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  2. Thank you all for your "cash back" advise. I knew you would come thru with all the answers we needed. It is nice to have a 'family' out there that can help when needed.
  3. Moresmoke

    Ya can't do this with a LGT.

    Took my toy tractor out to play...
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  5. rpsinc

    Redwood trailer

    Remember that Lippert is the usual manufacturer of 5er frames, but they build to specs often provided by trailer manufacturer. I dont fault their frames for the problems we sometimes hear about, because it requires looking at the plans that the frame was built to. Companies can sometimes avoid any bad press and slough it off to Lippert when they have engineered a frame that is not to what is needed, so that they can save a few dollars. Do your due diligence as part of your research.
  6. mr. cob

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Howdy All, Here is a link to the photos I took at this years rally, I took photos of the pot luck dinner and I think I took a photo of everyone's truck, if I missed your truck please get a hold of me so I can include your truck in this gallery I am in site B-90. Feel free to use these photos for your own personal use. https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/2018-HDT-WCR-participant-truck-photos/i-hzZrHS9 Dave
  7. RV_

    How many have burial flags

    My dad although he served in the USAF was a subject to the crown, and after he left the US, he served in the British foreign service earning an MBE from the queen. But we do have my FIL's 5X9.5' burial flag in a case, and my 3X5' retirement flag. I saw one entry on a website erroneously referring to the 3'X5' Military presentation flag for living military as a funeral flag. 🙄 I also have a cotton and embroidered, 3X5 thirteen stars flag of very high quality. I say that because it was obviously mistaken for unusable and it was sold to me at a local Goodwill brand new for $3.99. This one: https://www.amazon.com/VALLEY-FORGE-BETSY-COTTON-EMBROIDERED/dp/B00L49J5IY I fly it and my retirement current 50 star retirement flag that was flown over the capitol on flag day, the 4Th of July, and Flag day.
  8. Pug

    ET hitch measurement

    Thanks Glenn and Henry for the fast responses !! Now have the new truck cadd'd out and ready to go !! Great day !! -Roberto
  9. Nigel

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    Carl The exhaust brake you should really be able to feel in the lower gears. As you are slowing down flip the switch on and off, if no difference it is not working. Mine went out a few years ago and it turned out to be the air valve exhaust pressure governor (I think that is the right name). Very pricey the better part of a thousand dollars at the dealer about half that on eBay. The dealer has the ability to cycle it with their scan tools. I don’t know if your independent garage can check it as easily but ask anyway. Nigel
  10. hemsteadc

    Getting cash while on the road

    I'm wondering if he's confusing a player's card with a credit card. Almost all machines are coinless, but they all take paper money.
  11. Howdy All, Sorry for the thread start, I figured out my problem how can this be deleted? Dave
  12. Optimistic Paranoid

    Getting cash while on the road

    I'm wondering if you're confusing credit cards with debit cards?
  13. chindog

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    We've always been in the river section with sites 40 - 76. The last time we were there, there was a movie crew that was staying in the section where you were. We never found out what movie they were filming, but they had a lot of movie equipment and cameras, and were filming back in the tent section in the forested area that would be to the west of where you were.
  14. I am not a gambler so I rarely go into casinos except to eat. The last three I saw were coinless. You paid with a credit card or I suppose you could use cash to buy playing credits. Those casinos were in Browning outside of Glacier, another was at a Laundromat in Kalispell Montana and the third was near Port Angeles, Washington.
  15. Kirk Wood

    Custer State Parks?

    I would take their recommendation pretty seriously. The summer we spent at Angostura State Park, near Hot Springs, we spent time with two couples who were hosting the Custer park and they indicated that unused spaces were very rare. On the other hand, Angostura is a park that you can probably get into without a reservation and Shep's Canyon Campground is only about 1/2 hour drive into Custer Park.
  16. Radar274

    2018 West Coast Rally

    The Darkside has some of the most talented and giving people I know, wish we could have been there! A special thanks goes out to Chad for helping us with our solar installation (in Michigan) during the WCR. Hope to cross paths someday. Bob
  17. phoenix2013

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    Confessions from a real user and a slow learner. After three pickups and couple hundred thousand miles of RVing with those pickups absolutely was "ready for an upgrade" to an MDT. Got Cabriolet conversion to an MDT. 5.7L in line six Cummins in line with Allison tranny. Very nice and comfortable interior (with a real sleeper) nice ride (F-350 chassis). The thing was a friggin' dog up hills. It wasn't even a dog it was a slow dog with emphysema. Brakes needed constant rebuilding, after all, they were just one ton pickup brakes. Time to do something about it, get a "real MDT". Real pretty, had real (good) MDT brakes, 7.2L International V-8, Allison tranny. WOW! Hooked it up, first hill discovered that this thing had COPD, down to 40-45 mph! And that was with a 36 foot trailer. On top of that with Class 6 stiff suspension the ride was horrible. Kept it for 4 years decided to go to a larger trailer, had visions of not being able to get around Amish buggies up hills. Time to solve the problem. Problem solved. Most MDT owners will not tell you this. Wounded pride? Overpaying for mistake? Not studying the decision thoroughly? Critical wife? Etc. With a 24K GVWR fifth don't screw around with an MDT, unless you find M2-112 with a big diesel, it's either that or an HDT.
  18. GlennWest

    Whispering Meadows RV in West Lake Louisana

    Pulled in here this evening. Thanks
  19. GlennWest

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Just pulled in and set up at Lacassine RV park LA. Another HDT just pulled in
  20. Yesterday
  21. GlennWest

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    When you have last overhead done? Maybe out of ajustment.
  22. I'm still chuckling at the thought that a 200-300 MB file takes "all day" to upload on cell data. My current AT&T connection is averaging a meager 20-25 Mbps down and 10-15 Mbps up, so that 300 MB file would take about 2.5 minutes to upload, and around half that to download. I can't see myself going to a McD's just to upload it. Now that really would cut into my TV time!
  23. SuiteSuccess

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    Glen, Normally on 6-7% grade mine will easily stay within 5 mph of cruise setting coming down. Noticed today coming down 7% grade in Carolinas I was getting up to 10mph over set speed and accelerating. Had to take off cruise and tap in service brakes to stay where I wanted. Could have down shifted but wasn’t that long a grade. Can’t explain it, just felt “different “ than normal.
  24. GlennWest

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    Mine works and i know if it's on. Pulls back very noticeable. Don't have to have load or on grade. Mine is 2 settings.
  25. SuiteSuccess

    Engine Brake Volvo D12

    Is there a way to check if the engine brake system is working properly on a Volvo D12 without driving a grade? The D12 has an exhaust brake which is the first setting on the switch and the second is for compression brake. It is not a three stage “Jake” like some of you guys have.
  26. Kids that can’t survive on less than 200 GB a month?
  27. Chad Heiser

    2018 West Coast Rally

    All the presentations are now complete. They were all very good. I am very happy with how the rally has turned out. We have one more group gathering this evening. Not sure if that will be inside or outside (we’ll let the weather determine that). Everyone has been great. We had 26 sites here at the park with 52 adults and 10 kids in attendance. Many of them were first time WCR attendees. I have met some great new people and reacquainted myself with some old friends. I’m sad to see it come to an end. I’m already looking forward to next year and this year isn’t even done yet.
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