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    • After 18 years of fulltiming, medical conditions are forcing us to stop. Bought a house in S. Illinois and will be selling our MH as soon as I can get some pics. It's been a great 18 years. We had planned on fulltiming until we died (came close 2 times this summer). Met a lot of good friends in person and thru RV forums (Hi RV!). Got to visit more family and friends than we ever did with a stick house. So sad but it had to be. DICK
    • We planned on learning to RV for years... before actually deciding & leaving in a 3-month time period.  We kept our house with our Daughter & Family moving in to take over... and built an apartment in the walk-out basement for DW and I.   Over the course of a year we spend approximately 8 - 10 weeks in this apartment with Kids & grandkids just above us.   (indeed, as I type we are preparing to drive back (toad) to spend the Holidays with family there)    We have few, if any, regrets with our Fulltime lifestyle.   The benefits far more than outweigh any possible regrets.   We make it a point to stay in contact with old friends back home... and increasingly with new friends made on the road.   We pay extra for unlimited smart phone usage and internet access... all to stay in contact.   We have always loved to travel and can now indulge that urge without restraint.   We have learned workamping skills at an area that we love to spend the Summer in... and own a comfortable winter RV lot in sunny Arizona.   At both places, and in between, we indulge in our wish to 'jump in the car and roadtrip'! If I had to name a regret... it would be "not being 1st-hand involved in our grandchildren's daily lives".  As stated, we spend significant time with them in the same house... and talk regularly via phone... but the gaps can be felt.  On the other hand, they can come to visit us in areas that they might not normally get a chance to! So... we are very happy in our lifestyle and have no plans to change.   But as Member lenp stated...  "Just keep your options open if you can."    Good advice!   We have options for most contingencies and take confidence in that. Good luck, Mickey! 
    • You do it for traction, the tires will float better in the sand.  I've gone down to 10 psi several times for camping at Pismo, with no ill long term effects to the truck or trailer tires, knock on wood.
    • I've found this website useful a couple times....hopefully it will have something in the area you are spending time. http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp
    • I hope I picked the right place for this, the local beach near my niece allows rv parking, but requires that you lower the tire pressure, I think to about 15lbs., before they let you on the beach.  Is this safe for the tires, even for an overnight, in the sand?  Is there anything that can be used for more traction/less beach disruption, besides letting out the air?  Thanks-