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    • My son in law gave me a Garmin.  He likes his and I have tried to use it.  Finally I just gave up and realized I will continue to use my cellphone and Google Maps. Both the Garmin and Maps work well for simple navigation tasks.  Maps just has more capability and works better.  The OP was concerned about time and distances for an RV.  I am not sure about the Garmin, but Maps seems to do a go job of matching actual driving with the estimated travel time.  In addition Maps takes into account actual road conditions and construction delays.  The Garmin has no access to that information.  In case of major delays and even for routine use, Maps does a good job of providing information on alternate routes.  Finally as a search engine, the Garmin is very limited.  Maps has access to the full range of Google searches.  I suppose I could use the Garmin for navigation and the cellphone for searches but it seems easier to do the searches and have them already programmed into the same device.  I seem to do a lot of searches.  I typically make stops at least a couple of times during a driving day.  An hour of so in advance I look for a convenient location to combine getting fuel if needed and finding a place for a food and rest break.  I do like old fashioned printed maps.  I often pickup a State map at visitor centers.  If not, my Rand McNally meets most needs.  I like to see my overall progress and track options.  I also never rely totally on either a navigation system or Maps.  It seems both like to have me drive through the middle of cities where I would prefer the much longer routes on  beltways around cities.  I have had both stop working or get confused. 
    • Hi all,
      Downsizing from my class A to a C and wonder which C's have a higher interior height. I'm 6'2" so would like to get something with a 78 to 80 inch or higher interior height. Does anyone know if there is there such a beast out there? If so what brands and model years should I be looking at? Wanting to buy something used maybe 2012 to 2016 model years. 
    • I hate RV acs. Noisy and energy hogs. Also that would increase height of truck. That would cause problems.
    • I think I would put in a roof AC out of a camper. They are made to travel. If I were going to do it I would get one that has AC and heat.
    • 😄😄 @John. Whatcha tryin to do there?!? Power your own little rollin city? I getcha though... even 15% off another 235 on a cloudy day is nothin to sneeze at. Your biggest hog is your dorm fridge, but heck... during the hottest part of the day... when it's workin the hardest... it's all free juice anyhow packing that much up top. How's your CCC holdin up? 😉 [For the sake of others: Meaning that his bank it topped off in the morning so the refer is running off excess production rather than his battery bank.] I've "thought" about tossing a little more upstairs, but to do that I would have to go with another 270 (2x135's) to balance my arrays. That's a bit overkill. Or... to be perfectly honest... would give me more days of excess to do laundry that I now have an excuse to procrastinate. I've elected to hold off. 🤣