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  2. No - not in Texas. You are not licensed to drive the rig until you have passed the driving portion of the test, they take your class C license from you, and hand you a (paper) temporary while you wait for your license in the mail. Rob
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  4. As Kirk posted read and understand the contract understand the terms of the contract.
  5. durangodon

    Free coffee

    Sounds great, I'd like a cup. Can your Learjet land in Durango, or do I need to drive all the way to Albuquerque?
  6. So Visible e which has worked great until now suddenly lost it's signal. It is a Moto 7. This happened when the battery died. I rebooted X 3, powered off and on, reset the network to factory, and pulled the sim tray and reinserted nothing works. I've been on chat hold with Visible for over an hour, account shows a balance. I texted them too and got an all tech busy . Visible doesn't seem to worry about support. Any suggestions? Thanks BK
  7. To be assured that you would be in compliance, I would recommend a call to DPS. But, after completing your test, as you noticed, no changes were made to your class C nor any additional documentation giving you permission to drive. Only after completing driving test will you then be given temporary permit to drive until license arrives in mail.
  8. Yes I know I'm late to the conversation, but I just saw it...I'm a retired master and live FT in my RV and travel extensively. I have all my retirement in a 503b. This allows for everything used Housing Allowance is not taxable. However, Anything over my allowance must be claimed as income and will be taxed. I can't just arbitrarily say something is HA, it must fit within the allowable expenses... Wish fuel and vehicle maintenance while pulling my 5th wheel was allowed? I think that only applies if you have a class A, B, or C motorhome.
  9. solo318

    Free coffee

    We are going to be in Beaver Lake campground in Custer SD from the 14th thru the 20th of June in case any of you guys wants a free cup of Joe. Would love to meet some of the folks in person. If you aren't in the area and want to fly in, then I'll still give you a free cup of coffee.
  10. good info. Thx all!
  11. I think that he is looking for an opinion on the FICS agency as it is one that has been used by many Escapees over the years. I have no personal experience with them but have heard good reports. They are the parent of RV Advantage, a department that specializes in coverage for RVs and RV owners.
  12. I suspect that I am a bit older than you.Here is a link to a bit of where I spent my time. Holy Lock submarine base
  13. Last winter I hired on as a spare school bus driver in the S. Texas area. The school district was so short on drivers, that they invested CDL training, medical exam and the hiring process to hire me. I told them I was only in the area for 3 months as a winter Texan but they were having the bus superintendent covering the spare driver position. I do plan to return next winter for another 3 month stay and hope to rehire again as a spare driver. Two 3 hr shifts/day that paid $15/hr + benefits and no state income tax. We volunteered 12/hr/week each at a nearby RV resort that also that included a free site. It was a neat experience!
  14. Thanks for that suggestion Kirk, that's what we're hoping to do. We'd like to store it in the same place I think for first year or so, then start leaving it in different places. Think we'd like to explore more of Southern Utah to begin with, as we love it there. Glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland, hope you make it back here some day!
  15. While I do enjoy the diesel, I don't know that I would buy one if shopping new for only occasional towing. I bought mine from a neighbor/friend that I had known since it was new and because of our long relationship, I was sold it for wholesale price. The truck was 12 years old at that time and had 98k miles but was a 1 owner truck, that had been purchased by a retired owner of 4 18 wheel trucks. I knew the history well and was given a very attractive price in return for having helped the widow for several years and I had driven the truck numerous times before. For towing the diesel has many benefits because of the higher torque and under load it gets better fuel mileage than a gasoline powered truck would. But the maintenance costs are significantly more than the gasoline powered tow vehicles that we have owned in the past. That is even more true with an older truck than it would be if new, but the purchase price of a diesel is also significantly more. Because our diesel is a second vehicle that is used mostly for towing, I really like it but if we should sell our RV the truck will go as well because of the higher costs of maintenance. If you will be using the truck for towing half or more of the use, then I would recommend going with diesel but if you use it mostly as a daily driver then the gasoline if probably a better choice. The gasoline SUV that we towed our travel trailer with at first would get about 22 mpg without the trailer (highway mileage) and towing it averaged 11 mpg and at times it was a chore to drive. With the diesel truck we get about 18 mpg when on the highway without the travel trailer, and we get about 14 mpg with it and we hardly notice that it is back there.
  16. USAA provides good road assistances. Check them out!
  17. You may want to leave yourself latitude to arrive and depart from different cities. Some friends of ours who live in Israel used to do things that way, storing the RV in the area they chose to depart from, then returning to the US to continue on the nest trip and so slowly worked their way around the US and Canada. Many years ago I was in the US Navy and spent quite a bit of time in Holy Loch, Dunoon, & Greenock. I very much enjoyed my time spent there and have hoped to one day get back as part of my family came from there 5 or 6 generations ago.
  18. Good idea about Phoenix, LA I think is too far away from the places we want to visit regularly.
  19. Thanks again for all the helpful replies. Sounds like SD is the way to go!
  20. I agree with what you said about taking advantage of the availability of test rides and deciding for yourself. And you're right about the zoom factor. My Wisconsin Harley is a Trike and my Florida Harley is a 2-wheeler. I love riding them both for different reasons but they are my reasons and they are right for me.
  21. I put barely 6k miles on my new in March 2019 including the drive up to Colorado once my house sold, in one year. There are days I never leave my property, weeks too. And that was before Covid19. I'll be driving more just playing with it and learning it. And we will have the Forester for hauling too.
  22. Yesterday
  23. One issue you might run into with a Ram 1500 is cargo capacity, and that depends on the model you get. I once looked at a Laramie, about all the bells and whistles you can get, and it’s cargo capacity was only 18 lbs more than the Jeep Grand Cherokee that was the marginal TV I had at the time. That wouldn’t work as I was also planning on adding both tongue weight and items I was going to put in the trailer, so I ended up buying a Ford F-150 with less bells and whistles and more cargo capacity. I’ve heard from others who drive diesels that maintenance is higher. I don’t have any direct knowledge of that as I’ve only owned gas engines. I’ve also heard that they (the engines) are heavier, which could cut into your cargo capacity also. I’m quite happy with my new over-kill (for my current TT) truck, an F350. I’m not complaining about having too much truck as I’m also thinking of replacing my trailer, too. 4x4 cuts down on your cargo capacity, and depending on whether it has an AWD setting, you may be limited to only using it on dirt roads. My F150 had AWD in addition to 4x4 and it was nice to use when I was on an uphill dirt road pulling onto a paved road. Occasionally the back wheels would lose traction and having power to the front wheels makes that less likely to happen. My F350 has a transfer case, so it’s 4WD is limited to the dirt, mud and snow. Best thing to do is to choose the trailer first, then the truck, something I didn’t do (bought the Jeep with a vague idea that I might get a trailer and no idea how limiting the Jeep was as far as a TV). And if possible, choose a TV that is over-rated for the trailer. While my F150 was not marginal for my trailer and was perfect when I was part-time, when I went full-time I started hitting the F150’s GVWR - I have too much stuff. I now tow with an F350 and don’t worry about what I’m carrying.
  24. sandsys

    Running boards

    Their website says they are built on either a Ford or a Chevy chassis. https://coachmenrv.com/class-c-motorhomes/leprechaun Determine which yours is and buy running boards for that model truck. Linda Sand
  25. gyadon4

    Running boards

    We just bought a new Coachman Leprechaun motorhome. I have been looking for a pair of running boards for it. So far have not found anything for MH just trucks. We are in Southwest MO any suggestions?
  26. I signed up for facebook about 6 years ago to keep track of our 17 grandchildren. I gave up after a few months and tried to delete my account. I ran an internet search for how to do a complete account deletion, and did so that evening. Here we are today and I still get emails that my account is available, so I blacklisted facebook emails and everything on my computer that says facebook in the file. Problem gone. IMO facebook is like a pail of water, keep swishing it around and you are noticed. Keep your hand out and you find out just how important you really are to others.
  27. Do immediately read the fine print of any policy you get. We were sold a policy that would not cover us according to the fine print. We quickly cancelled that policy and bought from a different company. Linda Sand
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