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  2. Ours turned out to be the Fan Motor. Good Luck
  3. Its getting really real now! Bought the Toad 2 weeks ago, going to Indiana to buy the Motor home next Tuesday and drive it back to NJ. Waiting for Oct for last day of work! Now to order the parts for the tow setup. Yep its really real now.
  4. Sculptor

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    You guys just gave me another reason to buy that crimper.
  5. Padraic

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    I can make the cable since you remind me. I build a solar 3000-watt inverter system for my RV, where you get the battery terminal? Are they sale at Auto or truck store.
  6. Ours is a '13 too, so you could have 4 fronts on one car and 4 rears on the other.............. assuming all '13 wheels are the same, which I doubt.
  7. CURLF gained 52% in the week last. It has turned around ad we will see if it bumps back. The old saw was never more true than in today's pot stocks, he who hesitates is (has) lost.
  8. Bob86ZZ4

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    And you both type faster than me. Dang.
  9. Bob86ZZ4

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    I wouldn't splice in a section. I think you want to replace each cable. I wouldn't want to buy them from the dealer either. Make your own. Buy a $48 hydraulic crimper at Harbor Freight. Make your own cables up. You'll be happier.
  10. rickeieio

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    Depending on the cable, it may make sense to have one made. I usually make my own, but I'm old and pretty much retired, so my labor cost is low.😮 I almost never buy factory cables, key word being "almost." Brad types faster...... Agreed, don't splice.
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

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    Don't bother trying to splice that is just asking for another failure point. Bite the bullet and replace the cable. The skin will all grow back long before the cable needs another replace.
  12. And of those on that list, not one accepts a mail service address for legal domicile and all except New Hampshire have an income tax.
  13. Padraic

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    Thank you, guys. Just got it started. You are right. A bad connection/corrosion inside the big red cable close to the battery terminal. I wiggled it and got good voltage at the cab. It was only 5.5V at the dash CB dc terminal, but I got 12.6V at the battery below. I was thinking as you guy suggested, it must be a bad connection of the ground black cable. Use a jumper cable connect the battery negative terminal to the frame of the truck. The voltage in the cab was still 5.5V. Next to test the Red one. As soon as I touch it, the cab voltage jump back to 12.6V. I knew the truck can start. Now replacing the red or the black 3 odd cables will be expensive and a lot of work to un-tied it from the frame and re-tire a new one. Is there a way to spice in a little section? That may be a temp fix since the cable may be corroded all the way inside. How much is one of these cables sold for a VNL610 98?
  14. Good Luck with your trip Gary! We'll still be here when you get back or later. As well prices and offers change. Could be a savings because of delay.
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  16. I have a cougar 311res, I can't see how I can install the dryer vent, no room. Has anyone installed one in this model of cougar?
  17. If you go to that link I provided you can scroll and see Texas is in the top ten most expensive at number 10, and the states at the lowest rates are: 42 North Carolina $1,104 43 Indiana $1,091 44 North Dakota $1,086 45 Wisconsin $1,084 47 New Hampshire $1,039 47 Iowa $1,025 48 Virginia $1,013 49 Idaho $989 50 Ohio $944 51 Vermont $932 To read the list yourself and the state standing for insurance expense click here: https://www.insure.com/car-insurance/car-insurance-rates.html
  18. What roof issues are you speaking of. I have a 2017 40KSSB4 and have had no issues at all with my roof. I also have had no issues with my slides (so far) and am hopeful that that continues, but I know of others that have had issues.
  19. This is a reminder to all of those thinking of attending the WCR in Caldwell Idaho June 10 - 17 at Ambassador RV Resort. Spaces are beginning to fill up. If you would like to attend, please contact the RV park and make your reservation and then contact me via email to let me know you will be attending. I will get some additional information from you at that time. All of the contact information for myself and the RV park are in the first post in this thread. Also, for those of you attending who want rally T-shirts please let me know the size and quantity of shirts you would like. I will be placing the final order in early May so there is still time, but please let me know. I am still putting the schedule together and may have a very nice door prize for one of the presentations if things work out. If anyone has any expertise they would like to share with the group, I am always open to new presenters also. Please get in touch with me if you have something you would like to do. Thanks and hopefully see you all in June.
  20. RV_


    Welcome to the Escapees forums Vonbrown! You will find a lot of helpful folks here, and even a few grumps thrown in to keep us straight. How you drive and where and how long you stay will all come after budget I agree. If you need any advice on budgets of others several of our members here have detailed budgets and information on RV expenses on their personal webpages as well as here, check some of them out. I look forward to your future posts and input! Safe travels! My website is offline for maintenance at the servers for a few days.
  21. We are glad to have you.
  22. I would like to see some interior pics if you have them. Thanks
  23. RV_


    Hey guys! <grin> Sandy, Barb, Earl, and two gypsies you guys got it. But to the others, thanks for letting me know it needs to be made clearer. OH jeez I forgot to say we would never, and just said never! One thing I never said:I never said the 2X2X2 rule was in stone but when we were in a hurry we used it so we did not miss anything not on the beaten path. Sometimes we stopped and did not leave for a month. in 1998 I promised to help a friend with his political campaign for a state position and were a month late. So we never scheduled again. We were fully retired at 45 and it took us a year to stop acting like we were on vacation, had to be back to work, so first thought we had to drive eight to ten hours daily. My mom who is gone now had Alzheimer's so we started every trip from our NW Louisiana winter quarters down I20 to El Paso, then across 10 to 8 to San Diego where she and my two brothers lived. We'd stay there two weeks to a month at Fiddler's Cove Military RV park and yacht club out next to Coronado Naval air station with the Bay on one side and the Pacific on the other. We spent our last month in Alaska at Eagle's Rest RV Park in Valdiz,because of the charters out to the gulf for barn door halibut and the last of the summer salmon runs from a friend's folboat in the bay. That was 1999. We stayed 12 days boondocking in Soldotna that year for the red salmon run. It is not in stone never was. But it did stop us from acting like rushing tourists and missing everything along the way. But the rule is a good tip for newbies who might otherwise set a destination and drive 12 hours a day to get there fastest. We stayed a couple of weeks at Evergreen COHO COOP, for the Wooden ships Festival and many times spent a few weeks in Chanute Kansas where our HitchHiker factory was, since closed, but I believe still doing service on all brands. We'd find things like this: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=chanute+kansas+Pioneer+days&&view=detail&mid=39A25A05E7D69E0DDA9739A25A05E7D69E0DDA97&&FORM=VRDGAR IN our explore day. We were retired and young at 45, and fulltimed for 7 years, ~6.5 years taking it easier. I make rules for me not others. But I do advise newbies to take a day to explore wherever you end up stopping, planned or serendipitous; you might stay a week, month, or a lifetime! For you folks who are grumpy relax, fulltiming is supposed to be fun and whatever way you want. For you folks having a bad day, great, you do whatever floats your boat or blows up your skirt. Relax guys! Online advice is always worth what you paid for it, yours and mine.
  24. As a full timer it is harder to find insurance. State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Hartford thru AARP all said no. Some will only insure smaller rigs. Nationwide won’t insure a 42 ft Class A. Switched to Geico last year and saved a lot. Just got my annual renewal. It actually went down.
  25. Hoo boy - another of the "Roadtrek1" ongoing, endless series of questions. Based on the replies to: "Do all of you have collision insurance on your RVs?" Obviously (drum roll) the answer is ......"No" - - or maybe it should be ...."Yes". ???
  26. Thanks Rick. Got enough vehicles now, lol. Jeff contacted me last year about some rims. Didn’t need them then, should have had my crystal ball. BTW Donna reminded me they better all four match! Sigh.
  27. Wilma and I are looking forward to attending this summer.
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