=$8.59, year five=$8.08... all this assuming a $3200 resale membership purchase and $933 dues as mentioned in that post. This also assumes the use of the TT network solely for campsites. Now if someone would use the network less, these numbers will vary. And there's the rub. When I view the Thousand Trails Locations Map I'm certain I could make good use of the network, and I'm just as certain that I'll be in the out-of-network areas a good portion of the time if not the majority of time depending on the year. The only way that I see to make a fair assessment is to try a Camping Pass when there's a great deal ($) to be had, and try to decide if two Zones would actually be enough. If history is any indication that won't be enough, and I'd like a fair assessment to take place. I would then compare that to the budget without the Thousand Trails network in the picture which means I'll have pay more attention to that, beyond the glee of having money left at the end of the month. Without this experiment all I have is speculation.      Spot
    • After all, your need for sewer and satellite is more important than the popup's need for a location that suits their own needs? Do they not pay as much as you do? Or do they actually pay more because they didn't get as good a deal as you did on their membership? Sorry I'm feeling grumpy tonight but this bugged me. The definition of aggressive behavior is when I think my rights are more important than yours but I don't usually think of you as aggressive so maybe you were having a bad night, too? Linda
    • Yup, I'm laughing. My only mistake involving poo was when a let a guy "help" who didn't make a solid connection. He was helping because his wife wanted me to move faster. Instead, she got to wait while I cleaned up after him. That seemed fair to me. Linda
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