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    • just back from the shop. He was grateful that I provided the diagnostic manual to him as he has never seen a freedomline trans before. I even had the troubleshooting section for the doubler marked so he didn't have to page through 100 pages to find it.  The 30 amp fuse to the trans that is supposedly on the battery bank (according to manual), in my case, is in the engine bay, right by the steering shaft. The fuse was blown. Replaced and it immediately blew again. Unplugged the voltage doubler, replaced the fuse, and all was well (at lease shift tower lit up). Plugged in voltage doubler and it immediately blew again. Doubler also smells burnt. So ordered a new one via Phil's link. (Thanks Phil.) Will be here tomorrow.  Good news is since I had a windshield leak, I cut out the entire center section of the carpet as it was moldy and have not put in a new carpet kit yet, so it was easy to get to the tunnel cover. He was grateful he didn't have to take the entire front cab apart to get to the tunnel cover. Probably saved me two hours of shop time too. Now I need to find a rubber carpet kit for the front cab section. I don't want carpet. Probably a dealer only item? Any pointers greatly appreciated on where to source. 
    • BTW, here is the link to the full maintenance and diagnostic manual for the freedomline trans. It is 292 pages, so if you print it out, do double-sided. https://www.zf.com/usa_canada/media/zfmig_united_states/zfmig_corporate_replacement_parts_1/zfmig_service_portfolio/zfmig_class8/mm0150.pdf
    • Valley View RV Park is a good alternative in Ely.  About $30 a night last time I checked, lots of shade trees and large sites.
    • Simple ... starting in the 1960s too many "back to the earth" types headed back into the woods and didn't follow proper procedures to dispose of their feces.  They pooped next to a running stream or lake, didn't dig a deep enough hole to bury their poop, etc.  Runoff then carried giardia into formerly pristine lakes and streams.  
    • .... and two more coming up in Sept & Nov : https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/fee-free-parks.htm