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  2. mr. cob

    Why convert to single axle?

    Howdy RJHILL, What you are about to read is "my opinion" but to me it would be a CRIME to butcher a classic such as a 359 by singling it. I went to great pains to keep my truck looking like a truck especially when I built the Smart Car, bed I didn't want to ruin the look of the classic truck. To each his own but if your set on using an HDT with a single rear axle I think you would be better served to get a different truck. YES, I am very biased on this subject. I went from this, to this. And am now using it like this. Dave
  3. Moresmoke

    Options for family of 6

    How much budget are we talking? Schwalbe conversion Seats 7. Would take a little creativity to be registered RV, but not all of us are anyways.
  4. You must have heard wrong because it's always a disgruntled campground owner who gets cities to pass no overnight parking ordinances, and it's fine to put out slides because if Walmart didn't want you putting out slides they'd tell you they don't want you putting out slides. Going to the city to ask for a "no parking" ordinance sure doesn't sound like the Walmart that's described in most RV discussions.
  5. Blues

    South Dakota or Florida

    This isn't the first time you've recommended that someone contact healthcare.gov about where fulltimers who travel all the time should get their insurance. But what is healthcare.gov going to tell someone like nancyrwall, who apparently lived in Minnesota and has kept her domicile there (and is presumably paying Minnesota income tax)? If she's traveling constantly, what other state could she possibly use for her health insurance? Minnesota is the obvious choice, and there's nothing that puts any other place in the running. So Minnesota is the only choice. But just to play your game, I did call healthcare.gov and just got off the phone with them. I said I wanted leave my state and start traveling around fulltime in my trailer, not staying anywhere more than a day or a week or so, and was wondering which state I should use to get my health insurance. I was put on hold so the representative could get an answer, and she came back to say I should use the state where my primary residence was, and I asked for clarification: "The state where I'm living now, before I start traveling?" She said yes, and that I should look for a plan that will cover me in multiple states once I'm traveling. Like I said, it's the only practical choice for someone who travels constantly, and now it's been verified by a call to healthcare.gov. You seem resistant to the idea that people use their mailing address for health insurance, but have never offered any other practical solution. I think that's because there isn't any other practical solution. I know it, fulltimers who travel know it, and it healthcare.gov knows it.
  6. I have spent the last three winters in Mission, TX. We stayed at Green Gate Grove. LOVED it there. It is right up the street from Benson Palm. It is a community mixed with houses, park models and concrete pads for RVs.
  7. Cindy Nevarez


    Ah...got it. Thanks!
  8. Today
  9. Big5er

    ECM Requires Maintenance - Dash Warning Volvo

    Mine is just one year older than yours and I have inline fuses on all of the smaller wires that connect to the batteries. Could someone have put a fuse block in and removed them? Try following those smaller wires for a bit. EDIT: Although I suppose the difference could be engine type? What engine do you have?
  10. Kirk Wood


    You can't delete a post, but if you use the "full edit" function you can edit the title to as "SOLD" or some other appropriate term.
  11. Kirk Wood

    Water tanks full or empty

    I don't know that you would know that water was bad, but that is part of the reason for the filters in the supply line. I think that it would be pretty unusual for an RV pad in any public or commercial park to not be supplied from an approved water supply. Here are the specs for the second cartridge that we used. We had a dual canister filter housing and the first used a cheap sediment filter and the second one was carbon block below. Stick around at least until we get there. If you don't stay for Escapade, we are part of the advance staff, arriving on Tuesday before the event begins so we could meet somewhere for lunch or dinner even if you won't be participating. As a side note, I just registered for our staff position today!
  12. Bob86ZZ4

    Options for family of 6

    Or get a full size Truck Conversion Motorhome and then pull a car for tourist duty. https://www.facebook.com/groups/452028681672329/
  13. Rick48612

    Land Between the Lakes NRA

    Perhaps a bit late for the OP, but Energy Lake Campground was a great place for us. Easy access to the 48 site campground via 5.5 miles of hilly/curvy paved road off US Route 68 / Kentucky 80. Your GPS may direct you down a forest road, but stay on the pavement all the way to the campground. We stayed in area D which was asphalt. Other areas in the campground are gravel and had grades steeper than we cared to attempt in our 36' motor home with toad. Verizon coverage was okay. Lots of history and places to explore in Land Between the Lakes. Shopping/restaurants 20-30 miles away. Not for everyone, but perfect for us.
  14. Bob86ZZ4

    Options for family of 6

    How about a toterhome? Plenty of room rollin' down the road. And then when camping some can sleep in the truck and some in the trailer. A bit longer than an HDT but not much. This one is on the longer side but you get the idea: http://racingrvs.com/view/Renegade/Toter/269.html
  15. Lance A Lott

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Cory the Donvals are very easy to put in. A sharp knife is all you need. It takes about 5 minutes. Got them for the seats as well and for the rear air springs. They are wll worth it. They really stop the cab movement. They would be a good birthday present. Happy Birthday.
  16. Great advice from the posters above...I would just add that when you come down to making the final choice be SURE that your wife is completely happy with the arrangement...kitchen cabinets right height, appliances are what she likes, floor plan is what she likes ect. ect. ect. I have seen more than a few men make all the choices and later regret it greatly!!! Happy wife...happy life!!! Especially when you are confined to a much smaller space and with a young child!! I also would like to add this...I love that you guys are doing it!! We waited, like most, till the kids were grown and now wish we had done exactly what you are doing!!! Go!!! Enjoy the lifestyle!!
  17. NeverEasy


    Don't know why. I intend to use at least two of the following: The MQ-2 smoke sensor is sensitive to smoke and to the following flammable gases: LPG, Butane, Propane, Methane, Alcohol, Hydrogen MQ-6 gas sensor can detect kinds of flammable gases, especially has high sensitivity to LPG. MQ-4 gas sensor has high sensitivity to methane, also has anti-interference to alcohol and other gases. MQ-7 gas sensor has good sensitivity to carbon monoxide. I still need to do some reading to get the right mix. The MQ-2 will get too hot to touch so I may go with the other three if they don't present the same issue.
  18. trailertraveler

    Class C beginner question

    Don't know how old you are looking, but in Class C's (as a former Class C owner) I would want the 6 speed transmission not a 4 speed. I also would want a 450/4500 rather than a 350/3500 for the additional GVWR, GCWR and towing capacity. Much is always made of storage space, but in my opinion cargo carrying capacity is what is important. Space is useless if there is not sufficient weight capacity. Most RV's I have seen make poor use of the storage areas. Minor modifications like adding shelves, stackable bins, etc, can greatly improve storage. You can not easily create cargo carrying capacity. Be aware of where storage space is located. Large spaces much behind the rear axle are a bad place to put a lot of weight as they may overload the rear axle and underload the front axle resulting in handling issues.
  19. solo318

    Cherokee NC

    That's one of our reasons as well. We just got back from a steam train excursion in Chattanooga. I was hoping to "relive" some of my youth along the way in Cherokee.
  20. thanks Linda. Am focusing on Casino locations also as a possibility. There are a few around the area.
  21. solo318

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    What part of Florida? I'm right outside Daytona.
  22. Big Greg

    Propane use while traveling

    I think you are way too concerned about propane on or off, in 11+ years the only time this was ever checked was before going over/under the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel. They required it be turned off for the tunnel. We have never traveled with it on after a Life On Wheels course back in 2007 when they recommended traveling with it off for safety reasons. We now have a residential fridge and no inverter, we have traveled 8 to 10 hours in FL and AL summer heat and the fridge and freezer contents always stay cold and frozen.....and my wife is picky about food quality. Many of our friends travel with their propane on and have no problems either. I'd recommend you do whatever you want. Greg
  23. Big5er

    Took Parents for a ride this weekend in the 780

    Sweet!! It's my turn to buy breakfast, so don't forget to yell at me.
  24. Big Greg

    Cherokee NC

    Last fall we stayed in Whittier, NC (10 miles from Cherokee) at Tuckaseegee CG. It's on a river by the same name, all sites are back in. It was $250 for the 7 nights. The staff was very helpful. We stayed there to ride the GSMRR, The steam locomotive goes along the park on it's way to and from where it's stored to the railway station! GREAT to watch and listen to it. Greg https://tuckaseegeervresort.com/?utm_source=rvparkreviews.com&utm_campaign=RVLife_Campgrounds&utm_medium=referral https://www.gsmr.com/
  25. richfaa

    Insurance Liability question

    Do what you want to do and hop e for the best.
  26. Larmic

    Class C beginner question

    Great I will.
  27. SWharton

    Class C beginner question

    I know Winnebago make several smaller Class A(26-30'). You will have better storage. I would at least give them a look online.
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