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  2. What TXiceman said is correct, based on GVWR.... the GVWR of my truck on the door sticker is 14k... what it "could" weigh fully loaded. As others said I could take 15-foot, 30,000 lb rated trailer completely empty and it would qualify while my 9800 rated, 33-foot travel trailer does not. Since I already has my appointment scheduled I went to try it, and yeah they kicked me out because my combined weight didn't qualify. So, I'll just have to schedule it for soon after I take delivery of the new rig.
  3. I've been using Visible primarily as a backup data hotspot for several months now, and I joined their "Party Plan" shortly after it was announced. Visible normally costs $40/mo for unlimited talk, text, and data, with no throttling, just tower prioritization, but if you join a "Party" with three other people, your bill drops $5/mo for each member, down to $25/mo. Each party member gets their own account and billing, and all each member knows about the others is their first names and the last four digits of their Visible phone number. The other members of my party are complete strangers to me as far as I know. I found the party I joined on Reddit.
  4. I just got set a link to the new Visible Group Phone Plan. Anyone heard of it and know anything about it?
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  6. There was a family in the Kansas community where I grew up that had that experience with the result that their 9 or 10 month old baby did not survive. Each year there are several infants and elderly that succumb to influenza. The same for me. And I also do my best to avoid those who choose not to be vaccinated if I know. I believe that qualifies as trolling, just trying to start something. You may want to read the forum guidelines again.
  7. I use a SmartDry, but it is only for the dryer and not the washer. Works though. Been thinking about putting a Shelly 1 on the washer but there isn't really a timer terminal or wire that switches when it shuts off on its own. I might put it on the blue motor-hi wire and it'll send a notification on spin cycle. That'll probably be close enough.
  8. Boondockers Welcome is another resource for private land camping.
  9. For the new owner.... Put an ET head on it and continue on.... And Steve can do the new hitch head install... He was there for my swap. Or I was at his shop....
  10. In 2015 we lost a driver side steer in Nashville on I-40. It was momentarily exciting.... then expensive for Loves to do a roadside call.
  11. Yes - apply power momentarily is the correct reaction to a flat steer moccasin. Well done Pete. A Toyo rep may want to look over the remains if you contact a Toyo HDT tire dealer. My new trucks were delivered with Bridgestone or Michelin steer tires. Both companies took causes of steer tire sudden air loss very seriously on the rare occasion it happens. They sometimes offered a customer a policy deal on replacement depending on circumstances.
  12. HDT 1995 Kenworth T600 Click For Full-Size Image. Only way to remove lug nuts without power tools. Plus helps to have your 6ft6" son along to do the work.
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  14. I suspect if there was a market for them, the RV rental companies would be offering a toad option...
  15. Over the recent Xmas and New Year's holiday period both my wife and I caught some virus that knocked us on out for over two weeks each. Its was an upper respiratory infection but we couldn't shake it. Just before New Years we went to our doctor who put my wife on antibiotics. She let me get better on my own, without help. The flu was supposed to have been bad in TX over the same period We didn't run fevers so we can't claim to have had it. ButIMO it's possible that we had an "attenuated" version of the flu because we both had had flu shots back in September. We'll never know for sure. All I can say is that we're current on both pneumonia vaccines, both shingles ones, measles and whooping cough (ir was rampant in the PNW when we were there). We'd rather be safe than sorry.
  16. You are correct, there isn't a company . Could be an interesting niche business - Renting cars (e.g. jeep wrangler) modified to be flat towed.
  17. That certainly doesn't indicate cause and effect. Allergies have also become much more prevalent since the advent of cellular phones, personal computers, the internet, electric cars, and Space-X. Not to mention thousands of other inventions and practices. Doesn't mean that one has anything to do with the other.
  18. Howdy! One of the biggest problems I saw before I retired was sick people coming to work, sending sick children to school and even workers bringing sick children to work because the the school had sent them home. Iā€™m sure is still happening because my grandchildren sick every year. ā€ Happy Trails ā€œ Chiefneon
  19. I'm trying to contact Norcold , but , no luck , so far . In the mean time , I tested the main board door connections voltage with the doors closed : 4.95 volts . And , from that^ point , I tested continuity of the switch circuit : that 'circuit' passes 13.6 volts and sounds the continuity beeper loud and clear .
  20. As already said, the rental toad would need to equipped with a base plate and possibly light wiring, even if a portable auxiliary brake system like the Brake Buddy, etc., is used. I don't know of any rental company that rents towing equipped cars.
  21. Toad Rental - If you have a 2" receiver and a 6 or 7 pin trailer plug on your RV you are almost there. You need to add a brake monitor wire to the RV to monitor the auxiliary brake and trigger an alarm if the breakaway switch is activated. I had this done to my RV at Camping World. About 1 hour of labor and some small parts. This works with the Ivisbrake3 system I have on my Jeep, which is one of the best auxiliary braking systems.
  22. At age ten I caught the Asian flu and was out of school for an entire month. For most of that time I have no memory because I was too sick to know I was sick. I've been told my mother and both brothers also became sick and recovered during that time so Dad had to take off work to care for us. I have no memory of that, either. What I do remember is being bedded down on the sofa bed which had been moved right next to the bathroom and being hot but made to stay under the covers anyway. And that my entire class wrote me get well letters when I was finally recovering. I never want to be that sick again. Flu vaccine? Yes, please. Linda Sand
  23. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I didn't say we shouldn't get a flu shot, or that they're not effective. I said that my wife and I have had a life full fo contact with other peoples germs,yet have remained pretty healthy. I suggested that perhaps many small doses of germs lets our immune systems work to our advantage. I'm glad we live in an age where we have the ability to get flu shots, if we choose to. But it's also our right to decline. I have spent a life time working in one of the most dangerous occupations out there, agriculture. I have never had a broken bone or other major injury. I like to believe it's because I've taken steps to identify and avoid, or at least mitigate, risks. Vaccinations are a tool we can use as such. Or not. Just to stir the pot........allergies have become much more prevalent since the advent of vaccinations.
  24. Was dancing around a fire or animal sacrifices involved in any of this?
  25. If you'll hover your mouse cursor over their username, then click on "Message", you can send them a private message explaining your interest.
  26. When many of us here were children in the 1950's, it was common for entire families, neighborhoods, and communities to get the measles in one season or two, mumps almost as commonplace. Then schools started requiring vaccination for them and they were almost eradicated in the USA. In the past 20 years or so, people have quit getting their kids vaccinated............and measles is making a comeback. I'd rather be one of the very few who have a reaction to a vaccine and get sick than one of the many who don't get vaccinated and get sick. Three hundred million people (300,000,000) died from smallpox in the 20th century alone. Thanks to vaccination, that disease has been eradicated from Earth. As a young child, I remember living in fear of Polio. All the telethons and visuals of people being in iron lungs and crippled from that terrible disease. I remember to this day how happy I was when they started serving up the sugar cubes with the vaccine in it. How can anyone rationally argue against vaccines? Their track record is phenomenal.
  27. This is not what it means at all. What it means is that comparing a group of people who did get the flu shot to a group of people who did not, the group with the flu shot saw 29% less flu. This is a far cry from stating that 71% of those vaccinated developed the flu.
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