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  2. I'm more into Edge for speed but it is still a bit awkward. However, Edge is getting more extensions. I was IE until about six months ago. I used Opera for a bit, but not Chrome. I thought FF was really gonna come up with something radical,but it is more tepid than hot.
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  4. "Not for Hire" Busted article

    Knott, Used to re-position a old Fairchild that belonged to a busy Dr. and it had roll-down windows that were OK but conventional single engine aircraft with than prop-do-hicky-thingy bolted on out front have a habit that every time a blade passes by you get a throb-blast of air and it hammers you pretty bad when you hang your elbow out the window in Joe-cool fashion.... and of course if you do not button your shirt pocket the prop blast will suck a bunch of those $100 bills that pilots pack around to impress the chicks..... it aint all glammer being a birdman...... STEVE, So early one morning I am drafted into the right seat of a very VERY odd flying thingy that should have the pilot needing a type rating since it was way way past the 12,500 lb wt limit .......however........this....."Thing" .......had NO civil approval and was not of U S origin AND it was a Quasi-Public-Use flying-object so in theory the ...."Operator(s) did not even have to have a pilots license to drive the "Thing" around the sky.......sorta...... So....... The grumpy Capt and slave (me) kick the tires and light the fires from a "obscure Gvt location" and it is only a 160 mile VFR hop to another ....obscure Gvt location.........simple right? This "Thing" had had a rough life and then had been sent to the bone yard and then had been given a one-week-wonder-Gvt-IRAN (Inspect, Repair, As, Necessary....(sorta)) it was not a show piece by any measure.......and just to make it even more ugly it had one registration from Nigeria(?) on one side and the other was from Congo on the other.......with lotsa O D green patches most places.....a real ramp-queen........ First 20 minutes after launch was fair and then all hell broke lose with LOUD BANG and the a shake like jack-hammer..........hummm imagine a fine craft like this having a........"issue" Grumpy Capt knew Immediately what was wrong ........Slave (me) had NO Clue...........Grumpy shouts......"%##%$@&**%# RAT... IS ...OUT" Sure enough I jump up and run back and look out the window and the darn ......."%##%$@&**%# RAT... IS ...OUT" The RAT is..... the Ram-Air-Turbine ..... it is a device that is deployed out of a trap-door and it has a big-ass-prop-fan that is supposed to power a generator or hyd-pump as a emergency power source when the pilots are having a bad day at the "office"....... Now this RAT was a out-of-control-RAT since it had deployed itself at way way too fast airspeed and to make matters worse it had NO load since the generator was not operational........bad JuJu........but as a wise man once said ........all we have to fear is....feat itself......except he never had seen a Over-Speeding-RAT....... Now this was not your ordinary USA built RAT......oh no this was a Cold-War-Soviet-Designed-RAT so.........it had a centrifical-brake and boy oh boy was it working hard and smoking like a airshow smoke generator....... As I scramble back into my seat the Grumpy Capt drops the landing gear and with a hard thud we hit the end of the runway at Fox Lancaster......and then spun around and fast taxi-back to the end of the runway and slid to a stop at the run-up-ramp at the end of the runway........ Capt sets the park brake an yells grab the step ladder and cram that damn RAT back in it's cage and then pin it with a landing gear pin........then he yells.........."DON'T SAY A WORD.....AND I MEAN IT" So.......I grab the ladder and scramble down and start up and start stowing the RED-HOT-RAT back into its compartment and out of thye corner of my eye I see a airport car streaking down the taxiway toward us and it stops along side us and a older guy and a younger guy jump out and they do not smile at all......... The younger guy trots over to me and yells above the engine noise for me to get down off the ladder but I point to the Capt. the older guy has walked over the the Capt and after a few words they both look really unhappy........the Capt briskly walks over and tosses the landing gear pin to me and I pin the stowed RAT in place and then the Capt motions me to take the ladder to the door and get in......the older guy is yelling above the engine as the Capt climbs in and then the older guy starts up the ladder but the Capt yells down and tells him to get off the ladder.......the older guy refuses so the Capt pushes the ladder off and the older guy jumps off just in time....... Capt takes off and never says a word until we land at the .... second "obscure Gvt location"...... then he glares at me and said........."that never happened........right"...........I look down and mutter..........'uh.....nothing happened today sir"..... Later I happened to meet the older guy and he turned out to be a inspector from the local FAA/ FSDO office (Flight Standards, District Office) as we met years later he shook my hand a smiled and said ......"nice to meet you sir......for the......first time" then we both smiled. So........maybe some days maybe you do NOT need a CDL or TR (Type Rating) or a CPL (Commercial Pilot License).......shucks no some days you just need to cage the RAT and then keep your mouth shut.......for a long time...... Drive on...........(Keep them RATS......caged)
  5. Horst Miracle Probes

    I have had them for a number of years now. Very easy to install. Remove the old "sensor" bolt and install. You use the same wiring. I don't use anything special when I dump, flushers etc. It's just nice when after the dump It shows empty every time. Dave 04 ExcelTD
  6. Tires

    Kirk that is the automobile/light truck tire warranty. Sailun sells a S637 16" tire stating on the sidewall "trailer use only". The tire sizes/names are listed first thing. The commercial truck tire warranty is different. It took me a several hours of searching and reading before I decided to buy Sailun truck tires for our MH.
  7. Toy Hauler Ramp

    hmmm......the spring would mean there is less side to side strength which is needed to suspend the door along the edges. My next thought would be to suspend the door from the back edge. Any chance the manufacture would provide drawings/details of the door?
  8. No power to rangetop or washer

    Go through and turn off and back on the circuit breakers. Often will ‘look’ ok but they aren’t
  9. Little Domes Everywhere

    Have streamed netflix and amazon with no buffering on my att netgear 711s at 3.5 mbps. Wasn't HD for sure, but better than SD.
  10. Blood testing, PT/INR

    Ask your doctor about INR self testing, similar to glucose test
  11. Horst Miracle Probes

    Our 2015 Continental Coach has two macerator commodes , one black tank and the Tank Tech i-series tank monitor system. As pointed out by Phil(Big 5er), with macerator commodes one is not able to asses black tank status by "listening" to the tank ( as we did with our previous rigs with conventional rv commodes). A reliable monitor system is necessary. To date our macerator commodes and tank monitor have been accurate and reliable, Best Wishes, Jay
  12. 1 air leak fixed

    Well, since you know Brad, he has the ability to walk up to a conversation, and ...... leak air......
  13. 1 air leak fixed

    I wasn't going to go in that direction, but now that you mentioned it........
  14. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Roger, was that a 2015? Glad they took care of your landing legs. I would imagine there was no cost to you? Like I said at the Rally, they were taking care of a lot of people.
  15. 1 air leak fixed

    It's more of a personal air leak.... Jacquline's biggest leak is Brad....
  16. 1 air leak fixed

    Is that just an air leak, or one of the many squeaky sounds on this forum!!!!!!
  17. 1 air leak fixed

    I do know of 1 leak that will never stop.....
  18. Horst Miracle Probes

    Tech-Edge iSeries are the current incarnation of the Acu-Gage systems that have been around for many years. Our 1986 Dolphin Class C had a factory installed Acu-Gage monitor setup that used the same MODA foil tape sensor system that the iSeries uses today. The in-tank sensor is new though, and a terrific idea for metal and thick walled tanks.
  19. Horst Miracle Probes

    I'm trying my best not to ....my guess is it will be 40% new.
  20. ERPU questions

    Will do!
  21. Anti-Sway bars

    There are relatively few travel trailer owners that participate in this forum and apparently even less that own or have owned a Hensley hitch or are willing to admit it and share their experiences. I did a search for "Hensley" on another popular RV forum and got 15 pages of hits. Perhaps you would get the information you are seeking by posting your questions on forums frequented by more travel trailer owners.
  22. Little Domes Everywhere

    I've streamed at ~2Mbps 3G speeds and had minimal buffering while watching an Amazon Prime movie with our FireTVstick. The video resolution dropped down, but was still very watchable. We also streamed a hockey game not long ago with our Mobley at 7-8 Mbps with no buffering at all. Where we are now, we're seeing 20-25 Mbps down speeds though, so no problems streaming of course.
  23. No power to rangetop or washer

    I have a 2015 Itasca Ellipse 42QD. This morning I went to make breakfast and had no power to my cooktop. It's an all electric rig. There are two places under the bed in the MBR that have circuit breakers and all look ok. I also checked the two places outside (front and rear drivers side) and all those breakers look ok. I checked the EMS and it said I L-1 was a 3 and L-2 was 120 so I thought that the power coming in from the pedestal may be bad. I turned off shore power and started up the generator. The EMS now read 45 on both legs. The cooktop still would not work. Now I found out that the washer has no power either. The dryer has power. Everything else seems to have power. What am I missing?
  24. Blood testing, PT/INR

    We just did this on our summer trip. Have your Doctor give you or fax the orders to you . look up cardiologist in the area they will ether do the test and send to your cariologist or tell you who in the area will. very easy
  25. D - Ring location

    Al, It doesn't matter to me which system you go with. There is more involved than just tie downs. The idea here is to eliminate costly goofs and questions. Let me know if you want more info. If you do, I can send another batch later this pm. If you have enough, not a problem. Roger D
  26. D - Ring location

    Al, My email is rogerjones218@gmail. com I am going to buy the straps , ditch the hand ratchets, us the binders on my tire chocks and it will work great, just thinking outside of the box, and I still can use the ratchets on my 2" straps that are worn out, or rusted up. Rogetr
  27. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    In Goshen Indiana getting the front jacks replaced then to Elkhart to get Mor/ryde ti check the rubber springs, I have lost 2 of them this year, and it looks like I have 2 more getting ready to go, they are not bonded correctly, rubber is good, just not attached to the metal mounting plates. Then if no bad weather might head to Canton Ohio to see big Al. Roger
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