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    • We don't use fitness centers but in our travels, we Snap Fitness quite frequently. What ever outfit you join, be sure to read the fine print! 
    • This might get a little windy but all these colors are a bit confusing. I would like to clear the water so to speak. I am partly color blind so that just adds to the confusion. We have a small fleet of trucks and a bunch of equipment old and new. It seems like they all take a different antifreeze. We had yellow, purple and red. Accidentally bought a case of pink once. I had a Mack at the time so I called Mack. Their oil and coolant supplier had just been there and informed the shop that that all colored is the same. As long as it says EXTENDED LIFE. You can put red in purple and pink it don't matter but it MUST say EXTENDED LIFE. Over the past couple years I asked a couple different mechanics the same question expecting conflicting answers. They all backed up the story I got from Mack. OK fine. So we bought a 55 gallon drum of red for the new stuff and a drum of green for the old. This has been working out for us very well for the past few years. Until now. We are out of green so I had the boss order another drum. We purchase lubricants and coolant through Cenex CO-OP. They can't get green anymore. Its yellow. But not extended life yellow. This yellow is compatible with green and the orange Dex-cool only. Are you confused yet? Isn't Dex Cool extended life? I thought it was.  Anyway so, now in our shop, yellow is the new green. The fun does not stop there. Not when you throw John Deere in the mix. We have 2 pieces of equipment under warranty. We must use the exact fluids that Deere says to use or risk not being covered by warranty. Guess what color the coolant is. Yellow. But not the new new yellow, its the old new extended life yellow. These 2 yellows are not compatible. The moral of the story here is make darn shure you know exactly what coolant your vehicle has in it. Take a paint pen and write it down under the hood. Read your labels before purchasing coolant.  I have a feeling this "new yellow" will be popping up around stores before long if not already. Although I seriously doubt you will find any John Deere extend life yellow coolant in any vehicles. Thank goodness you can avoid that confusion. Just remember, extended life goes with extended life.
    • John T, If you have your negative battery cable connected to your frame and your Charger and inverter connected to the battery negative in any way, they are then connected to the frame. Chuck
    • Mesa,  Thanks for the feedback. You may well already have it this way, but FYI if some don't, while I have my battery bank Negative frame grounded, the big main Negative cables from the Charger and Inverter and to the main DC Distribution Panel and Genset etc I HAVE CONNECTED DIRECT TO THE BATTERY NEGATIVE BUSS/TERMINAL   IE I DO  NOT use the frame as a current return for the main loads.   Sufficient sized cables properly bonded and then sealed/protected against moisture and contamination goes a long way. NOTE I prefer my main frame/chassis ground bond be made at a large main frame iron structure with an adequate size cable  NOT any thin wimpy sheet metal enclosure or box or accessory that happens to be metal.       Happy Early Thanksgiving to yall John T  Still live from SKP headquarters in Livingston, Texas headed to Austin soon
    • GH,  That's great! Thank you.