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    • This last weekend we accomplished a little bit on the bed, mainly got the doors for the front tool box that spans the whole width of the bed.  We also finished up the bulk of the preemptive maintenance on the truck out of the way. The pictures of the doors show a before and after, though there is still more to fabricate for the doors.  The doors will have pneumatic cylinders which will hold them open.  The rear or right door that is shown, has a small elbow latch that will hold that door closed when you initially open the left door.  We fabricated a frame around the front side of the doors to stiffen them and to facilitate mounting the latches. The Latches for the doors are also a three point latch that has small rods that run vertically on the double doors and horizontal on the single doors on the back tool boxes. On the truck, we decided to replace the cab shocks, air springs and leveling valve while we had easy access. We also decided to change out all the brakes on the rear axles, since we had tires removed and the easy access.  The pads were way above the minimum thickness, though we had one pad that was cracked and got a GREAT deal on new pads from the Volvo dealer. One other item that falls under proactive maintenance was resealing the rear differential that a had a minor leak. We also closely inspected all of the universal joints and suspension bushings and components, while we had easy access to everything. It is getting so much closer, though as a lot of folks can relate to, the closer you get, the more small things pop up to slow you down. Pictures
    • Garbage truck was here at La Posa Tyson Wash about 9:00 this AM(Jan 22). At La Posa South garbage trucks and end loader on site to complete clean up. The extra garbage was not directly because of the shutdown, but I would guess people were afraid that the garbage service would be shut down, and got rid of every speck of garbage they could find just in case.  Also, this has to be one of the busiest weekends at the LTVAs around Quartzsite.
    • Dave, when you go to look for the T you want remember that the sizes are "run, run, branch". In other words for a 1/2" line and teeing to 1/4" line would be 1/2"x1/2"x1/4" tee.
    • Another fan of the Nanostation. Many times I do not even put it outside, just set it in a window facing the AP I want to connect to. Here is a link to a video on how to set one up. As said by the previous poster, you can use it connected directly to a computer or with a router. If you do not want to use a router, just ignore that part of the video.