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  2. You are doing this all wrong ! Come join us in Newfoundland....today's hi 73, yesterday's 62. Haven't put away the heater or blankets yet. Wait, heater, blankets...maybe we went to far north!
  3. I did open a ticket for help, and then waited for the dust to settle on Monday AM's emergency help (We've got our Nighthawk broadcasting strong, vs being tethered to the GOac. Have already gone in and changed the coaches devices that need Data for Streaming. So no emergency on our problem.). Kristian helped me walk thru what I'd already done, and did suggest the Power Off/On time delayed attempt to Reset - but no luck. So I've sent the GOac to Idaho for help. Elected to not send the Elite AC for them to pair with it, due to the PITA of removing it from the roof to send in. When the GOac comes back, I'll get help from them to see if it needs any updates. Worse case, I can always remove it to send it back in if needed. We find that we use Park WiFi very seldom now a days. So main thing was to get the GOac back up and running, so we can CAT5 to our in the coach power data usage devices:)! I will be sure I get it working again, because it's and expensive set up, and really does make a difference at times when no Cellular Data is available, and we can get a 'sniff' of WiFi - probably 16-18 months since we needed to do this, while traveling thru British Columbia... Best to all, and again to Joel - my best to you! Hope your travels go well, and that your 'Little CAT' is purring well:)! Smitty
  4. I will get you a picture of the handle that we use with our ET hitch head and you might be able to use something like it. It allows me to use a 1/2" breaker bar if I need additional leverage.
  5. for the future.... don't rule out a bigger RV. We used forest service roads and BLM roads all the time to find our boondocking spot.... with a 40' motorhome.
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  7. An outside shade keeps the glass cool. It really makes a difference.
  8. Just thinking "outside the box" I looked up the definition (s) of dwelling: An RV can be considered a "shelter" or "place of habitation". No wonder lawyers have job security; when it comes to the use of the English language there are many terms that can represent many things. Further complicating definitions is the rapid pace of new ideas and options for housing that appear every day changing the paradigm for how we live. Merriam-Webster : Definition of dwelling : a shelter (such as a house) in which people live Dictionary.com : noun: dwelling; plural noun: dwellings; noun: dwelling place; plural noun: dwelling places a house, apartment, or other place of residence. "the proposed dwelling is out of keeping with those nearby" synonyms: residence, place of residence, place of habitation, home, house, accommodation, lodging place, billet; lodgings, quarters, rooms; informalplace, pad; informaldigs; formaldwelling place, dwelling house, abode, domicile, habitation "she had been invited to his dwelling"
  9. The step motor turns off when the current draw rises due to something stopping the step movement (like if it hits something) and that does sometimes cause the step to fail to go out or possibly in. If you look up from below you should be able to see a link that you can disconnect to lowr the step when the motor isn't operating, but when you use that you need to prop the step up to prevent it from dropping down before you are ready. Below is a link to the current service manual for Kwikee steps. Kwikee Service Manual
  10. Do you tow a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer now? How wide and steep on the stairs?
  11. Here in eastern KS it is only 82° also and that is the expected high. We have a north wind now, where we had a south wind on the hottest days. It is expected to be in the 80's for a few more days and then get back to 90's again. That north wind is much more popular in July that it is in January! 😁
  12. Yes, that why I in south Texas a lot. The most money to be made is here
  13. I am just outside of Bosie ID. The forcast is for 101 degrees. All 3 A/Cs are running. I have a white shade in my front window that I have kept down for several days to block the sun. It is inside and connected to a motor to lift and lower it. It got so hot above the dash that my big front windshield did crack. Of course it had to crack on the drivers side and not on the passengers side. I just replaced that front windshield a little more than a year ago.
  14. Had somewhat the same problem. First check if it has a separate fuse in your panel. I solved mine by spraying the living crap out of every pivot point I could see several times/days with PBR rust buster. Once it frees up (with a little help from your hand) work it back & forth. Then buy white lithium spray can grease & lube it. That little motor is at mechanical DISadvantage at either end of it's travel. Once you get it to half way out, start working back & forth more each time. Good luck!
  15. Sometimes a campground, especially State and Federal Parks, will say you can fit in a camping site but the road around the campground to the site is too curved and has trees and posts and other barriers and makes the drive to the site non passable.
  16. Thanks everybody, this is very valuable! I need some time to make this happen. Just did quick upgrade from queen size bed to king, but this was easy cosmetic change. Next thing will be Bell Crank replacement, looks like I need it to remove excessive steering.
  17. Hi there all, Newbie here and already APPRECIATIVE of this forum. I just bought a 1996 Itasca Sundance Class C. The electric steps were working (sporadically and with a mind of their own - they would go in and out regardless of the door was open and even while standing on them) then they just stopped working all together and are retracted. I do not hear the motor... have tested it with the switch both in on and off position, engine on and off. I called the guy who bought it from said he would tap on the magnet and sometimes that would get them to work again. I got underneath to check the motor but it appears that the motor and assembly are mounted to the top stair which is covered by the bottom stair and not accessible... Any advice or ideas how I can get these suckers out to be able tp work on the electric motor?
  18. Update, after hauling rest of way from Kansas to Utah, discovered, I can only unhitch if I lift the trailer up enough to get the handle to slide forward enough to release the jaws. I will need to bend the handle up a couple of inches to clear the side rail of the hitch with weight on the hitch. And it needs to be a few inches longer as mentioned above.
  19. LOL.. I see you sig says 'welding pipe'
  20. Depends on where you want to put it. As an avatar, you will need to shrink it down. As a signature, I think the link above will work. For general use, the above link definitely works.
  21. Well, actually, I spit out coffee reading Chirakawa's response. And yes, now that the cat's out of the bag, when we had supper w/ Phil an January, he only had two (2) Dr. Peppers, and said he was cutting back. But, it appears he still can remember the rule books........
  22. So our orginal 2 strings of 6 be good?
  23. This is my next project. It will be two Magnum 48/ 4400's unless I change me mind. Use a Mangum Control box complete with breakers and hookups.
  24. Howdy Phil, Did I read this correctly, YOU gave up dr.pepper, please don't tell me you have substituted royal crown. Dave
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