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  2. GlennWest

    Smart broke down

    In Baytown. Job is La Port, Texas. Good question. It has had a whine not normally there since I got it back. It has been running great though. This happened all of a sudden. No warning. It did shift a little hard a few days ago though. I was running 70 mph and got warnings. Also not heard of clutch problems with these cars. I will get to talk to dealer tomorrow. Getting loaner car. I thinking I may need to trade.
  3. Cowdog353

    Smart broke down

    Could this be flood related. Where are you located?
  4. OK, that is helpful. Sounds like a circle route, more or less and that makes more sense. Traveling from Mt. Rushmore, if you have the time I strongly suggest a visit to Custer State Park while there. To stay in that park you will also need to make reservation soon, but not far south of Custer park is Angostura SP, which is usually less difficult to get a place to stay. SP Heading toward CO it would also not be far off your route to visit Devil's Tower NM, which also has camping. From there south I'd travel via Cheyenne, WY and if time allows you will pass close to Rocky Mountain NP. Southeast of Denver is Cherry Creek SP with camping. While we have stayed in RV parks in the Colorado Springs area, it has been too long for our advice there to be of much value.
  5. Today
  6. Mr. Camper: Are you talking about the Yellowstone Valley Inn RV?
  7. GlennWest

    Smart broke down

    I got a week long shutdown to go to so booked hotel, and took off this evening. About a few miles from my destination got transmission malfunction, then clutch hot, and then slipping badly. Well, stuck in hotel with clutch shot. This not good.
  8. Kirk, We are stopping at Mt. Rushmore first, then going to Colorado. We want to see Pikes Peak and Garden of The Gods, but haven't decided exactly where we are staying. Then we are stopping in Utah and heading up Yellowstone area.
  9. Fort $35.00 you are going to change companies?
  10. That is true , Ray . It would be nice if they had someone that actually knows something respond . Scouring the internet , I haven't found a single post similar to my problem . All references to lights are associated with other problems , which I don't have .
  11. Yesterday
  12. Thanks, everyone. Useful info.
  13. Hi, here’s a link to all the members of the Organic Trade Association: https://ota.com/membership/ota-members Also, Amazon delivers products from Whole Foods presumably wherever you are. Good luck! WendyW
  14. Thanks for all of your help! Your guys are wonderful!Here is what I found out from Thor Customer service about my couch by giving them my vin number.GCWR: 26,000GRWR 22,000Vehicle Dry Weight: 16,646.My flat towed vehicle is 4x4Taking David's suggestion, I will only fill 1/4 of my fresh tank( I am camping at fully hookup camp site 100%) , that will reduce the load by 300 lbs.The Weight of the whole family(assuming everyone in the family goes): 860 lbsTaking David's suggestion, I will not take more than 500 lbs of luggage with me (if I do, I will reduce it to under 500 lbs)Also the curb weight of my towed vehicle DOES include the weight of the driver (165 lbs) since no one will be at towed vehicle when it is flat towed , the weight of my towed vehicle is only going to be 5,856 - 165 = 5,691 lbsSo What I can tow is as following:26,000 - 16,646 (Motorhome Weight) - 860 lbs (passenger) - 500 (cargo) - 100 lbs (1/4 of fresh tank water) - 88 (propane ) - 480 (gas) = 7,334 My buffer = 7,334- 5,691(towed vehicle weight ) =1,643So looks like I still have 1,643 lbs buffer to play with. Even I fill the whole fresh water tank, I still have 1,343 lbs buffer. That makes me very comfortable. Of course I will definitely weight the motor home when it is loaded.Thanks again to all of you
  15. Howdy! We stayed at Buffalo Crossing RV Resort in West Yellowstone our last visit to Yellowstone NP. Nice clean park with pull through FHU sites. Walking distance to places to see and eat out a in the town of West Yellowstone. You will need to make reservations as far in advance as you can (now) to be able to stay anywhere to visit any NP in July. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  16. Your physician doesn’t get a supply of flu vaccines for the year? Are you sure your insurance doesn’t pay for it? BTW, if you are getting a cold (also a virus) you are around people and could get the flu.
  17. Aldi stores are in 35 states including most of the states west of the Mississippi.(I last shopped in one in TX yesterday). I suggest that you visit the Aldi Store Locator.
  18. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I would agree with the previous suggestions for an RV park near Yellowstone NP but also have a couple of comments on your route. You don't say where in Colorado you are going, but if it were me, I would change the route to visit Co. and then Mt. Rushmore, then go toward Yellowstone NP with a stop at Devil's Tower NM in route and also one in Cody, WY. Doing it in that order could save you some 400 miles if coming from the east or south, unless you are coming from the far northern part of the country.
  19. Do you follow the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen? Obviously, you want to avoid the dirty dozen but can you eat the clean fifteen? Linda Sand
  20. Grizzly RV in West Yellowstone is FHU and pet and kid friendly. Reserve now as July is peak.
  21. i can not remember the last time i got the shot, been many a year. but yes if your life has you around children, old people homes, ( the sealed buildings where they go to die), hospitals, many sealed office buildings.( look at the sickness/death rates on a cruse ship) it is a mandatory to get a shot. even knowing this shots are mostly a fake line of safety. i live alone, work outside ( at night), not around many people so my chances of getting the flu are very low. just a cold. might one or two a year but they are nothing “ to sneeze” about 😇. there are no free shots in the area i live in. have to drive a hr to a city to find such. but then with all the drugs a real Dr says i need to keep me alive, ( 15-18 pills a day). in-hailers. and air pump while i sleep. blood ( and other tests). each year. one can say i am dooped up. and keeping the pill factory’s in the black ink. just happy that kaiser only charges me partial cost for them.
  22. We were there a few years ago and had to stay in West Yellowstone. While outside the park it is still "centrally located" to go either on the north loop road or the south loop road, or straight across and then north or south. We looked at both Grizzly RV and the West Yellowstone KOA. We decided to go with the KOA because it was the only one who could guarantee a reservation that close to our arrival date. Sites were okay and staff was courteous and very helpful. We are going back after Fishing Bridge is reopened and hope to stay two weeks. If you want to look at another location that we've stayed at look at the north entrance near Gardner, MT look at Yellowstone RV Park. Make your reservations as soon as you can lock in your dates.
  23. There are 74 in California, now, and a bunch in Texas. You can use the Aldi store locator on-line to check anywhere in the US. Rob
  24. Man, that brings back memories. I remember walking through a gauntlet of medics with those guns on both sides. Seems like I got seven or eight shots in just a few minutes. I could barely hold my arms up for the rest of that day.
  25. I have an Automated Safety Hitch for sale. $7.500.00. All details are in the pictures. This is the deluxe model so it has two winches in the front tool box. Hitch is in excellent shape, maybe used 4 times. No scratches or dents, battery is 4 months old. I have quite a few pictures of it I can text or email to you. We can only load so much on this site. Hitch is located in Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 and must be picked up there. New owner is responsible for shipping. It comes with a Ford receiver and all brackets. Send me a message through this site, leave me your phone number and I will call you as soon as I can. Thank for reading.
  26. Has anyone seen any Aldi stores west of the Mississippi?
  27. Pete, keep in mind, whoever responds to your email questions is simply reading from their furnished list of standard replies.They probably know less than anyone here.
  28. Thanks to both Bill Joyce and LindaH for your input. We have put an extra freezer in our rig’s basement, mainly for meat and frozen veggies and fruit, and I have my own home-canned and frozen ingredients, but it is the milk, eggs, greens, etc. which have us stymied. We have to be very strict about our organic diet. Even one questionable ingredient will cause us immediate health problems. We obviously never eat out. We are very picky about where things are sourced from. (Not much point in eating organic foods that are watered with fracking waste water!). We generally buy our milk raw right from the farmer, but do trust one kind of Organic Valley milk, for instance. I’ve dehydrated some, but it would be a long, and possibly dangerous, process do make enough to last us several months. We do regularly shop Whole Foods for a few things, but have never found any good organics at Trader Joe or WalMart. We have occasionally found things at health food stores, but mainly non-perishables. Just trying to get ideas that I might not have known about. I have seen freeze-drying equipment that interested me, but the price is exorbitant!
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