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    • Yes CO is very near the same weight as ambient air, it will slowly rise if nothing disturbs still air. Just walking through a room will mix CO into ambient air, causing it to remain at any/all levels. Mine are at 5' from floor, except bedroom is 3' from floor. Gently exhale directly into a CO detector and see what happens. Yes I know the difference.
    • I noticed that there is a high voltage battery equalizer charge that occurs every 30 days by the solar panel charge controller.  The extra high voltage triggers the LP detector.  (I'm 90 percent sure - but haven't verified it yet - only recently noticed it.) (hope that make sense)    
    • Today I had 4 of my thermopane sliding windows re-worked by RVFogDoctor of Searcy AR.  It may well have been the most positive interaction I've had with any shop in our 9 years of full-timing. We arrived on Sunday and I had been told that there were hookups for us to use.  Never did I expect that the hookups would be 50A with sewer and water. Monday morning the shop opened at 8am and by 8:30 we had "checked in" and went to breakfast (after backing the MH into the shop.)  By 9:30 when we returned all 4 window frames had been removed.  By 10:30 the first of the frames was ready to be re-installed.  Even with a lunch break, we were ready to leave by 1:30pm  THE SAME DAY!  Two technicians did the removal and re-install. Others, who I never saw cleaned the glass and installed new seals. Another technician worked on my windshield which had somewhat separated from the chassis and was leaking both water and air.The cost of all of this was $200 per window frame, each of which contained two glass sections.  I was billed <$200 for the windshield repair.  The total for the day was <$1000 which I thought was a bargain.We're now planning to have the "parent company" of RV Fog Doctor do a partial repaint of our MH later this winter.  They had good reviews including someone we met who was there having painting done after having had windows done a year ago.  The bid I received for painting was significantly less that the others bids I've received and that was after spending nearly half an hour with the shop foreman discussing our options.  I have the bid in writing and I my sense of the people is that they will stand behind it.  
    • Yep, borrow one from someone you know that owns a TT or 5er.
    • If you go to http://catalog.winnebagoind.com/menu/Parts.htm and click on the year of your model you can see what they are offering there. Linda
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