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  2. Pulled the triger

    Awesome! Looking forward to your updates.
  3. Rats crawling into my engne

    Did you consider filing a claim with your insurance company? Rodent damage is often covered under your comprehensive coverage. Lenp
  4. There is a lot of stuff to think about. I have done what you are talking about. As someone mentioned you need to check the weights of what the pickup can do. There is the load capacity the truck can haul and mine had a lower capacity for camper.....around 1,000 pounds less. Look for a sticker in the glove box for camper weights. If you buy a new truck the boxes are narrower than the older ones. I have a 2016 Chevy 3500 diesel. A lot of the older campers are too wide to fit. I had good luck with S&S. The one in the pic is a '94. If the camper hangs too far off the end of the box, you are going have to buy a hitch extension. The extension is going to lower your towing weight and hitch weight. My camper is 9.5 ft and weighed 2,800 lbs. I found a 24ft enclosed trailer with a 5 ft hitch, moved the jack back and was able to tow it without an extension. I hauled my wife's '64 Mustang, along with a bunch of other stuff from Arizona to Alaska last March. The truck had more than enough power it easily handled the load. There wasn't a hill between AZ and AK where I couldn't do the speed limit. The only thing that slowed me down were the curves.
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  6. Hello and Happy Holidays to all! Bill and I just posted a list of wish-list items all RVers will love that you can share with your friends and family! There is something for everyone and every budget - from a $5 water bandit to a $98 dash cam to a $528 5th Wheel tool box! Let us know in the comments if you think we forgot anything! https://bkamericanodyssey.com/2017/12/08/12-days-of-rv-christmas-gift-ideas/
  7. Wheel Torque Indicators

    ...but they are so ugly.
  8. Wheel Torque Indicators

    Neat...thanks for posting.
  9. Rats crawling into my engne

    Just ordered these from Amazon, I intended to use both on the RV, but now you guys have me thinking I'll use one strand down the middle of the RV, and another under where the TV sits. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J198CDW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Skylight or not

    Yes I have.
  11. Skylight or not

    Sounds like you have made your decision.

    I just suck out and replace the brake fluid in the reservoir and doing this 2-3 times over a couple week period will gets 85% of the fluid replaced. I know that bleeding the brakes is the best method, but changing the reservoir fluid is a whole lot easier. The brake fluid will thoroughly mix in the brake system contrary to what some people may claim.
  13. Skylight or not

    My skylight is rather large. 2 fantastics might fill hole. I want roof flat there though
  14. Skylight or not

    I removed our sky light in the shower and installed a base level Fantastic fan (no reverse or remote). It still lets in the light and the fan sucks out any moisture 5 min after the shower is done, leaving the glass door and walls dry. The fan was a direct drop in for our Cameo fifth wheel. Power is from the O/H shower light. Greg
  15. Skylight or not

    Not really. Build frame inside, plywood, luan, roof , etherbond edges.
  16. You sure got all your ducks in a row. Congratulations!!!!
  17. Skylight or not

    Painted ours black - too much light in the bedroom, shower has a light of its own ,would not have another given the choice.

    Mine working great and only used top bleeder.
  19. This a great little car and I would do a "buy it now" for an escapees member for 5000.00 309-657-0061 The Smart is located in Corona California right now and is plates in Montana https://m.ebay.com/itm/2005-Smart-Fortwo-CDI-Diesel/253303191847

    Another great way is to hook up a line to the master cylinder fill area to a pressurized bottle of fluid, then open up each of the bleeder valves, one at a time, from front to rear, and it will be done! Yes, all wheels have to come off, and you must remember to bleed both sides of the caliper. So if you just use your Big Foot, or even Lippert leg system to lift trailer, it really goes fast. I would still have someone pump the brake pedal, but may not be needed. I don't remember well when my friend did mine.
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  22. Nicely done. It's great when things work out in your favor.
  23. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    Carl, you are considering what Alie and I had planned on the Carrilite. Except we already had the dishwasher. Since it was our home, we considered upgrading what was paid, instead of a payment on a new unit. (we ended up with a payment anyway.....)

    Vacuum bleed exactly as you did is the most efficient way to bleed hydraulic brakes. You of course must monitor the master cylinder to never uncover the port.
  25. Smith Point County Park, Long Island

    Check out Cathedral Pines. Much closer than Smith Point, and much easier to get into. They have some sites with electric. Do you have a bathroom in the Sprint? http://suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/Parks/OurParks/CathedralPinesCountyPark.aspx Or wildwood state park is close to there too.
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