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  2. I've been going in and out of hardware stores for almost 70 years and I never saw a dog in one until 2 or 3 years ago. Sure, back in the 50's before air conditioning, it was common to see a dog hanging around a feed store. But, it was the owner's dog, not the customer's. I've also spent a lot of time the last eleven years in New Mexico and Colorado. I think those would qualify as in the "West". Never saw anyone bring their dog into Lowe's or Home Depot or any other retail store. Maybe it's chic in Phoenix or Denver or Albuquerque, but I don't really think it's that common elsewhere. I won't mention California, that place is off the wall weird in lot's of respects. No offense Carlos. 🙂
  3. As seen on Extreme Rv’s!! This completely custom 5th wheel is a must see. High end finishes throughout; including heated hardwood floors, granite surfaces, residential refrigerator and full size bath area with large shower. Tons of storage inside and out.   This unit is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida if you would like to take a tour. Click link below for more photos and full details.   https://www.rvt.com/Forks-Continental-coach-PRICE-REDUCTION--MUST-SEE-2015-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-ID8728656-UX321539 
  4. I know, that's why I didn't buy a newer truck, but looked long and hard until I found a good 7.3. Dodge RAMs with the Cummins diesel were out of my price range unless I wanted to work another couple of years before retiring. It was the personal truck of an older couple who also owned an over the road big rig. They were selling it because they inherited their son's Dodge RAM pickup when he was killed in action in the Middle East. They were very open about the truck, even letting me drive it over their big rig's service pit so I could give it a good going over. I didn't try to haggle over the price, just expressed sympathy for their sacrifice and paid their asking price.
  5. That sounds like fun! Now that's revenge! I hate to admit it but.... I did corner a Woodchuck in the barn with a pitch fork and lost.. They are aggressive little bastards. Bob
  6. Darn good engine, Ford should have stuck with it! IF you go this route and get a Ford, DO NOT get the one with the 6.0, it can be VERY expensive and a nightmare (my engine did a meltdown at 60k miles and cost $18k for dealer to replace). Otherwise, great choice. (Don't get upset ford fans, I was a diehard ford fan until this engine, it's the reason I now drive a RAM)(yes, they too have their problems)
  7. That poor Volvo (Lucy) suffered and suffered for days. It is Monday 4:07 pm. and Lucy needs to be pressed into service on Thursday for a short 500 mile trip for the DW. I am lucky enough to have a friend that manages a large flee of trucks and most of them are Volvo's......so after work he stopped by to take a look. He said Nox sensors are finicky you probably should replace it...... crimping the wires together or soldering might work but down the road your asking for trouble. So I removed the sensor and headed down to Volvo for a replacement. Hang on to your Knickers..... they aren't cheap but I have been told that the aftermarket sensors have a 30% failure rate. I handed over the old sensor to the parts man and told him the story about Mr Woodchuck... we have a very expensive laugh as he rang up the sale! Get home put the sensor in..... easy peazy 2 bolts and 1 zip tie. I cleaned the Def doser and replaced the the doser gasket as well. Next I turn the key and start her up.....I here the beep and up pops the scr derate message. Now what? Texted my friend who stops by with generic Volvo software. He couldn't get it to clear the codes to do a park regen, so we decided I would stop by his work at lunch time on Wednesday and he would clear the codes with the official Volvo software and do a regen. Wednesday I get into the truck, start it up, here the Beep and see the SCR Derate in <20minutes message, bummer it's 30minutes to his shop. Luckily I have a code reader that temporarily clears the codes. I get to his shop he clears the codes and does a regen. After the regen the codes reappear so we decide the only way to get it fixed by tomorrow morning is by going to Volvo. I get to Volvo, they say that they might be able to fit it that tonight if I leave it. As I am waiting for a ride home the service manager comes out, plugs in with his computer and say's which sensor did you replace the inlet or outlet Nox? He said lets take a look......that's the wrong Nox sensor he says. By the time I get to the parts department the correct sensor is sitting on the counter. I replace the Sensor in the parking lot (old school) and all is Good😎. So What lessons have I learned Lesson #1 Be prepared.... Tractor needs a minimum of a 22 mag. Lesson #2 Make sure you check that the part numbers match up even though they look the same. Lesson #3 Be prepared..... Carry a Code Reader that clears active codes in your truck. Love these trucks Always learning Bob
  8. It can be done. My current rig is a 1999 Ford F350 single wheel pickup with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine and a camper shell pulling a 27 ft. Sunnybrooke superslide trailer. The truck is overkill for the trailer, but this means it's not heavily stressed, which makes the combo handle very well and aids long term reliability. I bought these 3-4 years ago and live in them fulltime. Both the truck and trailer are in very good shape. Total cost was less than $15k, and except for replacing a water heater that broke during an unexpected cold snap, neither has required any work other than new tires and routine maintenance. Both of these were found on Craigslist, and since I purchased them from the owners I was able to get their histories. You can't do this if you buy from a dealer selling them as-is, where is.
  9. In the West, dogs in non-grocery stores have been normal for a very long time. Like I said, particularly in hardware, feed, and such stores. But I have absolutely never seen a dog in a cart in a grocery store. So maybe that's a Florida thing? As far as allergies, they are like all other allergies. If you're allergic to something generally in the air, you're going to be exposed to it no matter what. Generally however in public you're not going to be touching the dog or even anywhere really near it, so it's not hugely different. I'm very allergic to some women's perfume and will just start sneezing. So I avoid malls. Should women with perfume be banned to ease my symptoms? No, I just avoid heavy concentrations of it.
  10. I'm from Illinois but from 1980 we spent at least 2 weeks out of every winter in Florida. I never observed a dog riding in a shopping cart in a grocery store until probably around 2010 or later, and even then it was not a common sight. The very first time I every observed a dog in a Lowe's, Home Depot, Farm & Fleet, Tractor Supply, or hardware store of any type was probably only 7 or 8 years ago. Maybe it has been different in other parts of the country. The last 3 or 4 years in Florida it is almost a common sight to see dogs in grocery store shopping carts, in baby strollers in all retail establishments, including restaurants. In addition, there are few if any places a dog is not welcome if on a leash. I guess my question is what if you are allergic to pet dander? Are you just suppose to deal with being forced to have contact in public with these folks fur-babies? I know most dog owners think EVERYONE loves their dog. I've got new for them, everyone does not love their dog.
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  12. Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace, and similar places specifically allow dogs of all types. As far as I know, they always have, or at least for over 20 years. People have brought their dogs to the hardware store for a hundred years or more. There are many other places that welcome dogs too, such as Best Buy and some outdoor stores. Oddly enough REI prohibits them, which made it useless for trying to buy working/hiking vests for our dogs. We just took the dogs and our money to another store. We have one dog we don't take in public much because he's reactive. We have another dog that goes with us a lot, because he absolutely loves everyone. He's had a tour of Lowe's because the employees loved him so much. Either way, both go out on top quality prong collars which allow my 110 pound wife to fully control any size dog.
  13. I was in Lowe's a few days ago and I came around the corner to come face to face with a huge Rottweiler. He was on a leash held by a 70'ish little lady of about 90 lbs. If that Rot had wanted to, he could have drug that little lady and me both out in the parking lot and buried us together. I guess it could have been a legitimate service dog, I don't know. I watched them out of curiosity for several minutes and he was all over the place, not the typical stand still by the master well behaved animal. I guess it's a good thing I'll be moving on from this world in a few years or less. I just don't understand what's going on.
  14. C'mon PowerBall!!! In all seriousness, that's a very reasonable price for the goods involved. Still need a PowerBall, though.
  15. JC, it would be a lot more helpful if your link went directly to your listing. Just a thought. Good luck.
  16. I agree with your post completely. However, it is true whether they are living in an rv, in a house or apartment, or under a bridge.
  17. One thing I have not seen mentioned is healthcare/health insurance. If the $1300/month has to include healthcare/health insurance, I suggest you do a lot of research on the issue. While the individual mandate has been eliminated, depending on your age, not having any health insurance or healthcare coverage may not be a wise decision. On edit: Zulu posted the same time I did.
  18. FOR SALE $295,000 As seen on Extreme Rv’s!! This completely custom 5th wheel is a must see. High end finishes throughout; including heated hardwood floors, granite surfaces, residential refrigerator and full size bath area with large shower. Tons of storage inside and out. This unit is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida if you would like to take a tour. Click link below for more photos and full details. https://www.rvt.com/Forks-Continental-coach-PRICE-REDUCTION--MUST-SEE-2015-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-ID8728656-UX321539
  19. If you know where the den is, get some smoke bombs and a shovel.
  20. What do you have for health insurance?
  21. Welcome to the forum! A not so new pickup truck with shell on back, lots of storage room pulling a not so new 20-30ft travel trailer a possibility? With this set-up, drop camper and have independent transportation. In your price range I think your going to need the ability to turn a wrench on minor repairs. A repair account as mentioned would be needed. Boon-docking is a possibility for you, some or most campgrounds offer basic no frills camping spots. Work-camping would certainly be a very good option (I have no personal experience in this but lots on here do). A light (small) solar setup, or small genset would give you basic but limited power. Big set-ups for lots of power = not cheap. You can get a genset little under/over 1k, or a 200 watt suitcase solar panel ($5-600 or so) and a couple batteries (don't go cheap here) for about the same range total. I'd vote the solar depending on where you want to stay, some campgrounds don't like the noise. But then, if you stay at a campground in a camper you can connect to power/water/sewer but pay for the full hook-ups over bare camping. Just a thought, you can listen or ignore, I could be out in left field as usual... LOL You say you have ~20k to work with. I'd try to spend only $15k and stick the $5k left in the bank as an emergency repair fund, it will happen eventually. That would tend to put you in an older vehicle range, but if the newer one you purchase needs repair, you could be stuck in the middle of ? with no way to repair said vehicle, then what? I see older class-As (lots more internal space) in your price range too but would need lots of .... wrenching ability. It all boils down to, do what makes you happy! IMHO
  22. My dometic refrigerator model number is: DM2852RBFX.
  23. Lesson number 1 It was all my fault....Should have had him twice while in the tractor......... But as my neighbors said............ what half A** farmer doesn't have a gun in the tractor.........that would be ME. I found the den and wish I could use a conibear trap but have to many cats and dogs around so must use live trap.
  24. I read them when I first started here. I've noticed there a fine line on some other sites when it comes to "promoting" books or other forums. Glad to know that isn't the case here.
  25. Big problem in Arizona. While there over the winter for a few months, my neighbor with a class C developed a pack rat problem. Vehicle wouldn’t start, ate the water lines. Brought to the engine compartment, Cactus, dog shit, and rocks. Played like hell catching it. I took the charge in helping her catch the sob. Finally succeeded. They are destructive.
  26. Interesting viewpoints, very helpful and is helping me think this through better. I've tabled any printer purchase to later - my printing needs are very minor, such that I had to clean the heads on my inkjet type printer before printing the paperwork on the house offer. I'll skip the printer for now. I should probably explain the swamp cooler comment. I don't need to access my old raw files (old photos) as a rule, but don't want to toss the files out (they've come in handy in the past). So I was planning on leaving the hard drives in storage in the storage unit I'm going to be getting. It will be located in Las Vegas and the units I can afford are ones that are "air-cooled" as in evaporated coolers/swamp coolers. True climate controlled storage in Vegas is very expensive. Should I re-think this? How many 3-1/2 inch plus storage case can fit in a safety deposit box? Or will it? That's an intriguing idea. Thank you for pointing out that buying larger hard drives would mean storing fewer drives - that's very attractive. At the moment all of my back-ups/original files are on bare hard drives (the kind one would find inside computers - no enclosures to break, which I've had happened) and are 1 or 2 TB. So getting 4 or 8 TB drives would save a lot of space. That will also mean doing the transfer, which takes time. I did try to back up the one working hard drive that has an enclosure to one of my bare drives but it was very slow going (original drive is USB while the hard drive dock is USB3/E-SATA but I no longer have a computer with a E-SATA port/card). What RAID device do you use? I have an older LeCie 5 bay Thunderbolt (thunderbolt 1) device, no NAS capability. Last year, before deciding to go full-time, I thought about upgrading to a NAS device to gain the ability to set up a VPN when I'm on the road as well as a little extra speed, but decided it wasn't worth the cost. I can start off buying larger hard drives and backing up what I have on the RAID device onto the larger drive(s). I'm now thinking that it might be worth it to buy a new docking station with USB 3.1, that's faster than the one I have, with 2 slots for drives (mine has one). But now I'm confused about the whole thing, I only have a vague grasp of computer stuff and need to look at the bare drives I have that I would want to put on larger drives. Other option is to get 5 larger drives for the RAID device (though I'll need to research how big a drive it's capable of reading - there's always something isn't there?) and use it to transfer the files. This has got my head spinning, as computer stuff does when I start thinking about changing something.
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