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  2. I had a wobble in the steering wheel at 55 mph. I replaced the king pins and all is well now.
  3. When I had a tire come apart and bust a fitting, I took the hose to O’Reilly auto parts and they made the hose while I waited. It was around $60 I believe.
  4. I double tow and am very long. I go from Sacramento down to Arizona annually. I don’t go through scales as my Kenworth is registered as a RV. I get passed by a lot of officers and I pass a lot sitting in the median. No problems yet. If I get a ticket, I will consider it a housing expense as I am a full timer. I have a theory that may be true or wrong. The commercial officers don’t want to mess with us RV’s as there is no money it. This is especially true in those states that need the revenue. The non co recital officers don’t want to stop us because they are not familiar with the commercial laws and don’t know what to do with us. I wa stopped once between Plainview and Lubbock in my home state. His first question was who do you drive for. I brought my book to his suv and showed him my documents that proved I was a Rv and I owned it all. It helped that all three vehicles have the same license plate. He gave me a warning for the rv registration being expired and told me to tell any one else who stopped me that I had received a warning and was on my way to renew the registration. Very pleasant stop over all.
  5. Truckman

    ECR Weighing Setup

    In Florida you should be able to get weighed in Bushnell at the SKP Park there.
  6. I have met many full timers over the years (45) I have been rving, but I have never had a conversation with a full timer that had that attitude.
  7. Send them a copy of your bill and a bill for an hours worth of work from an attorney to high light where in the contract it states that the TV is covered. Not just covered when towing the 5th wheel.
  8. I agree with most that it all depends on where and when. I always try to book, 4th of July, Labor and Memorial Day anywhere ahead of time Thanksgiving and Christmas can be tough down south in warm weather destinations. If you want to guarantee a spot everywhere you go, then book ahead or be able to boondock during those days.
  9. Smitty77_7


    OP - I'm not a testing member of the group you referenced. But I do sincerely believe that quality of the construction, choice of materials, counters, flooring, fixtures, dual pane vs single pane, insulation, etc., etc., etc. - Does lean towards a higher quality, future up the food chain, RV/Trailer/Fiver/Class C/Class B, etc. - RV, would yield a better overall experience for long term full timing. An example. We had a 1999 Fleetwood T-28 Bounder, on a F53 chassis. It kept us dry, it took us to some remarkable places, it was small enough to get to most places. It was not, after about $3-4K of suspension upgrades - a comfortable long day driver. (We did, when needed, 11 hours + of driving in that coach. But admit, after 7-8 hours, including breaks, we were tired and sore form the ride. Inside living was OK for short periods of time, and yep - we were younger then too! But after about 2-3 weeks, that RV got small, the combo shower and restroom sharing even among just the two of us - got old. The RV, with regular care and loving maintenance never left us stranded. But, we nick named her 'Rattle and Roo (Bounder mascot is a Kangaroo:)!)' for a reason. (We bought her with about 50K miles on her, and sold her with 87K on her.) She was not good in cold weather. She was not good in hot weather. Her tanks were small. He amenities and refrigerator were small - and yep, we still remember her fondly - but, she was not a great coach for full timing. We do like our current coach, and do feel we have adequate space, carrying capacity, hot/cold weather capabilities, tanks are fine, much (Much!) better construction, components, materials, livability space, etc. Our coach is not at the top of the pecking order of high end coaches. But it is well built, with good materials and components. We choose it due to the KISS approach of easier and simpler systems - but still with we feel superior attention to detail in design, construction, and chassis that provides a very solid foundation. First determine budget, and leave reserve funds for making a coach your coach, as well as the unexpected:)! Go kick many tires, sit in many coaches, and get a list of Must Have's and Nice to Have's. Get down to a short list of makes/models/years that you feel fit your lists of key items, and relative budget. I'm personally in favor for full timing in an RV, with DP's, with higher CCC, and space. BUT I've seen some very good quality Gas Class A's too. Yes, the chassis of either Workhorse or old GM, or Ford F53's - will usually never come close to a DP chassis. But, if our expected usage is to go to a location and stay for a few months at a time - gasser vs DP is not as important - as long as it is a good but gas Class A (And the do exist!!!) That being said. Don't be afraid to drop years to remain within budget, and buy the highest quality RV that you can. Quality lasts. And higher quality, usually comes in a DP:)! Get your list of what you feel is the one's you're interested in. Then go do your shopping. And most important. Stay true to what is important to you. It does not really matter what I, or other posters think - it's going to be you living, driving, maintaining - whatever you end up buying and living with. So it's what's important to you. That's just mu opinion, and as I say - my opinion does not matter - it's your opinion(s) that matters... Best to you, and all, Smitty
  10. Possibly, but those that stay at Fishing Bridge want hookups so they'll probably stay outside the park to get them.
  11. some picture wmson3250@gmail.com
  12. Yep, all they can do is say no, which loses nothing other than time.
  13. Sorry Derek, I somehow had 2 tabs open for this thread, I was editing one in tab while you replied on the other, my bad. I agree with you, spend $35 for a magnet when the entire backing plate assy is $90 is a no-brainer for me too.
  14. Ray beat me to the wiring diagrams. If your magnets are weak, or the brake shoes are worn, don't piecemeal it. It is far cheaper to buy complete backer plated and magnet, shoes, springs etc. About $90 each. Don't forget to check if they have adjuster screws to manually adjust them. Here are examples of all new assemblies: https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/towing-hitches-jacks-chassis/wheels-brakes/electric-trailer-brake_96-7002 https://www.bing.com/search?q=troubleshootung+ele%3Atric+fifth+wheel+brakes&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR
  15. Part time. Some years 6 months on the road, others 8. Have wanted to sell the house, but Joan wanted a place for the holidays. Then we had a health issue hit us. Still waiting, but surgery on the horizon and then some rehab before we can hit the road again. Nice to have a fall back for a place more assessable. Once this is behind us, we’re back on the road. I expect we will downsize though keeping a “just in case place”.
  16. The break-away system grounds through the trailer onboard wiring. Poor/inadequate brake wiring is by far the most common cause of poor braking. Many trailer mfgrs IMO use too-small wire gauge and inadequate connectors. Keep in mind over 80% of all 12V issues are the result of a poor/missing ground. Rather than duplicate, I refer you to this website for proper wiring and wire size. All the above assumes your magnets are in good working order, if they are worn beyond limits, or fail electrical testing, replace them before digging into brake wiring.
  17. There is a thread on irv2.com from a couple who put their MH with a rental company. They explain in detail why that was a bad decision. Question, would you lend your MH to a neighbor who has never been in any type RV before if they asked? If your answer is no, you just answered your own question.
  18. Fishing bridge FHU cg in Yellowstone is closed this year for upgrades, this will make finding a Yellowstone RV site difficult.
  19. These should work too, same spec spring
  20. jkoenig24

    ECR Weighing Setup

    The Escapees RV Club HQ in Livingston, TX used to have the SmartWeigh service available. You might give them a call if you'll be anywhere close (888-757-2582).
  21. First hand account. I was stopped in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We were not cited but did have to disconnect the toad as we were 83' long. Michigan does allow double towing but the length limit at the time was 70'. Double towing is an option for the state your are in not your registration state. Likewise, overall length is a function of the state you are in, not your registration state. For the record we double towed for 10 years and that was the only time stopped. We were only 65' without the toad and that is the RV limit in most states. So dropping the toad was always a simple option for us.
  22. NeverEasy

    Bumber Pull Hitch

    I used a hitch off a '84 Chevy 3/4 ton truck that I junked. It is a heavy duty hitch rated at 1600 lbs tongue weight/15,000 lbs towing. The side plates were bolted to the cross bar. Those came off and were given to RandyA. I cut some 1/2 inch plate to replace it with enough drop to make the hitch a reasonable height. As I remember, it had to be made narrower so it all got welded instead of reusing the bolt-on setup. The receiver sits on a 2 x 4 thick walled rectangular tube cross-member for additional support.
  23. jkoenig24

    Bumber Pull Hitch

    Are you going to be at the ECR? If so, check out Steve Dixon's rig. He a "bumper pull".
  24. Chuck

    Bumber Pull Hitch

    I had one custom done for $800.00 and some change. Lights and 7 pin were already set up. Also, consider a Gen Y hitch, or some equivalent, for a tow behind due to the relatively light pin weights.
  25. We have the old system, both coasts, DNS. I personally thought maybe since the AT&T takeover and folks calling the FCC filing complaints, Direct figured maybe they better get their house in order in case of an audit or if the Feds started nosing around. We very rarely even have contact with them. I believe the last time was 3 years ago when our box went belly up in Island Park, ID.
  26. We have East and West coast and haven't received the notice.
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