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  2. Vegas Teacher

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    What school district I love the idea.
  3. OregonJim

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    Another option is to just save the Jeep for later when you have a MH. Find a small used pickup to tow your TT with until you retire.
  4. And that is the reason for the link that I posted to get a copy of the manual. Far less difficult to share the manual as compared to an amateur attempt to explain how it works. That would have been my advice, had it not been for the fact that you indicated it failed sometime before this all began. The constant cool when it detects a shorted thermistor is there because the designers believe that frozen vegetables are a better choice that thawed out tilapia.
  5. Lance A Lott

    When does a tow dolly become a trailer?

    I decided to look up the Vermont defanition. Looks to me like a double dolly would be a trailer in Vt, 51) "Single-axle tow dolly" is a vehicle towed by a self-propelled motor vehicle and designed and used exclusively to transport another self-propelled motor vehicle which shall not be required to be registered and upon which the front or rear wheels of the towed self-propelled motor vehicle are mounted, while the other wheels of the towed self-propelled motor vehicle remain in contact with the ground. These vehicles shall not be subject to registration or titling nor shall they be treated as a separate vehicle when used in combination with another vehicle. They shall be subject to equipment safety requirements.
  6. Kirk W

    Fitting our fifth inside

    That only gives you 2"of clearance even if the specified height is accurate. It sounds like you may have a height that doesn't account for the air conditioner. I would start by getting an accurate height of the trailer.
  7. Lance A Lott

    When does a tow dolly become a trailer?

    I remember reading yearsss ago that California considers a tow dolly and car as double towing. I have no way of knowing if that was correct then or now. I am sure some one will have the corect answer.
  8. rickeieio

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    Cory, Is there a vocational school associated with your school? Reason I ask, my oldest grandson is taking diesel mechanics as a junior, and he can work on trucks. Might be worth a shot.......
  9. Kirk W

    Transfer switch?

    The transfer device should be in good condition after 4 years of use, but if it has ever been abused you could have burned contacts or you could also have some loose wires. The generator should never be started with shore power connected and any large loads in operation. If starting the generator you need to turn off all major loads like air conditioners, microwave, electric heaters, and things of that nature or you can do major damage to the transfer contacts and also the things that you are operating.
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  11. Tropical36

    What brand?

    We chose to stay away from entry level models and the pre recession and advanced emission control years, while at the same time, staying within our budget. Must haves were.... 1 1/2 baths Opposing living area slides Side radiator Cat engine not later than 06 was preferable
  12. rollindowntheroad

    Travel Trailer questions and your thoughts needed...

    I have another 5 years before I retire. Thought it would be nice to get a little travel trailer and test out the waters before I dive deep into a motor home and full time.
  13. Lou Schneider

    When does a tow dolly become a trailer?

    I've seen tow dollies that can carry one or two motorcycles, an ATV or a golf cart on a platform ahead of the dolly pan that supports the trailing car. At what point does a tow dolly legally become a trailer, making the car a second trailer double-towed behind it? Is it carrying cargo on the dolly (a motorcycle, etc)? Or is it if you enclose that cargo in a box? How about if you raise the box to standup height so you can walk in alongside when you're loading and unloading the motorcycle? Or if you lengthen the box to 10 or 12 ft. for a little more room, keeping the car dolly platform at the rear? This is a serious question as most of the motorcycle carrying dollies I've seen use a ball hitch like a standard dolly to connect to the motorhome, while many states that allow double towing require a fifth wheel hitch as the primary connection. I'm interested in doing something like this but I'd like to stay on the right side of the law. Where is the dividing line between a tow dolly and a trailer?
  14. sandsys

    AZ LTVA permits now available online

    "La Posa LTVA - Tyson Wash Contact Station" That's located in the BLM area just south of Quartzsite on the west side of HWY 95 . So, coming from I-10 it would be a right hand turn. Coming from Yuma it would be a left hand turn. Any size rig can go there and turn around, if desired, to come right back out with no problem. Linda Sand
  15. sandsys

    Buying Advice

    As is my usual method I looked first at the floor plan. I much prefer the Lance for two reasons. 1. the seats face the TV which is important to Dave and me. 2. There are counter tops on each side of the sink which greatly improves the ability to wash dishes. However, the ORV can have counter on each side of the sink if you leave the cover on the right hand sink. The ORV has much greater capacities but that makes me wonder if it has less sturdy construction. Hopefully you can find that out as you tour them tomorrow. Linda Sand
  16. Wrknrvr

    These Ain't No Holiday Lights

    Those lights look really good in that position. I did this on our truck at the top of the ramps. they were twe old lights off the back of the truck when I bought it. Now they a led lights. I did not expect anything different when they were installed. But I guess the height of the light does get the drivers attention. So they do work for those last drivers that do not care. If not then turn the steering wheel to show it to them. Thanks for your idea,. Vern
  17. Pappy Yokum

    Roadside assistance

    As I was reading thru the choices.....I was wondering *where* are the (few) HDT owners who tow horse trailers?? Even w/out hay burners, US Rider is a class act! When I had some questions about coverage, I not only received an E-mail reply - but also a USPS reply with an offer to talk to the lady in charge (not a sales person, or dispatcher)....which I did. As you (should) know many horse owners tow with MDTs and HDTs - so they are "tuned in" to what you have. They will tow *whatever* you are driving - and/or towing. YOU just have to be there.. Only ERS that will tow a trailer with live animals. NO hay burner ownership (or transporting same) req'd. And another kudos: My "backup" is American Motorcyclist Assoc (:AMA:) It's a ditto to the above - (whatever you are driving or towing) $50 a year....but limited to 35 mile tow. NO M/C ownership or MCs "on board" required. Only (AMA) requirement is have your membership auto deducted from your CC, and of course - you will receive the monthly AMA mag. When I was HDT searching, I called the AMA to ask about HDTs *inc'l* tandem. The gal I spoke to was great - but was not sure about one or the other (forget which now) - so she gave me the number for the parent company for theri ERS plan (ALL the ERS plans have one). I was pretty surprised at that - but did not follow up on her offer (NO HDT - either single or tandem)......but YES I do have AMA also. I've been around long enough to have had both GS & CN - but fortunately, never had to use *any* of my choices for ERS. Bottom line - check out US Rider & AMA. - talking is cheap (free).!!
  18. Vegas Teacher

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    Mr. Eagle being a school teacher, in the science department I have the opportunity to talk to the physics teacher and get his help on conversions on stuff like that. Yes my driver was measured in, inch pounds however to give an apples to apples comparison I had him help me convert inch pounds to foot pounds. Now I know what many are thinking right now............. What he is at a school which probably has an auto shop program and an auto shop teacher (yes we do) why doesn't he ask that shop teacher for use of the equiptment or have the auto shop kids get some hands on experience on his truck. It would cost him a lot less if it was for educational experiences anyway. Well yes I did think of that and yes I did and ask and yes I did hope that it would work out that way but........... NO was the answer. O.S.H.A. says absolutely not. I thought they could change out my brakes and shocks - NOPE! OSHA will not let high school kids work anywhere near the air brake systems, and will not let them get near the truck in general. I also can't take school equiptment home or work on a Semi in the school shop, it is just not easy. I do understand, rules are in place to protect every body. Also for some odd reason our auto shop teacher did not want to lose his job, go figure. LOL, he is a good person though, I do go to him for advice on stuff and his opinion on tools just like I ask on the forum, it is fun to compare answers. I guess that is my science background coming out. Later, Cory O
  19. aunut

    Transfer switch?

    Thanks. It's in storage now and I'll open the box asap. By the way, it 's a Progressive Dynamics in a 2014 Winnie Vista.
  20. Lou Schneider

    Tandem Tow Dolly - $2500

    - deleted -
  21. We cut the cord. We had Dish Network for about 8 years and its a wonder I don't have an ulcer. That is the most frustrating company in the world to work with and I cannot imagine Direct TV is any better. We have the Razor HD antenna on the DRV and it pulls in quite a bit of programming. However, there are those shows you just want to watch as if you were at home. We bought an AT&T hotspot (unlimited) to go along with out laptop. We have comcast (xfinity - excuse me) for our TV/Internet/Phone at home so I use their website to view programming through the laptop. Just hook your HDMI cable up to the laptop and the TV and you have the stuff you want to watch. However, their are those programs like local network news and, in our case, Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals baseball that you can only watch on your home wifi. Solution for that is to install a Remote Desktop app on your home computer and laptop. You set up your home computer as the remote computer and no matter where you are -- and because I have the hotspot which gives me a good wifi signal, you can remotely connect to your home computer from your laptop. Once on your home computer just click your comcast Icon and watch your local programming and then everyone thinks you are sitting right there in your living room. Works like a champ. Satellite was good but Streaming is the future. Any programs you have saved using your DVR at home you can watch them through your laptop setup. It may be a little confusing but now I don't have to talk to Dish Network and explain to them I want to change my service address and NOT my billing address. Enjoy the road. We do. Bigdon68
  22. LostSoul

    Need help on coolant loss

    Although I never noticed my fluid level changing I was getting a small amount of antifreeze in my oil as tested at each change. My problem was oil coolers. Replaced them both.
  23. KnoxSwift


    Yup. That's what I figured... I will still follow this topic as I am all about boondocking Big or small.
  24. SuiteSuccess


    Chet, Will definitely get you in the lineup. Drop me an email and we will get together on time needed etc.
  25. SuiteSuccess


    Haha, appreciate the offer but trying to keep it at our rally to someone with experience that is doing it in an HDT which is more applicable to our group. Thanks anyway.
  26. KnoxSwift


    So this is in the HDT section, are you only interested in speakers with HDT? (As pointed out by Glenn and BL) I'm not sure you'd want to here from us little camper guys?? LOL
  27. Roger & Lynn

    The Class-less Class

    Not sure yet. Would sure like to. Will let you know if we do. Right now I've got some doctor stuff to tend to before the end of the year. Hit that high deductible...yippee. Took out a cataract in the left eye last week. After reading about the great results from the group I thought I'd give it a try. Because I have glaucoma, they also put in a stint to relieve pressure. Boy, howdy it sure smarted that first day but got much better the next. R
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