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  2. Hondo is about 45 miles from San Antonio. A very nice park, but not very handy for touring SA.
  3. Thank you...will stop at Stephen Austin on night #2 and Hondo night #3 before backtracking into San Antonio for 4 nights at Travelers World. This is what I love about RVing...the 3 nights between Rainbow Plantation and San Antonio will be an adventure and with this plan, the first night is free, the second night is about $20, and the 3rd night $5 (boondock). Got 25% off at Travelers World (special by Sun Resorts thru the end of Dec Promo code 19STAYTX25VR)...it's a nice park right on the bike trail. Looking forward to checking out another Escapee coop park. 19 STAYTX25VR
  4. If you dig for it, most RV manufacturers have a low temperature rating for their different models. And those not rated for low temperatures will also be difficult to keep cool in very hot weather.
  5. That is a very important difference. The typical RV policy does not cover items that most home owner policies provide for the owners when traveling, such as personal property coverage and guest liability should one get hurt. In addition, most standard RV policies have a limit to the number of nights the RV can be occupied. Agencies like those that I listed and also Miller are well aware of the fulltime lifestyle and know what you need.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out Linda it's very true. I lived in Miami Florida for a considerable amount of time and it only had two seasons, hot and humid, and very hot and humid, but then every once in a while for a change of pace there would be a hurricane. theboondork.com
  7. I wouldn't be in any rush to get most of them, but there are a few that pay off for most people. I think that most of us carry along more things that we never use than there are things that we should have brought and didn't. The total weight of our loaded RV actually dropped by more than 300# in our first 2 years on the road. It is great hearing that your experiences are improving. Your learning curve is bound to be steeper when you have no prior RV experience, but you clearly are adapting and gaining the right perspective of things. My grandfather used to say that if you never experience any bad times you will never fully enjoy the good times.
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  9. Picked these up at Peterbilt for $700 apiece. The low rider seats are more expensive but with the Pete and as tall as you are you need them. I am pretty sure the base is interchangeable.
  10. jenandjon

    New batteries bad?

    That's pretty cheap for batteries. Its a bunch of bull they cant check the batteries. He just don't want to.
  11. Escapees has a Co-Op in Hondo TX which is just west of San Antonio you may look at as your final stop.
  12. It all depends on what State you are registured in. Many insurance companies also say they are full time but they mean that the coverage is 365 days of the year. Make sure your full time coverage covers you when parked and for slip and falls in your rig and campground and for personal contents like a homeowners policy I was with Miller for many years and they were able to get me coverage with Allied a division of Nationwide. Their premiums went up a lot a few years ago. I shopped around and found out that in my State of So Dakota many insurance companies would not write a full time living policy. State Farm, Hartford (AARP), Liberty Mutual and it’s subsidery Safeco were a few who would not. I went with Geico and saved a lot. Got my Class A, Jeep Wrangler, Harley, an Umbrella and three rental properties with them. Just renewed and the premium actually went down. Just an FYI, Geico says they do homeowners and renters insurance but they actually broker it with Travlers but you still have a Geico agent.
  13. This is good to know, since I am also a 35 year member of USAA and will not own a motorhome for fulltiming. Thanks
  14. https://houston.craigslist.org/search/sss?userid=22176076
  15. It also helps to ask where those four seasons are. Texas's four seasons are not the same as Minnesota's four seasons. Linda Sand
  16. Great price, am putting a 5200 watt system on the S&B, with leaf battery packs and need one. Mind telling us where you got that quote?
  17. NeverEasy

    New batteries bad?

    Maybe you should put them in the truck and let the alternator put a charge on them. Might help. The batteries in my Volvo were 11 years old. Tested in spring and they were good. Tested this fall and three showed bad. Bought 4 new ones at Volvo and tested before putting in the rig or charging. Two tested iffy. Put them in the truck and charged for 24 hours with a built-in converter/charger. All showed good. When not in use, I run a Progressive Dynamics PD9240C converter/charger on them to keep them at full charge. I have had super success with PD units. I run a 60-amp in my RV. The PD's fourth stage is a equalization mode. After coming to full charge, every 21 hours it hits the batteries with 14.4 volts for 15 minutes. The last time I had to add water was about 3 years ago. Also, lost an alternator heading to Sioux Falls. Fired up the generator and continued on, running on the PD. Could not get a new alternator in Sioux Falls so drove 6 daylight hours back to my brother's house. I tried the lights but the voltage started dropping so the 40 amp charger was not enough to run everything.
  18. Howdy porky69, Thanks for your detailed post, I really appreciate it. I am 6 foot even so when sitting at a stop light if there is the slightest down grade I have to bend over to see under the sun visor which is in the PERFECT location for anything other then seeing things like traffic lights on a down slope. If I could drop the seat three inches and still have a air shock cushioning the road bumps I would be a very happy camper. So from what I have read having the low mounts aired about half way up would put me right about where I would like to be. Dave
  19. Data is deprioritized. Again, I covered it in careful detail before in this thread.
  20. Please post a link to your source, I'd like to know for sure. I only know what I was told, bumped was the wrong word I apologize for that. I should have said lowest priority for service, and when the tower is full Verizon contract accounts receive priority over all others. This is off-topic anyway, I apologize for that also.
  21. If you are eligible for a USAA membership, they can put a package together for you, too. They've been very good to me for 35 years and, when we transitioned to full-time, passed me off to a supervisory agent, licensed in Texas, and familiar with the ins and outs of full-timing. (Yes - the coverage includes VPP/valuable personal property coverage and an umbrella policy for additional liability coverage). I think they only cover towables now, though - if you have a motorhome they shunt you to Progressive. Rob
  22. I put some Bostrom Wide Ride's with the low pro suspension, high seat back and dual arm rests in my 2000 379 Pete and loved them, but that was 15yrs ago. They were towards the lower end of the price spectrum but very comfy and well built. Unless you can find someone who has a particular seat installed in a similar model truck to yours it is just about impossible to tell how they will be in the real world just by sitting in them, something as simple as mounting them forward an inch can completely change how comfortable they are. There are a couple of things to be aware of with some lo-pro seat suspensions in some trucks......when I took the air out of mine, your butt was only about 6inches off the floor, I am 5'10" and could just nicely see over the dash and window sills (ie HAD to have air in them when driving in traffic or pretty much anywhere but open road) which to some insurance companies is a very bad thing....which is possibility #2 ... loss of insurance coverage due to the seats potentially not allowing proper visibility. Yes it is a long shot but we all know how insurance companies like to try and get out of paying. If you are going to adapt some automotive seats to air ride suspension, and I am not in any way condemning this, make sure you mount them at the right front to rear slope, if the front edge is to high and puts pressure on the back of your legs it can reduce blood flow to your lower legs and if it is to low you will always feel like you are sliding out. This is a purely personal thing, I like to have mine flat to slightly high, lots of people are the other way.And makesure the seat belts are securely mounted.
  23. We called Miller insurance and they were very knowledgeable about full time RV needs. They were able to help us schedule those higher value items that are not fully covered by the general policy, like higher value jewelry, special items in storage, carbon bikes etc etc. You need to "schedule" certain items, dont assume your $4,000 bike is covered....
  24. So the complaint is someone asking to pet your Dog? Wow....I can understand being uptight about Kids and/or adults suddenly reaching down to Pet an animal BUT asking first is an issue? Just my take, I'm an animal Lover and dogs are a big part of our lives. So, Yes, when I see a person walking a Dog that is passing close to me, I will ask before I reach, if its OK to pet there Doggie! I know well that some dogs are nervous and can get excited causing a negative contact(I have a dog such as that) that I'm very careful with. Just the same, I would always prefer to be asked rather than Not!!! IMHO
  25. Hello all! Just as an update, we arrived at Rainbow's end in Livingston November 1, wihtout major incidents. We have learned that driving on weekdays is better - we had a problem with some sort of coolant sensor and Freightliner is not open on Sundays. We found this out along I-5 in southern Oregon on a lovely 70 degree sunny October Sunday afternoon... Freightliner said dis-connect your town and go buy some coolant (becuase you should not add it while your engine is hot - so no driving the motorhome). We pulled into a rest stop, as Bill took off in the Jeep - I got a little stool out, sat outside the motorhome at the rest stop, enjoying the fall sun, and started reading the Freightliner manual. BOY - it has a LOT of good info in it!!! So advice to newbies: -it is good to read all those manuals - even though it is so overwhelming at first - try to read a little every here and then. Like when you have 2.5 hours to kill while your husband goes to fetch OAT on a Sunday afternoon... As I sat there I felt lucky that it was not puring down rain, or freezing, or 100 degrees and humid, and that I had googled that Oregon allows 14 hour stays at rest stops. Somewhere deep down I felt like I became an RVer that day - managing to enjoy myself while stranded at a rest stop..... My prior self would probably have been crying.... But I found myself smiling, knowing we would be ok. I was very touched by the many RVers who pulled into that rest stop and got out of their rigs and asked me if I was OK and needed any help. Thank you to all of you who do that !!!! Another thing we learned: when you have an un-expected stop (like sitting at Freightliner in Phoenix for several hours) - and they have everything ready for you at 4 pm. YOU DON'T HAVE TO leave.... be smart - wait til tomorrow - or at least til rush-hour is over. It is not fun, or safe, to drive your rig thru downtown any big city in rush hour - that stress we brougt on ourselves. We could have stayed at Fregithliner til the following morning...BUT we felt rushed to get to our destinatation.... DON'T RUSH yourselves.... AND - DRUMROLL!!!! - we graduated Bootcamp on Sunday - some of the info we had already learned (the hard way)- and we learned a lot of new stuff, and got a lot of good advice. Not sure that you need to run out and buy all those gadgets - RVers sure love all their gadgets ! And get your RV and vehicle weighed..... it's a safety issue. In hindsight, we did it the hard way - the day we picked up this beautiful, complicated coach was the first day we lived in it full time - with no prior RV experience. But we are catching up - so, last advice- to those of you still thinking about going full time: do it anyway that suits you - you will be ok - and even if you don' take all the good advice given to you (like rent before you buy, start simple and work your way up etc etc) - you will be ok, its just a matter of how resilient you are. And make sure you have a little buffer in your budget when starting out - there are a lot of up-front expenses that evens out over time and a lot of things to buy- the first couple of months are EXPENSIVE. I think we're in this for the long haul :-) Happy travels, see you out there !
  26. A lot of what you need will be based on what size motorcycle you have. If it's something big and heavy like a Harley it's going to be more difficult and expensive to tote it around with you. I carry a 250cc dirt bike on a rack welded to the rear of the frame of my fifth wheel, and because of the light weight of the dirt bike, its no problem at all. I think living in an RV while you're at these temporary job sites is a great idea and is one of the main reasons that I first got involved with RVs myself. As you probably know by now living in hotels gets very old after a while and you never feel at home because you never are. But an RV will quickly become your home and then you will be home no matter where you park it. I'm a full-timer so I'm speaking from experience here. RV Park monthly fees are very reasonable, and if your job is going to pay for it that's even better. I would suggest that whatever RV you decide on that you talk to the manufacturer, not the dealership salesman, but the manufacturer, and ask them if their RV is built for full-time living. Most RVs aren't. My decades of experience with RVs tells me that you might have less problems and live more comfortably, with an RV that is designed and built to be a four season, full-time RV. theboondork.com
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