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  3. Audio system recommendation

    I agree the all in one systems have limited or no HDMI inputs, but there are ways around that. If the TV has digital audio (DA) out, then additional components can be connected directly to the TV through HDMI inputs and then run the sound out through a DA cable (basically a fiber optic cable) to the all in one unit (assuming it has a DA input) to allow surround sound for anything being played to the TV. If the TV doesn’t have DA out, you can pull the DA signal from the HDMI signal with the proper adapter. It all comes down to how much money is in the budget and what quality you require to meet your needs. There are lots of ways to accomplish the goal. Separate components properly matched to your needs will usually give you the best quality, but if cost is an issue an all in one will do the job too
  4. Need new tires 235 80R 22.5

    Fat fingers on the iPad keyboard - UGH.
  5. Audio system recommendation

    I suggest an AV receiver like the Marantz NR1508. It has 5 HDMI 4K inputs, 50W per channel, built in WiFi and AirPlay, plus it's one of the shortest AV receivers. I have an Marantz in my AV system. I also suggest some "bookshelf" speakers like this Polk system. Finally, adequate ventilation courtesy of Cooler Guys. BTW, it's almost impossible now to find and integrated system that Chad mentioned with any HDMI inputs which is very, very limiting.
  6. need a little help

    Find the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of your RV and subtract your gross weight (13820) from that number. This is the maximum weight your RV can tow. This doesn’t mean your RV can actually tow that much weight because it might be limited by some other factor (like rear axle rating, hitch capacity, etc), but it will give you the best case scenario max tow weight.
  7. Audio system recommendation

    For basic sound requirements in an RV and ease of installation, I have been happy with Samsung all in one Blu-ray surround sound systems. I had a couple of them in my last 5er and they worked quite well. If you are looking for more options and “tune ability” then a good Sony receiver with your choice of speakers and audio/video components is a good option. It is what I have at home and in my current 5er. Sony makes some good receivers and at various price points depending on capabilities.
  8. Motorcycle loader

    I wish you were a little closer to the West Coast. I’d be happy to take on the “little project”.
  9. Motorcycle loader

    No need to resize if you use this to get a link to post here. http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=3
  10. Looking for any current recommendation on an audio receiver/equipment for the living area. All the stereo/Electronic store offering seem both physically large with a proportionally high power (>200w/ch) output. Not an audiophile, but appreciate a good surround system, without being blown away! Have a 55" UHD TV - Samsung MU8000. Supports various streaming option and audio system integration. Will be wall mounted. Looking for recommendation on:- 5.1 Surround Sound - Soundbar, sub-woofer (compact and not overly bassy), front/rear speaker. Have a Vizio 5.1 but the sub-woofer is has a very heavy bass for a small space. Receiver (AM/FM, audio streaming, Bluetooth, HDMI support in/out (multiple), ... UHD Video Player (UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, CD) Still in the debate on the video entertainment sources (OTA, satellite, streaming, but probably 2 of 3). Will be FT and mobile - N. America. Anything else to consider? Then there is the bedroom (smaller)! Or any radically different approaches - Sonos, HEOS, ... The RV is not ready yet and the general layout will look something like the layout below, but probably not as wide. (Not the same manufacturer also!).
  11. Truck Repair

    Today we had the good fortune to meet Keith Britten, owner of Tower Tech, located at the Leaning Tower of Texas on I-40, east of Amarillo. We nursed our truck in there with anti-freeze leaking from the sleeper supply line. The fitting was in a difficult spot and tightly corroded in place. The two mechanics worked for over 3 hours and finally capped the line so we could continue. After all that, the only charged me $194, including parts. Keith came out to the rest area where we discovered the leak, helped us get water in the truck, and led us back to his modest shop, where he and another mechanic fought the offending line. It was a JIC fitting coming off the lower water manifold on the ISX motor. Access was blocked by the frame, oil filter, intake duct, and various other things Volvo had stuffed in there. It's nice to find someone who likes to help people, rather than gouge them.
  12. Hauling our motorcycle

    As opposed to just riding the bike? Seems to me, because no riders weight, and a good portion of the weight on the hitch itself, there would be less movement of the rear suspension. Just moving the front of the bike up and down does not necessarily wear out the rear suspension. But I am talking about a 420 lb bike, not a 900 lb harley. As I said before, in most cases, especially heavy bikes, a trailer is the best bet. Anyway, original poster can make up his own mind, I have posted what my actual experiences have been, and he can compare it to the "should, might, or in theory" scenarios many others have posted. Enough said for me.
  13. Hauling our motorcycle

    Bouncing on just the rear suspension. Any movement of the hitch and tow vehicle would be amplified to the rear suspension on the bike.
  14. Hauling our motorcycle

    I am always ready to learn, how would it beat the living crap out of the bike more than just riding it?
  15. Hauling our motorcycle

    Based on my experience towing on a small trailer, your proposed set up woul beat the living crap out of the bike. I agree, maybe useful for short distance but not a long distance solution.
  16. Hauling our motorcycle

    I would use a Swivel wheel or Idaho Tote before I hauled a motorcycle any distance with one of those. http://www.cruiserlift.com/swivelwheel http://www.idahotote.com/
  17. School Shootings - The New Generation

    Roger? It is ironic that many more people are victims of drunk drivers and there is no outcry to ban cars. I don't know about you but when I was growing up and got my first car we drank and drove. Many of us were not incapacitated but would fail the current allowable alcohol levels. But there was a roar from parents, like we are seeing now, and the groundswell formed together and became M.A.D.D. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers at about the same time as seat-belts were being installed in all cars. It would be a lot longer before seatbelts became mandatory. That groundswell was a lot like the furor today over children's death from gun wielding criminals sane or not. We do not remove the car, we take away the license, if he or she will not stop then they will be completely separated from their cars by imprisonment. Has it worked 100%, no! Not even close: https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drunk-driving The driving while impaired laws are about like the gun laws, they do not make cars or alcohol/Painkillers illegal, they don't confiscate the legal prescriptions and they punish the folks who take liberties with the lives of others, and limit the licensing of the mentally impaired, and the physically impaired like the blind. However the laws mandating incarceration of impaired drivers from pain killers, alcohol, and other intoxicants aren't working either, and never will. It is the same with gun laws. M aker them all illegal and we then buy them illegally. In every case we mention, money interests have manipulated the enforcement, availability or both. I also agree that religion and guns have no place in schools and public places but not for the reasons most expect. Our laws are based in English Common Law except for Louisiana where I live which is based on Napoleonic Law. A man's house is his castle (Castle Doctrine) and we are free to worship any way we please in our own churches and homes. But we are not allowed to impose our beliefs on others. Precedent is what makes our laws inch towards, or away, from their original meanings, or to change with the times - as they should! So once the religion of the majority in a town are allowed to force their prayers on others in public schools (private property and private schools are castles and can be run as the proprietors wish) IT becomes a precedent. So all would have to listen to Muslim prayers in American schools if your area became a majority Muslim. The same for any religion. Silent "prayer" is also forcing religion on others whose beliefs may be atheist, agnostic. To cause that, or prevent it, requires congress to make laws concerning the establishment of religion. I believe in truth and facts and the fact is that the use of the word God in the 1700s was a bit different than today. Our forefathers whether theists, atheists, or one religion or another wanted no religious coercion like the Church of England enforced in the UK at the time or the Catholic religion in the other parts of Europe at the time. Martin Luther protested that along with Calvin and the other protestants. But Jefferson, the man who drove the permanent way we wrote and kept our constitution and declaration of independence was not a theist as we think of religion today. Here are quotes from Thomas Jefferson, a major influence on our founders and one himself. They can to help us understand what our forefathers meant then, and now. He said: "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." T.Jefferson More of his quotes here. They must be taken together for context. http://www.searchquotes.com/quotes/author/Thomas_Jefferson/1/ Cornell University and their 1st Amendment resources: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/first_amendment
  18. Need new tires 235 80R 22.5

    I think you meant to type Toyo's ...
  19. job?

    sorry pat and pete. i did not mean to poke a sore spot. i do understand getting cheated on pay, and acused of doing wrong when i did nothing. guess why it is in a cheap rag, not posted in good places.
  20. Fan clutch selinoid

    Can you please share the part#.... might help out the next guy? Thanks
  21. Hauling our motorcycle

    I'm in the short distance only camp . I've been hauling bikes around the country for about 7 years full time and a big share of my life prior . Almost all on a trailer . More secure and less wear on the bikes ( 3 at this time ) . And , you can even back up without incident .
  22. Motorcycle loader

    I have a Rampage on my Freightliner FLD120, it loads my Road Glide effortlessly. They make them in two lengths, I need the longer unit because of the frame height but I found a new one on eBay for a good price. The only negative is it is just about 105” long, but Smarts are over length as well and don’t seem to be an issue. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’ll upload some photos when I get to a pc so I can resize them.
  23. Summer RV 3 week Trip from San Antonio need help

    Loop 289 RV Park is on Loop 289 in Lubbock, near where the Cabella's was. Nice park close to Tech and several eating places.If you get close to Lincoln spend a little time there and Ft.Stanton is a great afternoon visit. Great place in Capitan for burgers across from the Smokey Bear Museum is Oso Restaurant Knock your socks off burgers.,
  24. You do know we get alerts from Apple when an update is available, correct?
  25. Trailer Saver TS3 - $1500.00

    Link does not work Ken
  26. Hauling our motorcycle

    I probably towed mine 5000 miles. Honda mechanics said that in neutral , only gears turning are splash lubricated anyway, so no harm. Wear on tire and chain are probably less than riding it, because no torque on chain, and no weight of rider on bike, and what difference does being level make, engine is not running, any difference in towing a car on a tow dolly? Not real popular because hard to hook and unhook and impossible to back up, but good for smaller motorhomes or trailers that cannot support a hitch carrier. Had my transalp 18 years and sold it with 77000 miles on it, very few problems, but the old hondas were built pretty well. Probably no good for Harleys, but for a lighter dual purpose, like the honda, perfect.
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