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    • I also am a fan of RV Park Reviews. I quickly learned to read the review not just look at the rating since, as Al F said, what the reviewer values may not be what I value. But, the site itself is of great value in my opinion. Linda Sand
    • Won't your auto insurance company cover this? I would have called them first over Coachnet since it was an accident. Regarding the phone call, maybe you didn't have service or were in a poor service area. Can't believe they wouldn't answer.
    • This story is on today's Drudge Report, if you use the Drudge link the WSJ subscription popup comes with an X you can click on to close the popup and read the story.  I'm not sure how that works, the link from Drudge is the same as the one above, but it works even if I clear cookies before going to the WSJ.
    • Since I don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal I can'r read the article. But, I am aware of this trend. There's a company in Ohio that converts vans that are well insulated with top of the line sound systems in them. But, I don't think any of their buyers are full timers. I checked into them when I was thinking abut installing a screen door in my Sportsmobile. They look like a good company but I couldn't get all my stuff in their limited cabinetry. Linda Sand
    • My Dear Bride and I went for a nice drive thru the Ave of the Giants in the redwood forest in California.  As we drive about 30 MPH  a redwood tree decided to fall across the highway, the same one we were on.  It was close, very close.  It hit, bounced and we were ON it.  Yep, that's right ON it.  I got away from the trunk and drove up the branches onto the top.  So here we are sitting on top of a three foot thick tree.  Needless to say, the car (happily not the coach) was damaged badly.  The coach was 40 miles away in the RV park.  The CHP was there real soon, and we tried to contact Coach-nt but no one answered the phone so we had to use the basic AAA we had,  It covers 5 miles or something like that.  The car had to be removed from the tree then towed to their lot.   When I finally got to Coach-Net they told me THEY DID NOT COVER ACCIDENTS.  To me that does not make sense.  So I have over a thousand dollar tow bill and am looking for another company to be with that has towing even with accidents.  I am going to cancel Coach-net.  It came with the new motorhome and it is gone.  Any other companies you all can recommend?  Once again I ask the experts.