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    • We're too old school, printed an outline map of USA and color in the states with a highlighter. I try very hard to stay within the lines, something I always had trouble with even when a kid with crayons. Spring project: mount & frame a USA state & highway map on beaver board and use pins for a little more precision marking where we've stayed.
    • Vern, what mptjelgin posts seems to work well. We spend sometime north of Libby, MT and it is packrat kingdom. Most people in rv's in that area use rope lights around the perimeter of the rig. We use solar lights at every location that something from the fiver touches the ground, wheels, jacks, etc. seems to also work. When we were a rookie in that area years ago, we unknowingly hauled one over to Cour d alene, ID. The first night in the RV park I thought I heard something down in the storage bay. Next morning after daylight, I opened the large bay door and sure enough the ugliest thing on God's green earth took off for a dark area. Went to a nearby farm store and bought the biggest rat trap they had. Placed it in the bay baited and shut the bay door. About ten minutes later when we were walking to the truck, I heard something like a spring snapping. Opened up the bay door and sure enough it was in the trap. Grabbed a pair of pump handle pliers and the trap and Mr. Rat both got deposited in the park dumpster. Fortunately we didn't end up with any damage. And by the way Vern, we see you from time to time in the Kalispell and Somers area during the summer, we for one sure appreciate your posts either asking for info or feeding info to us. Just like your furnace exhaust pipe post above. As the Head Wrench on this fiver, thank you very much and have a great day. 
    • I see this all the time. There are 2 Semi truck manufacturers in my area. They are often delivered this way. I got close enough to one pickup to see they had a big air tank on the bed.
    • That adds to the problem. Now a trailer 
    • Has anyone tried peppermint oil?  That stuff is very strong!  We have mice at our property in the barns but not in the camper or house.  I go around every couple months and renew the oil.  Smells good and we were told it works great.  Been using it for a couple years and so far, not a single problem.... knock on wood.  I use it inside the camper, under the sink and in a closet and in the RV basement/storage areas.