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  2. lockmup68

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    saw a pic of the support, completely out and not touching the one side. That barge was loaded and moving...
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  4. rm.w/aview

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    Reminds me of a conversation a while back with someone who bought a house for $80K and sold it for $160K. After he told me he made $80K I reminded him about his 30 year loan along with the $700/month mortgage he mentioned. In the end he paid $252K for the house through the payments (couldn't remember the down payment). Depreciation? Cost of ownership? Prolly has a lot to do with perspective as mentioned earlier.
  5. Vegas Teacher

    Its a marathon

    I go to do a walk Through today at 3:30 hope to get my house back up on the rental market by Friday, possibly tomorrow if the Property Management company does a great job for me! I will update tomorrow or maybe later tonight on the condition of the house! Later
  6. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    I kinda like the peace of mind of new...although IME many "new" products are flawed and they don't make 'em like they used to! I've been on the edge of a couple disasters in my time and while it's nice to power the coach it's even better to have one when really needed. Thanks, Az Tex
  7. Darryl&Rita

    Atwood furnace access problem

    I ran into one of those last spring. Like Vern, once it's out, I cobbled together a power source, and propane system. Got it running on the bench. Once re-installed, it ran for about 4 hours, then failed again. The failure was intermittent, but turned out to be a loose wiring connection internal to the unit. The removal/re-installation was enough bumping to mask the problem, as it would fire fine on the bench both times. ETA: It was an internal ground wire connection causing the grief, and I was saved by a manufacturing decision to mount the furnace under a bench seat. Remove the cushion, remove the plywood, and easy access to work.
  8. Darryl&Rita

    Hmm.........Old Goat again, redux

    SolidWorks is addictive. It doesn't take long, and everything you look at has the toolbars to calculate stress vectors, merge views, etc.
  9. jenandjon

    Hmm.........Old Goat again, redux

    WOW thats fancy. I drew my design on the floor with apiece of chalk. LOL
  10. jenandjon

    Progressive insurance cancellation

    I'm in Nebraska. Progressive wouldn't insure me at all. I had to go to State Farm.
  11. SWharton


    I downloaded the app and found the specs for the R2, why the specs aren't put on the website I don't understand. 2G Ram, 16G Storage lu 2TB sd card, Qualcomm Snapdragon 425/1.4 Quad Core Processor, Android Oreo A little light on Ram but for our use acceptable. FYI-Their chat doesn't answer, I waited 5 minutes and no response.
  12. Kirk W

    Some folks you know?

  13. Kirk W

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    Welcome to the Escapee forums! It really doesn't matter what type of RV you buy, the depreciation rate tends to be very close to the same for the early years. My former loan office wife taught me more than most of us want to know about depreciation. In general, the first year of owning any new or near new RV is the biggest hit on depreciation. The reason is that no two of us pay the same price and the range of what is actually paid by consumers is very wide. At the end of the first year, we own an RV the value becomes "book value" form Kelley or NADA and then can be measured more accurately. In general, if you take the current book value of the RV it will decrease by 10% of that current value each year, so a $100K RV will lose $10K in depreciation the first year, $9K the second, $8100 the third, $7390 the third and so on. You are so right that most buyers fail to add the interest they will pay on any load to the actual cost of their RV and yet it is part of the cost. Most of them also fail to look at any authorization schedules for their RV loans and so do not realize that the first part of each payment is applied to interest so in the early years very little is actually applied to the principle of the loan. When you buy a new RV, the vast majority of customers actually end up paying more than the true value of that RV because only the most skilled at bargaining ever get a real bottom line price. That is the reason that the first year value takes such a large hit. No matter what we may buy, if we finance it we pay two costs, the purchase price, and the interest which is the cost of using borrowed money.
  14. I am curious if anyone is having issues with having there furnace repaired if it is a new style Atwood furnace. They models would include afmd in the model listing. This model may be installed in 2015 pr newer units. Just curious ,. Vern
  15. Wrknrvr

    Atwood furnace access problem

    notice the only outer access. Yes the furnace needs removed from the inside to work on it. But that is not the real problem. There seams to be several things that can make it not operated correct . And if you put it back in and it does not work??? Now when I remove a furnace to repair it, I always hook it up to a good 12 vdc power source and a propane system with a regulator independent of the Rv The old style are easy to diagnose and repair. Retirement may be forced upon me with these problems. Vern
  16. Kirk W

    Atwood furnace access problem

    I didn't know that Atwood made a furnace that didn't have outside access. All of the Atwood furnaces that I have owned or worked on did have. For years Suburban furnaces had to be removed to work on them but at least some of their models today have outside access.
  17. SWharton


    Thanks for responding, I appreciate this. Getting any info on this and finding feedback is challenging. This being a little used 2nd phone makes this plan a good back up plan. We believe in having one phone on ATT and one phone on Verizon. We have proven the need for this several times and being able to use it as a hot spot is a bonus. The only question left is the Visible R2, I can't find any info on it but hope it has at least 16G of memory. I need to make up my mind in the next week or so before we start our travels. Thanks
  18. Wrknrvr

    Atwood furnace access problem

    I had a service call yesterday for a new arwood furnace not operating. It only has the exhaust pipe on the outside. No access cover as in the photo. So the furnace has to be removed to do any testing. If there was a access door as in the photo in 5 minutes there could several test completed. That door cost about 50 bucks for the manufacturer to buy from Dometic. The next problem is Atwood has in my option problems with there new style furnaces. They are very similar to the ones they had for a long time. Vern
  19. Kirk W

    Prodigy Brake

    Lemp has given you the right answer. The Prodigy brake controller is one type of brake control of trailer brake systems and I have never seen one that was used for controlling the towing brakes of a towed vehicle. The best way to make sure is to know what brake system you are using for your towed vehicle but it is highly unlikely that you need it. On the other hand, since you really don't know what you are doing, I suggest that you get someone to help as you should not just start cutting wires to take the Prodigy out. I installed a Prodigy in our SUV to use towing our travel trailer and the SUV was pre-wired for a brake control so that It only needed to be mounted and plugged in. Most likely all, all that you need to do is to disconnect the plug from the bottom of the Prodigy and then tie it to something up behind the dash so it is kept out of sight but available if it is ever needed. To the first question, no they won't but you need to know what you have. The Prodigy sends power done one wire in the motorhome wire harness & plug that is there to apply a trailer brake. It probably is not used, but you need to be sure. The plug between your Fit and the motorhome is what supplies power to the lights on the car and if it is used, the signal from the Prodigy. The fact that the Fit was set up for towing when you bought it does not mean that it has any brake when towing. In most cases, people will tell you that a car is setup to tow if it has a base plate installed but that may or may not mean that it has an auxiliary brake system. You Fit surely has brakes or you could not stop when driving but that there must be additional equipment added to the care for the brake to be applied from the motorhome when towing it. The first question you need answered is whether your Fit has an auxiliary brake system at all and if you do what system is it. If it came with a break then you need to make sure that it does not use the signal from the Prodigy(very unlikely that it does) and if not just unplug it and remove it. The Prodigy is not a brake system a control device for trailer brakes or brakes of that type. The Fit only has a way to apply brakes when being towed if someone added that feature when setting it up to tow but that is not a part of the tow bar, base plate, & towing lights which is probably all that it came with. Towing brake systems come from aftermarket companies like the Ready-Brake, Blue Ox Patriot, Brake-Buddy, Roadmaster Invisabrake, or any of several others. You may not have braking on the Fit when towing as just having wires to connect the car to the motorhome does not mean that you do.
  20. Rosita

    Bluegrass Festivals?

  21. Technomadia


    We don't have hands on time with it, but here's our most recent article on it that goes over the plan and drawbacks - the biggest being higher than normal ping times: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-based-visible-40-mo-smartphone-plan-enables-android-compatibility/ I'm actually considering switching to this myself. $40/mo for unlimited Verizon data and hotspot at 5mbps speeds is quite tempting.
  22. mptjelgin

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    RV's are not investments, they are depreciating assets. If you get a great deal of enjoyment from using your RV it is no worse a financial decision than spending money on cars, boats, restaurants, sports events, or whatever floats your boat. Financing an RV makes it even worse as you are paying interest on something that is rapidly decreasing in value, and as you note you may end up owing more that the item is worse.
  23. hamrs_62

    Sales Tax

    with the 24,000 deduction started this year itemized deductions didn't matter with me, the 24,000 was more then what I had figured for my deductions
  24. chirakawa

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    I would say that this is an optimistic statement. Of course, it depends on the original value of the RV.
  25. hamrs_62

    Sales Tax

    you will have to ask a tax pro for your specific retirement, but most the time it is no,
  26. Cat Lady

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    I generally don’t buy new. My latest small class C was 3 years when I bought her and paid cash.I don’t worry about depreciation because I keep a vehicle at least 10 years. My car is a 2002 and still going strong...why buy another? If I have to worry about depreciation, I can’t afford it.
  27. Roadtrek 1

    How do you feel about depreciation?

    It's a sobering statistic, and if you financed your rig over 10 or even 15 years you'll wind up paying almost twice in interest payments while the value of the rig depreciates at such a rapid rate your upside down by the 10th year....Not to mention repairs, maintenance and insurance. I was extremely fortunate to have paid off my rig sooner to avoid all this but the RV still depreciates $5 to $6,000 per year no matter... I'm enjoying the RV for the experience, but, it was certainly not a great financial decision. Oh well, life is not a dress rehearsal and there's no do-over's....I guess you just have to look at these things differently and not worry about it.....
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