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    • Here is a great link to Ford...excellent information. (The Edge is flat towable for many years...only the most expensive model appears to be flat towable for 2020) https://www.fleet.ford.com/towing-guides/   The Chevrolet Equinox is flat towable in FWD and AWD with the 2.4L (You can google the owner's manual for the years you are interested in and there will be specific information on towing in the manual). The Equinox is a nice, inexpensive vehicle that weights about 3200. The Edge weighs about 4200 and is a larger SUV "crossover" vehicle.   Honda produces a great car. We own 2 and one is 12 years old and the other 17. Neither car has ever given us a problem ...just routine maintenance. But new Hondas are not flat towable in most cases except maybe a few with manual transmission.   We also have a newer (2015) Subaru Outback (not flat towable) and we're learning that newer isn't better. Just replaced a $900 "head unit" (radio and navigation system) that failed after 4.5 years. Turns out the electronics are problematic on these cars. Would never buy another Subaru but I know many swear by them.
    • I'm selling my HDT due to bad health. It's a 2006 peterbilt 387 Has cat c15 and 18 speed eaton fuller. Fridge microwave inverter and toilet. Good running truck. Has 32k 4 way hitch Pictures can be seen here. https://panamacity.craigslist.org/hvo/d/panama-city-peterbilt-387/7050325607.html My phone number is 8506284599 if you have any questions
    • To answer all the folks asking why I don't have a Tesla the answer was simple, I had Tesla Stock that I finally sold in 2018 because, as I posted here it was under attack by the shorts and I expected it to drop from its high of $376 (?) and be down for a year or two. I was 66 and lived in the hot, humid, South to help take care of her parents. We like four seasons and winter sports. So in we sold our stock, bought my 2019 new Subaru Forester, a house in Colorado in March 2019, and moved here to Colorado May 2019, before we were too old to move yet again. Once we bought the Colorado house I had yet to sell our house/acreage, we'd already sold the inherited acreage and house. And I finally rejoined my Significant Harassment of 47 years Nov 1st in Rocky mountain heaven. No Hurricanes, few fires, no tornado season, no earthquakes to speak of, no tsunamis/rising waters, no volcanoes looming like Mt. Ranier hanging over Seattle. And fine views and things to do and see. Soooooooo. . . Earlier tonight I went to the Tesla store in Lonestar Colorado in the Park Meadows mall. I test drove the model two motor AWD. Then I ordered my new Tesla Model 3, white, two motor AWD, auto pilot, autonomous driving hardware in place and can be activated later for autonomous driving for ~ $7,000, black interior, stock rims because the hubcaps cut down enough drag to add significant miles per charge.  We're ordering our two PowerWalls next week and will wait a year for full solar, in case some incentives come back in addition to the Colorado tax credits. Thank you for the Tesla from my investment in you and your world changing vision Elon.
    • I, all agreed with as above you guys mentioned Das MB Sprinter's the SCR (DEF tank, DPF,  NOx sensors, EGR, DEF Injector, Heating elements) issues with the Engine starting counts pop up. I went to the MB dealership when I got the problems as you all had. They asked me $8000 all replacing parts. I think that it is not just replacing parts issues. It is matter of parts quality control and better design as the Toyota does and unnecessary high cost of labor/parts with limited experienced mechanics. Sometimes, they asked high price tag the only reason is Das Mercedes Benz. I would like to give you guys some tips through my DIY repair experiences with Das MB Sprinter 2500 170" 3.0 OM642/W906 chasiiii.- If you are inclined mechanic skill will help the your wallet. 1.       The Diesel engine required a lot of maintenance with MB specs.  Engine oil should be ESP or MB oil, Transmission Oil- MB specs- don’t use regular engine oil. 2.       I recommend change the timing chain services on Every 100k mile-because chain is stretching upon  driving condition such as towing/engine brake even though you have towing brakes kit.- Don’t believe the MB diesel engine is the 500k miles performance without proper maintained. 3.       “the Engine Start Count”- Use on Ebay  OBD-2 reset tool: single car $299, unlimited car $579 for the emergency or long travel  for the back up. 4.       Check with OBD scanner;  MB obd scanner which around $120 to $2500 if you like to do DIY  from online EBay, Amazon. 5.       The DPF filter life span is around 300K mile with regular Regen or Min. 1800 RPM 40min at every 1200mile interval.- I cleaned with DPF cleaning shop in local  at 180K mile. the cost was around $380.- don't replace it. 6.       NOx sensors life span expectation is 850k Mile, so if you have a issue with it just take it out cleaning or soaking with carburetor cleaning spray or brake cleaning. The zirconia element will be fine with it. Or replace with new ones DPF's NOx and after NOx sensors. Recently, getting cheaper because of Chinese makers. It is around $170 up to $400. 7.       EGR – just clean it out or use diesel clean additive as instructed, regularly.- If you are living in cold climate zone would be help you out such as anti-gel additive. Please remember Diesel fuel is Organic fossil fuel.- especially remove water regularly  and when you fueling in seasonally 8.       DEF injector necessary cleaning every 30k mile to 50k mile upon climate zone because it clogged on the nozzle.- Use hot water, don’t use others.- just dip it in the hot water 9.       DEF level Sensors and heating element with DEF Heating delivery line up on OBD codes. –Usually it triggered low DEF level with “engine start count” – They made with cheap material on heating elements and level sensor- the most notorious Das MB Sprinter SCR failure issues.- You can have the replacement part around $200 with 2 years warranty on the Ebay. 10.   Diesel fuel filter replacement every 30k Mile up on climate zone. 11.   Check the fuel cap sometimes high elevation trip expanded tank and failed the function of cap. It makes trigger the engine light or engine start count. Be sure the fuel cap clicking is normal. Failed fuel cap sound is dull clicking sound. All as I above mentioned maintenance are only basic categories, please; take care of your precious Das MB Sprinter.
    • I just found this item from down under. https://www.bogout.com/ I wonder if I made a heavy duty set, say made out of those nylon tow cables they're putting in winches these days, how it would work. I'd need to make them wider to fit a dually - maybe with an internal strap or two for reinforcement. I'd come up with my own design. I'll bet I could build it cheaper than buying a suitably sized winch. What'chall think? Chip
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