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  2. Not yet, but very possible. I got offered a voluntary early retirement before this all started, comes with a nice check that will pay for a new TV and 5th wheel. Ordered the 5th wheel with small down payment, expected it to be delivered in early June. Check comes end of April when I was going to buy the new F350. We were planning to get rid of the house in April-May and move into a park model we own. that park is typically open late April to Oct. As a result of Covid-19 will there be any F350s in stock to buy and if I have to order will I have it before Oct? Will we get the trailer in July or Oct? Will the park open for us to move into the park model? So bottom line we need to have truck and trailer and be on the road mid Oct or we will have no place to stay. If fortune smiles on us, the park will open in May, I'll find a truck to buy in early May and we will get our 5ver in July or August.
  3. 2005 Chev Kodiak 4500 Fifth Wheel Hauler 58,000 miles $40,000 This well maintained truck is in great condition and ready to haul a fifth wheel. Duramax engine. Allison transmission B&W hitch Back up camera 2 stock diesel tanks PLUS another auxiliary 50+/- gallon diesel tank. Comfortable leather seats
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  5. Yep, that’s what our hospital did, gas sterilization for most things. However, in the inner cores of most operating suites a good old autoclave is always present for any instrument that gets contaminated and is essential for an operation.
  6. That's not unusual. It's worth checking into if your local park is closed. Linda Sand
  7. Yes , we are aware ^^ . And , thanks for affirmations from both Twotoes and Linda . .
  8. Ethylene Oxide is what plastics including masks would be sterilized with or gamma Steve
  9. More proof that things change faster than we can keep up with them. We can all post what we last read but, if you need to know for sure, you should go directly to the source since no one can keep lists like this one up to date in these odd times. Linda
  10. Be sure your overnight is in the same county as your mail forwarder and that, if there are two of you, both names are on the receipt. Linda
  11. Just a dumb old country boy here but would zapping a cloth mask (dry or damp) in a microwave for a period of time do the trick?
  12. Jim, Following up on your thoughts. Autoclaves and Dry Heat Sterilizers Autoclaves sterilize tools by using high levels of heat and pressure. They kill all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and even spores. Typically, autoclaves run at a temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty (30) minutes. US FDA registered dry heat sterilizers sterilize by using high levels of dry heat. Just like autoclaves, dry heat sterilizers kill all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. Because they sterilize by using heat alone, dry heat sterilizers need more time to sterilize than autoclaves. Due to these high temperatures, dry heat sterilizers may not be appropriate for all multi-use tools, such as those with plastic or rubber parts. You must operate your dry heat sterilizer at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for sixty (60) minutes in order to sterilize tools. For more information in both English and Vietnamese about how to correctly operate a dry heat sterilizer, Contrary to popular belief, UV boxes do not sterilize tools. A UV box will only keep tools clean if they have already been properly sterilized prior to being stored inside the UV box. Bacteria and other organisms can still grow on tools that were not properly sterilized when the tools are placed in a UV box. Tools do not become sterilized through placement in a UV box. Instead, use can cause the unintentional spread of infections from client to client. Because of these risks, the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have banned the use of UV boxes. Boston requires the use of autoclaves and/or US FDA registered dry heat sterilizers, which sterilize multi-use tools when usEd. WORD OF CAUTION! Masks are paper products and could catch fire in an autoclave or similar instrument. So if you were relegated to using an Instapot would definitely set up outdoors.
  13. About 25 years ago had a chance to buy a little autoclave for dental instruments that was being replaced. Like so many things had no use for it at the time. I should have been like one of our HDTers who bought an old school house in Ohio and renovated it to live in. He buys up lots of “stuff” because it might be useful in the future.
  14. Minnesota State Parks Update. What is closed? The following DNR-managed facilities: Campgrounds, group camps, and remote campsites at all state parks, state forests, and state recreation areas. Camper cabins Yurts Overnight lodging facilities Group centers, trail centers and other ancillary buildings Visitor centers State park contact stations Facilities and lands not administered by the DNR may have restrictions. Please check with local authorities.
  15. I wasn’t recommending using the bladder as a black tank. I was recommending using the truck bed hard tank as posted by the OP as a black tank rather than a fresh tank. It is the same material as any black tank on our RVs only smaller. The issue is how to dump/pump it into a sewer dump station.
  16. dblr

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    Crossville Tn. area, it is where the East Coast HDT Rally is held in April ( not this year )
  17. Twotoes

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    Where is Deer Run located?
  18. A SD drivers license is valid for 5 years. You can renew as early as 6 months in advance. Not sure how far past the renewal date you can go, but with theDMV being closed till May I’m sure you can get an extension. If you have a physical address you can renew by mail just like a vehicle registration. But if you have a mail forwarding address you must renew in person and show at least one overnight stay in a hotel, motel or camp ground within the previous year. If I were you I would stop in a motel, hotel or camp ground, if you can find one open, on your way north. Save the receipt as proof of an overnight stay. When DMV reopens call them and see if you can renew by mail with a copy of the receipt since they were closed when you overnighted. Just a thought.
  19. Welcome back. You were missed. I too dated my wife in high school. We married in 1974, I was 20, she 19. Our parents didn't think it would last. We hope to prove them wrong. My mom and step-dad were in the same situation as you and Donna. We're glad they found each other.
  20. The insurance company is the US Health Group, a United Healthcare Company
  21. This might be a dumb thought - it is certainly an uninformed/uneducated one. In a mythical situation, you could have 40 people who live in a closed community. They are resupplied by deliveries and are careful to sanitize them or leave them alone for enough time for any possible virus to die. They don’t go anywhere outside their community. They don’t allow anyone else into their community. I don’t see how they can be exposed to the virus or be potential carriers. That’s a mythical situation, of course. However, I think some RV parks in more isolated locations, ones with permanent residents, think they are like that mythical situation. They are closed to new people and figure that they can continue to have social functions . Reality is that they are not like the mythical situation - the residents still have to go to the grocery store, they still order supplies from Amazon Prime. That means they are as likely to be exposed to a carrier as anyone else is, though it might take longer for a carrier to reach their local store than it would for a carrier to reach a Costco in a major metropolitan area. But I think it’s human nature to just not see it that way when they only see the same 30 people every day.
  22. 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT, Vortec 4.2 liter, automatic transmission, 4wd, sandstone metallic paint, light cashmere leather interior, 8 way power adjustable heated seats. Dual zone climate controls with ice cold air conditioning, rear entertainment system and much more. With only 64,000 miles, this vehicle has been predominately garage kept since new and its condition reflects that. It is equipped to flat tow behind an RV with ease. I also have the necessary towing equipment, (BlueOx tow bar and BlueOx auxiliary braking system-$2000 value) for an additional cost. Price for the Trailblazer is $5200., with the tow bar and auxiliary braking $6200. Phone 717-514-7824 Mike
  23. Sounds like it was close enough . We had a storm like that a couple years ago when we were in Paragould , Arkansas . Lightening hit a big tree about 50 or so feet behind our rig . About half that tree came down .
  24. Thanks for that^ . We'll check into it , just in case .
  25. Congratulations. My wife and I(married 42 years, me 19/her 21 when married) both read your story and appreciate you sharing it. So wonderful to hear that there is life after calamity. I guess its true that life is about the journey. Good that you are out of the funk.
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