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  2. I think that will depend heavily on what kind of meat you start with and how long you cook it. Several times we've cooked chuck roast in the sous vide (~24 hours) and it comes out so tender that you could tell your guests that it was prime rib and might well be able to fool quite a few of them. I think a lot of people use the shortest possible safe cooking time for their sous vide meals without considering that cooking a bit longer will make the final result more tender. For example, tonight I'm going to cook a ~1 pound pork tenderloin. It would probably be safe to eat after ~2 hours, but I will cook it at least 3 to get the tenderness we like.
  3. The link says "reservations until Sept 30". For a lot of forest service campgrounds that only means first come, first serve after that date. Call to make sure.
  4. We used public parks all the time with our 40' motorhome and had no problems..... out west. However, we have done state parks and Corp of Engineer parks in the midwest and south east with no problem either. I can tell you that a 26' trailer in the West would have no issues, whatsoever. Since you're in the east I suggest you look at the web sites of some favorite parks that you would go and see what size their sites are. If you got the 22' I think you might be sorry since you like the 26' now.
  5. In reading the "comments" below this 'long recipe' some folks noted that the beef was tough. I'll be interested in your take after making this and what kind of beef you used. https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/beef-bourguignon
  6. Many websites sell compartment door sealing gaskets, just pick your type.
  7. Got signed in/up finally. I received my 20 digit verification code by snail-mail Friday. Each individual at the same address may use the verification code-up to 5 people, to create their own mail hold or informed delivery.
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  9. Thanks, Joel. That sounds really easy and delicious.... And a good reason to buy one of those gadgets. Hopefully I'll have time soon to try it out. Jay
  10. It just doesn't seem to offer the kind of versatility that I would be looking for, but I am sure a good option for some. I'm not real crazy about sticking something electric into a big tub of water. This article explores the pros and cons: https://www.busyinbrooklyn.com/tag/sous-vide-pros-and-cons/
  11. tyates007


    Hope all turns out well Glenn
  12. I will post photos after I load utv.
  13. Not being as comfortable is a predictor of not enjoying your travels. I suggest you go for perfect. Linda
  14. I usually put rib rub on the meat before it goes into the bag. Once you have finished cooking you could sear the racks under a broiler or on a grill. Quite honestly, we usually eat them just the way they come out of the bag. They are so moist and tender they don't need anything else IMO. I used to use a slow cook oven recipe for ribs, but the sous vide results are more consistent and require absolutely no "fiddling" with anything.
  15. Actually, if you're looking for alternatives to a microwave, it sounds like you do have a use for a microwave. 😁
  16. I pull a 33 foot tt and a 42 foot living quarters gooseneck horse trailer, I have parked the tt in many sights made for much smaller trailers. Some times I have had to unhitch and park cross ways in front. Go for the 26. The horse trailer can be harder but I have never been turned away because of size. I am a very confident parker and my wife is excellent at guiding. State parks are smaller than private ones most of the time.
  17. We are looking to buy our first camping trailer. I am not worried about what I can tow, but I am worried that too large a trailer will limit the places we can camp. We have found a 26 foot trailer that is perfect for us. But we have also found a 22 footer that would work, it would just not be as comfortable. After a tent camping trip the past two weeks where we went to Acadia National Park, Camden State Park (ME) and High Point State Park (NJ), I am concerned that a 26 foot trailer may lock us out of some campgrounds. What do you think?
  18. That sounds great! Is there a way to do a rub with that process to get a nice "bark" on the ribs? I've made delicious ribs on the grill, but they're so time consuming that's it's almost not worth it. Thanks, Jay
  19. When I considered dropping TC for a year I called customer service and asked about it. They assured me that I could drop in and out of the program. Saved me some money this year.
  20. It is a National Forest Campground. Here is a link. Like many of the Forest Service campgrounds in Utah, it closes. Looks like it may close Sept. 30.
  21. Devils Canyon campground is near Montecello Utah. I think it is a national forest campground. Look it up on the web. It is a gravel road headed west of the main highway. Plenty of room to drive and not far of the main road. The campground is paved and has maybe 6 site I could fit in at 73'. Open and closes according to weather. Good local place to use as a base. Well someone ordered snow for us next Saturday. So I need to get stuff done to leave. Safe Travels,. Vern
  22. All that water came thru the door seal.
  23. I cut about a 2 foot area of bottom. Water holding in there. Drained. I propered it open and put a high velosity fan blowing in it. This fan will sweep a floor its so strong. It is a strafoam bottom with fiberglass insulation.
  24. I think that if the parks spent their money on maintenance and park improvements that it would go a lot further. They need to stop adding land until they catch up on the maintenance backlog. And some improvements would generate revenue in my opinion, like converting campgrounds to FHU and charging higher camping fees. And adding more campgrounds. To get this done they need to kill those irrational environmental and archaeological studies that they do before every minor improvement. Like requiring those studies before they run a new sewer line under an existing road to a bathroom. That was reported by one park management company. And that killed the bathroom fix. Some return of lands to the states would also make sense, I'm talking about BLM and NF lands not parklands. A look of the history of Yellowstone would show why giving that to the states would be a mistake. But lots of BLM and NF land is just leased out to ranchers. Why do they need federal protection to do that?
  25. Is the trailer going to be completed for you to make the Rally in Hutchinson? ShortyO
  26. The Trails Collection is such a valuable benefit, I'd be reluctant to let it lapse. There is always the possibility they will close it to new campers and roll it over for existing participants. If I don't find a great lifetime contract, I'll let my 4 year contract rollover automatically (automatic renewal for 1 year at a time from here on out)...here is how that will look based on current published pricing... 1st Zone $585 2nd Zone $ 54 TC $214 Total $853 / 12 $71.08 per month (Right now I am paying $51.89 with the 4 year Hershey deal). (You can only do that once). One thing I really like about the current arrangement is that it will be year to year with no lifetime commitment. Also, the 7 days out forces me to explore state parks, do a little boondocking etc.
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