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    • Yes, it does Todd. When we had the time constraints of the previous chapter, our rode trips were casual and spontaneous as we bounced around for weeks, then we'd haul ass for three days to get home in time for work.
    • Yes. I usually made three overnight stops between MN and TX and at least one of them was for two nights. I never was a long distance driver. Linda
    • I'm certainly not blinded by bling, that's far down the list for me.  However, I can't agree with your representation of RV's as crap.  I think there's lot's of room for improvement, but let's be fair.  To build a 36' RV at "aircraft quality" would cost more than the typical small aircraft and beyond affordable for the typical RV buyer. How many of us would be RV'ing if we had to pay half a million dollars for an RV?  I sure wouldn't, and I'm far from destitute.  I did buy a top tier fifth wheel and it has been my home for over ten years.  While it has had some maintenance issues and a couple of appliances have failed, overall it has been a solid, reliable home for me.  I paid $42,000 for it brand new, less than I paid for my eight year old pickup.  If the trailer had been built at the pickup quality, I probably wouldn't have been able to buy it.  JMO
    • Howdy Curt, No money has changed hands yet as I am on the road and won't be home until the first week of August, but I have what I think is a firm commitment to buy the truck if it meets the perspective buyers approval when they come to look at it when I get home.  However until its sold its still for sale so if you know someone who may be interested please let me know.  Thank you. Dave
    • My snowbird pattern was to leave Minnesota about October 15th and head to Rainbow's End in Texas where I'd spend a week. Then I'd head west to the Quartzsite/Parker area. Several month's later I'd head back to Rainbow's End and hang around there until Minnesota weather said it was safe to go home. But, that was too long for me to be gone so snowbirding ended much sooner than I expected it to do. Linda