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    • Kirk, I know you've seen how fast RV's burn in a fire, so I feel pretty confident that our UL-350 1-hour rated safe will survive one. A fire would have to burn at 1700+ degrees F for more than an hour to raise the internal temperature of the safe above 350 degrees. Paper ignites at about 450 degrees. In addition, our document safe is located at floor level at the rear of our gasser, about as far as it can get from  the most common fire sources.
    • A quick Google search doesn't find any particulars on a 1" tool. Did the email you received have any details?
    • Hello everyone! We are getting ready to start our RV life in a 35 Ft Georgetown on April 17th.  It is with excitement and trepidation that we are plunging ahead.  I will be retiring on the 17th and we start our journey in the first RV park.  We are very familiar with this RV park.  I have tried to contemplate all expenses to ensure that we have a budget that will work but of course there are unknowns especially for someone just starting.  I will appreciate any feed back, knowledge or ideas that have worked for everyone when they started out.  Reservations,  traveling without reservations, problems encountered without reservations.  boon-docking,or best in budgeting, any information that you have that could make the transition easier.  We have 2 dogs who are a handful and one is afraid of everything.  I feel like I am leaping off of a cliff.  Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.  I don't even know the right questions to ask at this point.  I have tried to research as much as I can.  Thanks again.  Pat LeBlanc
    • We do pretty much the same but at first, carried a lot in the supposed fireproof box, but then realized that the box isn't fireproof but has a time/temperature rating that is far from really fireproof. I would add wills, power of attorney, passports, vehicle registrations, insurance policies, medical information/ directives, DD214, and any other legal documents. We carry certified copies of most of them today. We carried current copies of our medical records with us at first, but never once was a doctor we visited on the road interested in seeing most of them so we cut back to only carrying our latest physical reports and medication lists as well as the doctors we see with contact information. 
    • There are things that you can do to lower the cost of RV sites. Many of us do volunteer work such as public park campground hosts or on national wildlife refuges helping out and in return get a full hookup site for working a few days each week. Another way is to join one of the campground discount groups like Passport America. If you join Escapees RV club they have 18 parks that you can stay in for a low cost. There are also places on public lands where one can stay free. Most RV parks have a monthly or weekly rate that is much less expensive than the daily rate. 
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