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  2. Good god, Windows 7 is not at the end of its life. Microsoft will simply stop sending out those updates that are breaking everyone's computers so you will be better off. Windows 7 will continue to work for you for a very long time if you choose to continue using it. Chuck
  3. If you're going to quote me, use the entire quote. Again, what I said was, "Our friend Carlos is typical of the tech industry. If you don't get the latest and greatest and the most expensive, life as you know it will come to an end. I DON"T FALL FOR IT." And I stand by it. Chuck
  4. FL-JOE

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    I know of some really shady businesses that would love to hear from you as a customer. These different RV and camping organizations sing a good song but it is all about the money at the end of the day. If all of that works for you then great. I'm just saying that if their programs do not benefit me then I can do without them.
  5. Kirk W

    rv trailer values.

    We did that with cars twice. The first time it saved us money but the second it cost us a bunch. I would never consider that with an RV.
  6. rebar

    Narrow 7' trailer width worth pursuing?

    Ive visited colorado plenty of times, but the last three were with my 24' featherlite toyhauler towed by my old 1wd cummins E350. First time solo and stayed at pitkin campground the entire week. I kept scouting for better camp spots up cumberland and will use it as a benchmark goal road because I was wanting to tow the featherlite to the top lol as that was one of the few turn around spots for a 50' rig. Looked doable from google maps lol. Second time I ended up at almont cg and then a few nights at lottis creek cg. Last time was at clearcreek res cg. which is when I decided to sell and replace my rig after a mariachi band played next door one night. I'd visit again but was thinking about checking out mancos state park idk.. Problem is, I should have held onto the big featherlite because I have yet to find a trailer I feel could replace it and my new truck is 4wd. I take that back.. There have been a few narrow track enclosed trailers I found on CL, but couldn't talk the owner into holding them while I traveled or couldn't agree on price before I traveled. There was a closer one in des moines a couple hours away that sold hours after I questioned a hole in the roof.. So Ive let a few slip through my fingers, but now after reading your comment about clearance being on of your major hurdles, Im second guessing my decision to buy a cargo trailer tall enough to stand in..
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  8. Thanks eyres, and Jay. I've heard that about last pass. Free is a good way to trial the service. Safe computing.
  9. Rich my post above said: " The login credentials appear to have been stockpiled over years, as some passwords and emails come from 2008, Hunt said on his blog. The information comes from more than 2,000 different sources, Hunt said. You can check if you were affected by the breach by entering your email address on Have I Been Pwned. And you can see if individual passwords were compromised by clicking here. " The idea being to get folks the information to check at the free Have I Been Pwnd site. Like the credit bureau breach it was breached years before too that they tried to hide. If a cyber criminal gets all your info from a newer or old listing today you aren't so much worried if your breach was current. Now you can check if you don't keep up with the pwnd service.
  10. Carlos, No computer always works: Nov 2018: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/11/13/apple-admits-13-inch-macbook-pro-may-lose-your-data/#6fba57122848 Feb 2018: macOS May Lose Data Due to APFS Filesystem Bug https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/11/13/apple-admits-13-inch-macbook-pro-may-lose-your-data/#6fba57122848 Dec. 2017 Apple's had a shockingly bad week of software problems: https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/2/16727238/apple-macos-ios-software-problems-updates Go here and read around about all those computers that always work: https://www.bing.com/search?q=osx+crashes&pc=MOZI&form=MOZTSB All Mac crashes and freezes were imaginary right? LOL. I don't get freezes on my Windows units. You seem to misunderstand when I asked if you would like to join the topic with helpful suggestions for Windows users. Instead of Hijack it with fables of the unicorns and rainbows that blow from Mac computer cooling fans. Notice the bad apple patches and lost data recently? Just visit Apple Mac support pages. All those folks' Macs failed to always work.
  11. sandsys

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Dave is thinking about replacing our 2010 CRV with car with all those driver help gadgets. The CRV still has its base plate and the under hood portion of an Air Force One braking system. If anyone here is interested you might want to check in before he gets around to actually trading it in. Linda
  12. Maybe I should buy one my local dealer has in stock since they may become harder to get in the future? One is an SS Agile with the E-trek package that sure appeals to me. Linda Sand
  13. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Ant carrying a french fry

    What Ford has air brakes? So what type of reverse controller does he have?
  14. Hot Rod

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Not exactly hdt, but this is what I picture whenever I see some dumba$$ hauling a fifth wheel with a 1/2 ton shortbed truck: I'm thinking Phil would throw away the key on this one.
  15. Randyretired

    Narrow 7' trailer width worth pursuing?

    Depending on where you plan on camping there is a lot of dispersed camping across Colorado. We almost never stay in camp grounds. In fact is has been years. Most of the National Forests and BLM allow camping within a certain distance of many trails and roads. Often it is within 300' of the trail or road. We have an HDT and a 5er and finding remote areas are not difficult. Each of the Nation Forests have maps to show where dispersed camping is allowed. These maps are free. Where are you planning to go?
  16. CRY42

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    Recently installed M&G Brake System. M&G system. base plate, brake light wiring, break away and labor on Honda CRV and 97 Dynasty total cost about $2250.00 installed by M&G in Athens, TX, did not include cost of Tow Bar.
  17. rynosback

    TT Palm Springs RV Resort

    I was reading some reviews and they seem to have one common theme. Very tight quarters. I had seen a pic were two rigs were back to back with what looked like a foot gap. I have a 40 ft 5ver being towed with a Ram 3500 DRW and have a Mazda 3. Is this place going to be to small for me? Any tips or advice would be great. thanks
  18. Stever88; I have tried to find the correct answer for you but I cannot! Freightliner has totally merged with Daimler so those records are only showing build data, even the recall program is not correct! Same with Detroit, now my dealer can only go back 8 yrs. We have owned the truck for 13yrs and the truck is 18yrs old! I just remember the tech telling me this before the ECM reprogram during the tuneup. Believe me I am not trying to deceive, a combination of test will show the health of the engine. Which I would be more than happy to arrange. Curt
  19. SuiteSuccess


    Again thanks to everyone for the input. Sounds like a good (but long) trip. Will be over 4000 miles round trip.
  20. Undrpsi

    M2-106 Air leak

    Had similar problem losing all air over night. Found my cab air bags were leaking. Changed them out and air stays up for almost 3 days. Easy fix.
  21. Ros Smith- Craft Coordinator Brian Dowing is our first instructor. I am looking for individuals who can teach a three hour class. Areas of interest have , in the past, been in Beading, knitting, Crochet, and Calligraphy. I am, also searching for someone to work with another lady in sewing or quilting area. Contact me at clotheshound@yahoo.com for more information. Thank you.
  22. kb0zke

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    It cost us nearly $4000 to set up our 2012 Jeep Liberty 4-5 years ago. That included the Blue Ox tow bars (previous owner didn't include them when we bought the Foretravel), Blue Ox baseplate, Invisibrake, and all labor. Not quite a year ago we traded the Jeep for a Lincoln MKT. I took the Invisibrake off of the Jeep so it could be used on the MKT. We didn't need to buy new tow bars, but obviously a different base plate. Total cost for base plate and labor was about $3000.
  23. rebar

    Narrow 7' trailer width worth pursuing?

    Thanks Randy. Great to hear from someone who has experience traveling to similar locations. Your comments validate that I need to continue looking for something narrow, as my trucks wheel track is 80". I just sold a 6bt 5spd E350 btw and bought the truck in my sig mainly because the van wouldn't fit in my garage especially if I converted it to 4x4. Anyway, as far as clearance. I have a ladder and saw. Seriously, sounds like I need a poptop enclosed trailer for colorado. because I want to haul all sorts of glamping gear as far in and up as I dare. But simply getting out of the campgrounds would be enough.
  24. kb0zke

    Taxation w/o representation

    This whole discussion points out the fact that we all have to figure out what's important to us and act accordingly. Some people choose to domicile in States that have no income tax, while others are willing to pay that tax because the property tax in another State is less. As was mentioned earlier, every government entity needs money and that money comes in the form of a tax. No law requires anyone to pay more taxes than necessary, and Courts have repeatedly held that one is free to structure their financial activities to minimize the tax bite. We chose a South Dakota domicile because that made the most sense for us. We're on the Active Waiting List at Hondo because that co-op makes the most sense for us. When we get a lot there we'll keep our SD domicile because we don't anticipate being in Texas long enough to make us residents there. We'll gladly pay the taxes on our lot, just as we gladly pay the wheel tax on our vehicles. Should the day come when we decide to spend more time at our lot in Hondo we'll switch our domicile to Texas and pay the additional fees for vehicle inspections. At that point, though, we won't be traveling as much so our fuel savings will more than offset that. The point is that everyone needs to do what makes the most sense for them and not worry about what might be good for someone else.
  25. Crafts for Escapade

    ourfirst Craft Instructor for Escapade

    Brian will be teaching two painting classes for Escapade.
  26. jenandjon

    rv trailer values.

    By the time I get my Duramax paid off it will be almost 10 years. Had to refinance 3 times for repairs!
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